Lincoln, NE 68503 ZIP Code Map


68503 Schools


  • Hartley Elementary School
  • Clinton Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 68503 is located in Lancaster County

    68503 Street Addresses

    Apple St ((2700-3999)) Center St ((2900-3299)) Clinton St ((2100-2999)) Doane St ((3200-3299)) Dudley St ((1900-4799)) Fair St ((2400-3299)) Fontenelle St ((900-1099)) Grace Ave ((1500-1699)) Grace St ((1500-1699)) Griffith St ((1900-2299)) Hitchcock St ((2800-3299)) Holdrege St ((1700-4799)) Huff St ((1100-1199)) Idylwild Dr ((1100-1499)) Kleckner Ct ((3100-3199)) Leighton Ave ((2701-2799)) Lynn St ((2300-2499)) Merrill St ((2700-3299)) N 19th St ((100-1499)) N 20th St ((100-1598)) N 21st St ((100-1699)) N 22nd Ct ((1700-1999)) N 22nd St ((100-1999)) N 23rd St ((100-1898)) N 24th St ((100-1899)) N 25th St ((100-1899)) N 26th St ((100-1899)) N 27th St ((100-2210)) N 28th St ((100-2299)) N 29th St ((100-2199)) N 30th St ((100-2499)) N 31st St ((100-2399)) N 32nd St ((100-2399)) N 33rd St ((100-3399)) N 34th St ((100-1499)) N 35th St ((100-1799)) N 36th St ((300-999)) N 37th St ((800-1499)) N 38th St ((800-1499)) N 39th St ((800-1399)) N 40th St ((800-1499)) N 41st St ((1000-1499)) N 42nd St ((800-1499)) N 43rd St ((1000-1499)) N 44th St ((100-1499)) N 45th St ((500-1499)) N 46th St ((100-1499)) N 47th St ((900-1499)) Orchard St ((2200-4799)) Pear St ((2700-2899)) Potter St ((2100-3299)) P St ((1900-3499)) Q St ((700-3599)) R St ((700-4799)) Sheldon St ((2200-2299)) Short St ((900-999)) S St ((1900-3599)) Starr St ((2700-4699)) Stewart St ((1100-1199)) T St ((2300-3599)) U St ((2000-3299)) Village Ave ((500-699)) Vine St ((1400-5099)) Walnut Ct ((3000-3099)) Whittier St ((900-1899)) W St ((2200-4799)) W Van Dorn Rd ((12140-12599)) W Van Dorn St ((12140-12599)) X St ((3200-4399)) Y St ((1700-4799))

    68503 Places and Attractions

    Agricultural Communications Building Agricultural Engineering Laboratory Agricultural Hall Agricultural Warehouse Number One Allon Chapel American Lutheran Church Angelic Temple Church of God in Christ Animal Sciences Building Assembly of the Faith in Jesus Christ Church Barkley Memorial Center Biochemistry Hall Burr Residence Hall Carpenter Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Center Catholic Hispanic Community Church Central Christian and Missionary Alliance Church Christ Temple Mission Church Christ Unity Church Clinton School College of Dentistry Conservation and Survey Annex Cristo Rey Spanish Community Center C Y Thompson Library East Campus Activities Building ECCO Park Evangelical Wesleyan Church Facilities Management Building Faith United Methodist Church Farmland Grain Division Elevator Fedde Residence Hall Filley Hall and Dairy Store First United Pentecostal Holiness Church Food Industries Complex Forage Insect Laboratory Forestry Greenhouse Forestry Sciences Laboratory Grace United Methodist Church Grounds Building Hardin Nebraska Center for Continuing Education Hartley Neighborhood Park Hartley School Home Economics Building Horticulture Greenhouses Idylwild Park Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Insectary Building Interior Design Studios John Dietrich Bikeway Trail Keim Hall KFOR-AM (Lincoln) KFRX-FM (Lincoln) Kiesselbach Crops Research Lab KLIN-AM (Lincoln) KXGH-FM (Lincoln) Lincoln Lincoln Fire and Rescue Station 2 Lincoln Urgent Care Center Lintel Park Livestock Judging Pavilion Loeffel Meat Laboratory Love Memorial Hall L W Chase Hall Marvel Baker Hall Maxwell Arboretum McCollum Hall McWilliams Park Miller Hall Mussehl Hall Natural Resources Hall Nebraska East Union Nevin Park Newman United Methodist Church Pentzer Park Pershing Armory Peter Pan Park Plant Industries Building Plant Pathology Building Plant Science Greenhouses Plant Science Hall Poultry Husbandry Complex Power Plant Rehabilitation Laboratory Ruth Leverton Hall Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory Sacred Heart Catholic Church Sacred Heart School Saint John Baptist Church Saint John of Kronstadt Eastern Orthodox Church Salvation Army Church Service Building Stewart Seed Laboratory Tractor Testing Laboratory Tractor Testing Track University Agronomy and Government Building University of Nebraska - Lincoln (East Campus) University Park Apartments Varner Hall Veterinary Animal Research Facility Veterinary Basic Science Building Veterinary Diagnostic Center Victorian Building Vine Street Church Warren United Methodist Church Welpton Courtroom Whittier Building Whittier Junior High School Wildlife Laboratory Wyuka Cemetery Wyuka Trail