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Nebraska City

68410 Schools


  • Ne Center For Educ Of Blind
  • Nebraska City High School
  • Nebraska City Northside Elem
  • Nebraska City Middle School
  • Hayward Elementary School
  • 68410 Hotels

  • Deluxe Inn Nebraska City
  • Lied Lodge And Conference Cent
  • Super 8 Motel - Nebraska City, NE
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    ZIP Code 68410 is located in Otoe County

    68410 Street Addresses

    10th Ave ((500-1499)) 10th Corso ((101-1099)) 11th Ave ((400-699)) 11th Corso ((400-1899)) 12th Ave ((400-1299)) 12th Corso ((100-1499)) 13th Ave ((600-1099)) 13th Corso ((100-1599)) 14th Ave ((600-1899)) 14th Corso ((300-1398)) 15th St ((100-699)) 16th Ave ((1000-1098)) 16th Corso ((1300-1399)) 1st Ave ((300-2199)) 1st Corso ((200-2299)) 1st Rue ((200-599)) 23rd Ave ((2000-2499)) 2nd Ave ((200-2499)) 2nd Cors ((1500-1599)) 2nd Corso ((200-2299)) 2nd Rue ((400-699)) 3rd Ave ((500-2299)) 3rd Corso ((400-1899)) 3rd Rue ((200-899)) 3rd St ((1300-1399)) 3rd Ter ((100-499)) 4th Ave ((400-2299)) 4th Corso ((300-6199)) 4th Rue ((300-799)) 4th Ter ((100-699)) 5th Ave ((301-2299)) 5th Corso ((300-1999)) 5th Rue ((200-799)) 5th Ter ((100-799)) 6th Ave ((300-2398)) 6th Corso ((400-1599)) 6th Rue ((300-699)) 6th Ter ((200-599)) 7th Ave ((300-1899)) 7th Corso ((700-1099)) 7th Ter ((300-699)) 8th Ave ((400-1798)) 8th Corso ((200-1599)) 8th Ter ((100-499)) 9th Ave ((400-1799)) 9th Corso ((200-598)) Apple Cir ((100-199)) Arbor Ave ((2601-2699)) Arbor Dr ((700-1199)) Arborview Ave ((101-199)) Arbor View Dr ((100-199)) Birch Rd ((5801-5998)) Butternut Ln ((100-199)) Centennial Ave ((700-1499)) Central Ave ((100-2499)) Cherry Cir ((100-199)) Co Rd 48 ((1100-1198)) Co Rd 50 ((700-1599)) Co Rd 52 ((100-1499)) Co Rd 54 ((100-1699)) Co Rd 55 ((901-1199)) Co Rd 56 ((100-2099)) Co Rd 57 ((901-1299)) Co Rd 58 ((100-1699)) Co Rd 60 ((100-1699)) Co Rd 62 ((300-2099)) Co Rd 64 ((300-2099)) Co Rd 66 ((100-1799)) Co Rd 67 ((400-499)) Co Rd 68 ((500-1099)) Co Rd 69 ((1700-1899)) Co Rd 70 ((1200-2698)) Co Rd B2 ((5801-5998)) Co Rd C ((4600-5679)) Co Rd D ((5101-5199)) Co Rd E ((4800-5699)) Co Rd F ((5200-6099)) Co Rd G ((4500-6399)) Co Rd H ((5200-5999)) Co Rd I ((5200-5999)) Co Rd I-2 ((6600-6699)) Co Rd J ((500-6599)) Co Rd K ((601-6898)) Co Rd K1 ((6300-6569)) Co Rd K2 ((6500-6599)) Co Rd L ((5200-7299)) Co Rd M ((5200-6999)) Co Rd N ((5000-7299)) Co Rd O ((5400-6799)) Co Rd P ((5800-7199)) Co Rd Q ((5401-7199)) Co Rd R ((6000-6799)) County Rd ((6800-7099)) Courtney Dr ((900-999)) C Rd ((4600-5679)) Deer Rd ((5700-5799)) D Rd ((5101-5199)) E 12th Corso ((100-398)) E 4th Corso ((200-399)) Eagle Ridge Dr ((5900-5999)) E Rd ((4800-5699)) F Rd ((5200-6099)) Frontage Rd ((1600-1799)) G Rd ((4500-6399)) Hillside Ter ((100-199)) H Rd ((301-6099)) Hwy 75 ((756-762)) Industrial Rd ((1500-2499)) I Rd ((300-6199)) Irwin St ((1300-1399)) Ivy Rd ((6600-6699)) Jade Rd ((6200-6898)) J Rd ((500-6599)) J Sterling Mnorton Beltway ((6200-6398)) J Sterling Morton Beltway ((901-6599)) Kearney Hill Rd ((100-1298)) King Rd ((6300-6599)) K Rd ((601-6898)) L Rd ((5200-7299)) Maple Crest Dr ((700-1099)) Maple Rd ((6800-7099)) Masters Dr ((501-599)) Morgan Dr ((1500-1698)) M Rd ((5200-6999)) N 10th St ((100-1799)) N 11th Ave ((1000-1399)) N 11th St ((317-1799)) N 12th St ((100-1299)) N 13th St ((100-1499)) N 14th St ((1-1499)) N 15th St ((100-1499)) N 16th St ((100-1099)) N 17th St ((100-199)) N 18th St ((100-999)) N 19th St ((100-2299)) N 1st St ((100-499)) N 20th St ((100-699)) N 21st St ((100-699)) N 22nd St ((100-699)) N 23rd St ((300-599)) N 3rd St ((100-799)) N 48th Rd ((1100-1198)) N 4th St ((100-1499)) N 50th Rd ((700-1599)) N 52nd Rd ((200-999)) N 54th Rd ((101-799)) N 55th Rd ((101-1199)) N 56th Rd ((100-1499)) N 57th Rd ((901-1299)) N 58th Rd ((100-1499)) N 5th St ((100-1499)) N 60th Rd ((101-1555)) N 62nd Rd ((300-599)) N 64th Rd ((600-698)) N 6th St ((100-1399)) N 7th St ((100-1499)) N 8th St ((100-1399)) N 9th St ((100-1099)) N Park Ln ((100-2398)) N Rd ((5000-7299)) N Steinhart Park Rd ((2-299)) Oakview Dr ((1100-1299)) Orchard Dr ((1500-1599)) O Rd ((5400-6799)) Palora Cir ((800-1099)) Park Ln ((2200-2399)) Park Rd ((2500-6199)) Parkview Dr ((300-599)) Pinewood Dr ((200-699)) Ponderosa Cir ((100-199)) Ponderosa Dr ((100-199)) P Rd ((5800-7199)) Q Rd ((5401-7199)) Ridgeview Ave ((100-199)) Ridgeview Cir ((100-199)) Riverview Rd ((1400-1699)) R Rd ((6000-6799)) S 10th St ((100-1499)) S 11th St ((100-2598)) S 12th St ((100-799)) S 13th St ((100-1799)) S 14th St ((100-1199)) S 15th St ((800-1299)) S 16th St ((100-698)) S 17th St ((100-599)) S 18th St ((100-599)) S 19th St ((100-799)) S 1st St ((200-1299)) S 20th St ((100-299)) S 21st St ((100-299)) S 22nd St ((100-299)) S 2nd Rd ((800-899)) S 2nd St ((201-1299)) S 3rd St ((100-2599)) S 4th St ((100-1499)) S 50th Rd ((1100-1299)) S 52nd Rd ((100-1499)) S 54th Rd ((100-1699)) S 56th Rd ((100-2099)) S 58th Rd ((300-1699)) S 5th St ((100-1499)) S 60th Rd ((100-1699)) S 62nd Rd ((400-2099)) S 63rd Rd ((100-6299)) S 64th Rd ((300-2099)) S 66th Rd ((100-1799)) S 67th Rd ((400-499)) S 68th Rd ((500-1099)) S 69th Rd ((1700-1899)) S 6th St ((100-799)) S 70th Rd ((601-7299)) S 7th St ((2-1499)) S 8th St ((100-1399)) S 9 1/2 St ((300-1199)) S 9th 1/2 St ((300-799)) S 9th St ((100-1399)) Scenic Dr ((1001-1399)) S Park Ln ((100-199)) State Hwy 128 ((5000-6399)) State Hwy 2 ((6101-6599)) State Hwy 2 Bus ((200-6199)) Steamwagon Rd ((301-6099)) Steam Wagon Rd ((301-6099)) Steinhart Park Rd ((100-6199)) Steinhart Rd ((100-199)) Sylvan Rd ((2700-6098)) Terrace Dr ((900-1199)) Timberlane Cir ((100-199)) US Hwy 75 ((300-6399)) US Hwy 75 Bus ((100-6359)) Walnut St ((1200-1299)) Whispering Pines Dr ((100-199)) Whitaker Rd ((2500-2699)) Wildwood Ln ((600-1199))

    68410 Places and Attractions

    Ambassador Nebraska City Applewood Mobile Home Park Arbor Arbor Christian Fellowship Arbor Day Trail - Nebraska City Trail Arbor Lodge Historical Marker Arbor Lodge State Historical Park Arbor Lodge Trail Baha'i Faith Baker School (historical) Barney (historical) Bartlett and Company Elevator Bethel United Church of Christ Bloomingdale Cemetery Buchanan School Buffalo City Dam Buffalo City Reservoir Calvary Community Church Camp Catron Camp Creek Camp Creek Cemetery Camp Creek Chapel Camp Creek Post Office (historical) Camp Creek School (historical) Christ Lutheran Church Church of Christ City of Nebraska City Cowles Cemetery Duffs Friendship Villa East Chute Elberon Elberon (historical) Faith Baptist Church Family Physicians of Nebraska City Ferguson School (historical) First Baptist Church First Christian Church First Evangelical Lutheran Church First United Methodist Church Fort Kearny (historical) Fort Kearny Post Office (historical) Fourmile Creek Four Mile Election Precinct Frazers Island Giles Public School Grain Service Company Elevator Grand Army of the Republic Hall Greggsport School (historical) Gress Farms Airport Grundman Airport Harmony School Hayward Elementary School Hazel Dell Public School Heirs Dam Indian Treaty Monument Historical Marker Jay Dam Jay Reservoir Jehovahs Witnesses Kingdom Hall John Brown Park Johnson Dam Johnson Reservoir Kearney City Post Office (historical) KNCY-AM (Nebraska City) KNCY-FM (Nebraska City) Lincoln Grove School (historical) Lourdes Central High School Lourdes Primary School Maple Grove Public School Maple Grove School (historical) Mayhew Cabin Historical Marker McCartney Public School Mid-Plains Eyecare Center Midwest Dermatology Clinic Minersville Minersville (historical) Minersville Post Office (historical) Montana Morton-James Public Library Nebraska City Nebraska City Nebraska City Dental Clinic Nebraska City Fire Department Nebraska City Foot Clinic Nebraska City Historical Marker Nebraska City Manor Nebraska City Middle School Nebraska City Municipal Airport Nebraska City Northside School Nebraska City Police Department Nebraska City Post Office Nebraska City Senior High School Nebraska City Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Nebraska Schools for Visually Handicapped North Branch Camp Creek North Table Creek Old Fort Kearny Historical Marker Old Freighters Museum Old Wyoming Post Office (historical) Olson (historical) Otoe City Post Office (historical) Otoe County Courthouse Otoe County Sheriffs Office Park EZ Mobile Home Court Paul Paul Paul Post Office (historical) Pentecostal Kings Church Peru State Regional Technology Center Pleasant Grove School (historical) Presbyterian Church Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Riverview Marina State Recreation Area Rock Creek Election Precinct Roll Brothers Airport Saint Benedicts Catholic Church Saint Benedicts Cemetery Saint Josephs Church Saint Marys Catholic Church Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Marys Community Hospital Saint Marys Episcopal Church Saint Marys Hospital Heliport Second Ave School Seventh Day Adventist Church Sixth Street School South Branch Camp Creek South Table Creek Steamboat Trace Trail Steinhart Park Tabitha Health Care Services Table Creek Golf Course The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Threemile Creek Township of Belmont Township of Four Mile Township of Otoe Township of Rock Creek Township of Wyoming Victorian Acres RV Park and Campground Walnut Creek Walnut Creek School (historical) Washington School (historical) Weeping Water Creek West Chute Wildwood Golf Course Wildwood House Wilson Creek Dam 1-10 Wilson Creek Dam 5-15 Wilson Creek Dam 5-F Wilson Creek Dam 5-H Wilson Creek Dam 6-4 Wilson Creek Dam 6-5 Wilson Creek Dam 6-7 Wilson Creek Dam 6-8 Wilson Creek Reservoir 1-10 Wilson Creek Reservoir 1-9 Wilson Creek Reservoir 5-15 Wilson Creek Reservoir 5-F Wilson Creek Reservoir 5-H Wilson Creek Reservoir 6-4 Wilson Creek Reservoir 6-5 Wilson Creek Reservoir 6-7 Wilson Creek Reservoir 6-8 Wyoming Wyoming Wyoming Creek Wyoming Election Precinct Wyoming Post Office (historical) Wyuka Cemetery Zion Public School