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68352 Schools


  • Jefferson Intermediate School
  • Life Program
  • Fairbury Jr-Sr High School
  • Central Elementary School
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  • Cobblestone Hotel - Fairbury
  • Census



    ZIP Code 68352 is located in Jefferson County

    68352 Street Addresses

    10th St ((100-1099)) 11th St ((100-1399)) 12th St ((100-1399)) 13th St ((100-1399)) 15th St ((200-399)) 16th St ((200-1299)) 17th St ((100-999)) 20th St ((900-1099)) 22nd St ((800-1099)) 23rd St ((800-999)) 24th St ((1500-1599)) 27th St ((500-799)) 2nd St ((600-1399)) 30th St ((500-799)) 31st St ((500-699)) 32nd St ((500-512)) 3rd St ((100-1499)) 4th St ((100-1999)) 558th Ave ((70700-71198)) 559th Ave ((70400-71499)) 560th Ave ((70600-71799)) 561st Ave ((70600-72099)) 562nd Ave ((70300-72299)) 563rd Ave ((70400-71999)) 564th Ave ((56376-72299)) 565th Ave ((70200-72199)) 566th Ave ((70700-72399)) 567th Ave ((70200-72599)) 568th Ave ((300-72599)) 569th Ave ((70400-72399)) 570th Ave ((70700-72599)) 571st Ave ((70814-72599)) 572nd Ave ((70200-72156)) 573rd Ave ((70860-71399)) 574th Ave ((70928-71558)) 575th Ave ((70900-71399)) 576th Ave ((71000-71799)) 5th St ((100-1499)) 6th St ((200-1698)) 703rd Rd ((56400-56846)) 704th Rd ((51669-56999)) 705th Rd ((56000-56899)) 706th Rd ((56000-57399)) 708th Rd ((56000-57199)) 709th Rd ((55800-57399)) 710th Rd ((55800-57999)) 711th Rd ((55800-57699)) 712th Rd ((55800-57699)) 713th Rd ((55800-58199)) 714th Rd ((55800-57599)) 715th Rd ((55800-57199)) 716th Rd ((55900-57199)) 717th Rd ((56200-57199)) 718th Rd ((55900-57799)) 719th Rd ((55800-57099)) 720th Rd ((55800-57399)) 721st Rd ((56200-57299)) 722nd Rd ((56100-56999)) 723rd Rd ((55900-56799)) 726th Rd ((56602-56748)) 7th St ((101-1498)) 8th St ((100-1199)) 9th St ((100-1299)) Airport Rd ((800-71499)) Arcade St ((800-1098)) Ash St ((100-1099)) A St ((300-1499)) Avery St ((100-599)) Bacon Rd ((900-1099)) Beech St ((200-499)) Brawner Sub ((56800-56999)) B St ((401-1699)) Cape Ave ((71500-71599)) Cedar Ave ((200-399)) Charles St ((301-399)) Circle Dr ((900-1099)) Commercial St ((200-499)) Co Rd 223 ((71157-71199)) Crawford St ((109-599)) Crystal Springs Rd ((56600-56799)) C St ((300-1699)) D St ((300-1699)) E 14th St ((100-1299)) Eden Ave ((70601-70699)) Elm St ((100-1399)) E St ((300-71399)) Farmstead Ave ((70900-70999)) Fox Rd ((56400-56499)) Frances Ave ((200-399)) Francis Ave ((100-71199)) Frederick St ((70900-71099)) Fredrick St ((70900-71099)) F St ((200-1706)) Garber Hts ((1500-1599)) Garth Ave ((70600-70699)) G St ((200-1999)) Henkel Ave ((300-3099)) Henkel St ((300-3099)) Holland Ave ((200-399)) H St ((200-3299)) Hubble St ((800-1199)) Industrial Ave ((3000-3099)) I St ((200-2099)) Jade Rd ((56500-56599)) J St ((200-1399)) K St ((200-2599)) Lakeview Dr ((71200-71298)) Lindell St ((900-1099)) Locust Rd ((200-299)) L St ((200-1299)) Main Ave ((100-499)) Maple St ((800-1598)) McDowell St ((200-799)) Mendenhall Ave ((1700-1899)) Meridian St ((200-398)) M St ((400-1498)) Nelson St ((800-899)) N E St ((3200-71399)) N K St ((71300-71499)) Northgate Dr ((3200-3299)) Northridge Dr ((2100-2199)) N St ((400-698)) Oak St ((200-1399)) Pemberton St ((100-599)) Pine St ((300-399)) Powell Ave ((200-299)) Pwf Rd ((1100-57699)) River Rd ((56400-71299)) Rose St ((200-499)) S I St ((300-399)) S J St ((300-399)) Spruce Rd ((100-499)) State Hwy 15 ((200-72599)) State Hwy 4 ((72300-72399)) State Hwy 8 ((100-70881)) Sunburst Dr ((100-199)) Tappin St ((100-599)) Thompson Ave ((200-599)) Tilden St ((1200-1399)) Trail Ridge Rd ((71100-71199)) US Hwy 136 ((55800-56997)) Vine St ((800-899)) W 10th St ((100-199)) W 11th St ((100-399)) W 12th St ((100-399)) W 13th St ((100-399)) W 14th St ((100-406)) W 3rd St ((100-399)) W 4th St ((100-399)) W 5th St ((100-199)) W 8th St ((111-727)) W 9th St ((100-399)) West St ((900-1099)) Wildridge Dr ((71201-71299)) Wilson St ((200-299)) Yale Ave ((70200-70299))

    68352 Places and Attractions

    Antelope Election Precinct Bartel Cemetery Behavioral Medicine Clinic Big Sandy Creek Bower Cemetery Bower (historical) Bower Post Office (historical) Bower School Brawner Creek Buckley Creek Buckley Creek Reservoir 3-A Buckley Creek Reservoir 3-C Buckley Creek Reservoir 3-D Buckley Creek Reservoir 3-F Buckley Creek Reservoir 4-A Buckley Creek Reservoir 4-B Buckley Election Precinct Buckley State Rectreation Area Central Elementary School C E Rice Storage Dam City of Fairbury Crystal Springs Campground Crystal Springs Park Cub Creek Cub Creek Dam 14-A Cub Creek Dam 14-C Cub Creek Dam 17-A Cub Creek Dam 17-B Cub Creek Reservoir 14-A Cub Creek Reservoir 14-C Cub Creek Reservoir 15-B Cub Creek Reservoir 16-B Cub Creek Reservoir 17-A Cub Creek Reservoir 17-B Cub Creek Reservoir 17-C Davis Dam Davis Reservoir Detention Dam 17-C Detention Dam 3-C Detention Dam 3-D Detention Dam 4-B Dry Branch School East Bower School East Ward School Eye Surgical Associates Fairbury Fairbury Fairbury Ambulance Service Fairbury Cemetery Fairbury City Fire Department Fairbury City Museum Fairbury Clinic Fairbury Country Club Fairbury Dental Associates Center Fairbury Election Precinct Fairbury Junior-Senior High School Fairbury Municipal Airport Fairbury Post Office Fairbury Presbyterian Church Fairbury Public Library Fairbury Rural Fire Department Faith Lutheran Church Farmers Co-operative Elevator First Baptist Church First Church of God Floodwater Retarding Dam 15-B Floodwater Retarding Dam 16-B Floodwater Retarding Dam 3-A Floodwater Retarding Dam 3-F Floodwater Retarding Dam 4-A Four Corners School Frederick Dam Frederick Reservoir Gardener School Gladstone Gladstone (historical) Gladstone Post Office Glaeseman Reservoir Grace Lutheran Church Grandy Cemetery Grandy School Graysons (historical) Haake Dam Haake Reservoir Happy Hollow School Harold Hummel Erosion Control Dam Harvest Outreach Church Hedrix Hedrix Hein Dam Hein Reservoir Helvey Helvey Post Office (historical) Heritage Care Center Herz Pohlmeier Dam Herz Reservoir Hummel Reservoir Jansen Historical Marker Jefferson Community Health Center Jefferson County Jefferson County Courthouse Jefferson County Fairground Jefferson County Historical Museum Jefferson County Law Enforcement Center Jefferson County Memorial Hospital Heliport Jefferson Intermediate School Johnson Family Vision Care Kesterson School KGMT-AM (Fairbury) Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses KUTT-FM (Fairbury) Lincoln Election Precinct Little Sandy Creek Maple Grove School McNush Park Meridian Cemetery Meridian Election Precinct Meridian (historical) Meridian Post Office (historical) Park School Pleasant Hill School Pleasant Valley School Powell Powell Powell Cemetery Powell Post Office (historical) Powell Reservoir Priefert Dam Priefert Reservoir Reynolds Reynolds Reynolds Post Office Richland Center Cemetery Richland Center School Richland Election Precinct Rock Creek Election Precinct Rock Creek (historical) Rock Creek Station State Historical Park Rock Creek Station State Recreation Area Rock Creek Station Trails Rock Island Depot Railroad Museum Rudolph E Glaeseman Detention Dam Saint Charles Episcopal Church Saint Michael Catholic Church Saint Michaels School School Number 10 School Number 26 School Number 28 School Number 89 Seventh Day Adventist Church Silver Creek Silver Creek Cemetery Smith Limekiln Historical Marker Stagecoach Mall The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Thompson Thompson Thompson Post Office (historical) Township of Antelope Township of Buckley Township of Fairbury Township of Lincoln Township of Meridian Township of Richland Township of Rock Creek Township of Washington Traums School Trinity Church United Grain Elevator United Methodist Church Village of Reynolds Washington Election Precinct West Ward School Whisky Run Wiley Creek Zion Church