Lincoln, NE 68508 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Code 68508 is located in Lancaster County

68508 Street Addresses

Centennial Mall N ((100-299)) Centennial Mall S ((100-499)) Charleston St ((100-1299)) Claremont St ((900-1499)) Court St ((1200-1699)) E St ((100-1899)) F St ((100-1899)) Goodhue Blvd ((801-1099)) G St ((100-2199)) Holdrege St ((1700-1799)) H St ((100-1899)) J St ((100-1899)) K St ((100-1899)) Lincoln Mall ((1000-1399)) Line Dr ((300-399)) Line Drive Cir ((400-499)) L St ((100-2499)) Military Rd ((1000-1399)) M St ((100-2099)) N 10th St ((101-1899)) N 11th St ((100-2330)) N 12th St ((100-2199)) N 13th St ((100-2199)) N 14th St ((100-2299)) N 15th St ((600-1599)) N 16th St ((2-1299)) N 17th St ((1-1899)) N 18th St ((100-399)) N 19th St ((101-399)) N 1st St ((100-2298)) N 2nd St ((200-499)) N 3rd St ((100-199)) N 4th St ((1000-1199)) N 6th St ((900-1099)) N 7th St ((200-1299)) N 8th St ((100-1099)) N 9th St ((100-1499)) New Hampshire St ((600-1399)) N St ((100-1798)) O St ((100-1899)) P St ((100-1899)) Q St ((700-1899)) R St ((700-1899)) S 10th St ((100-1099)) S 11th St ((100-1099)) S 12th St ((100-1099)) S 13th St ((100-1099)) S 14th St ((100-1099)) S 15th St ((700-1099)) S 16th St ((100-1099)) S 17th St ((100-1099)) S 18th St ((100-1099)) S 1st St ((100-899)) S 2nd St ((101-1099)) S 3rd St ((700-999)) S 4th St ((200-1399)) S 5th St ((800-1398)) S 6th St ((100-1099)) S 7th St ((200-799)) S 8th St ((100-1099)) S 9th St ((100-1099)) S St ((800-1599)) Stadium Dr ((500-899)) Stadium St ((500-899)) State Fair Park Dr ((1800-1898)) State Hwy 2 ((100-1099)) Sun Valley Blvd ((100-2330)) SW 2nd St ((900-1099)) T St ((900-999)) University Ter ((400-499)) US Hwy 34 ((100-1899)) US Hwy 6 ((100-2099)) U St ((900-1599)) Vine St ((1400-2098)) Virginia St ((1100-1399)) W E St ((100-299)) W F St ((100-299)) W G St ((100-299)) W St ((800-1599)) X St ((600-799)) Y St ((700-1859))

68508 Places and Attractions

1237 R Street Building 501 Building Abel and Sandoz Food Service Building Abel Park Abel Residence Hall Administration Building Andrews Hall Antelope Creek Architecture Hall Avery Hall Bancroft Hall Baumann Building Behlen Laboratory of Physics Beltzer Baseball Field and Stadium Bennett Martin Public Library Benton Hall Bessey Hall Brace Laboratory Broyhill Fountain Buddhist Community of Lincoln Church Burnett Hall Business Administration Building Business Services Center Campus Recreation Building Carling Cather and Pound Food Service Building Cather Residence Hall Centennial Mall Coliseum College of Hair Design Commonplace Cook Pavilion Cooper Park County-City Building County-City Building Historical Marker Devaney Sports Center Fairfield Hall Faith United Church of Christ Ferguson Hall Ferguson House Historical Marker Ferguson Mansion First Baptist Church First German Congregational Church First Presbyterian Church Food Stores Former Law Building F Street Recreation Center Governors Mansion Grounds Building Hamilton Hall Harper Residence Hall Harper Schramm and Smith Food Service Building Hayward Park Hayward School Henzlik Hall Heppner Hall Immanuel Bible Church Iron Horse Park Kimball Recital Hall KMXA-FM (Lincoln) KRNU-FM (Lincoln) KZUM-FM (Lincoln) Latvian Saint Johns Evangelical Church Lewis-Syford House Historical Marker Lied Center for Performing Arts Lincoln Childrens Museum Lincoln Fire and Rescue Station 1 Headquarters Lincoln Fire and Rescue Station 3 Lincoln Indian Community Church Lincoln Police Department Lincoln Post Office Lincolns Founding Block Historical Marker Lincoln Statue Love Hall Love Memorial Library Lyman Hall Mabel Lee Hall Manter Hall McPhee School Memorial Stadium Middle Creek Military and Naval Science Building Morrill Hall Mueller Tower Museum of Nebraska History Mutual of Omaha Health Plans of Lincoln Center Nebraska Hall Nebraska Satsang Society Eckankar Center Nebraska State Historical Society Building Nebraska Statehood Memorial Historical Marker Nebraska Union Neihardt Residence Center Nelle Cochrane Woods Art Building North Bottoms Historical Marker Oak Creek Oak Lake Oldfather Hall Park School Pershing Auditorium Pershing Rifles Historical Marker Physical Plant Piper Hall Pound Residence Hall Power Plant Raymond Hall Richards Hall Saint Marks on the Campus Episcopal Church Saint Marys Catholic Church Saint Marys School Saint Paul United Church of Christ Saint Paul United Methodist Church Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Sandoz Residence Hall Schramm Residence Hall Schulte Field House Schwartzkopf Park Scott Engineering Center Sculpture Gardens Seaton Hall Selleck Building Selleck Food Service Building Selleck Hall Building Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery Smith Residence Hall Stadium Office Building Star City Visitors Center State Capitol State Fair Park Campgrounds Syford House Teachers College Temple Building Texaco Building Thomas P Kennard House Three Hierarchs Eastern Orthodox Church Track Office Trago Park Trinity Lutheran Church University Health Center University Lutheran Chapel University of Lincoln Police Office University of Nebraska Historical Marker University of Nebraska - Lincoln (City Campus) Victory Baptist Church Weir Track Westbrook Music Building Wick Alumni Center Womens Softball Field