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    ZIP Code 68333 is located in Saline County (66.10%) Lancaster County (33.90%)

    68333 Street Addresses

    12th St ((900-999)) 13th St ((2100-2199)) 14th St ((900-1698)) 1st St ((11200-11398)) 20th St ((1000-1299)) 3rd St ((11200-11398)) 8th St ((300-899)) A County Rd ((1801-1805)) Arizona Ave ((101-799)) Arthur Dr ((1600-1899)) Blue Acres Dr ((1400-1599)) Blue River Lodge Cir ((301-2199)) Blue River Lodge Cir E ((300-399)) Blue River Lodge Cir N ((300-2199)) Bobwhite Trl ((12200-156599)) Boswell Ave ((100-2498)) Briar Ave ((500-799)) Burma Rd ((900-1199)) Cedar Rd ((100-399)) Chautaqua Rd ((1300-1399)) Cherrywood Dr ((1500-1699)) Church Rd ((100-199)) Code Ave ((1300-1799)) Co Rd 1700 ((600-1099)) Co Rd 1800 ((200-899)) Co Rd 1900 ((151-1298)) Co Rd 2000 ((200-1099)) Co Rd 2050 ((100-199)) Co Rd 2100 ((200-1329)) Co Rd 2200 ((1000-1199)) Co Rd 2250 ((100-1209)) Co Rd 2300 ((200-2498)) Co Rd 2350 ((601-1599)) Co Rd 2400 ((100-1053)) Co Rd 2500 ((301-23998)) Co Rd A ((1801-2099)) Co Rd Aa ((1800-1899)) Co Rd B ((2100-2399)) Co Rd Bb ((1900-1999)) Co Rd C ((1800-2499)) Co Rd D ((1800-2399)) Co Rd E ((1800-1999)) Co Rd F ((1700-2499)) Co Rd G ((1600-2099)) Co Rd Gg ((2200-2399)) Co Rd H ((1600-2499)) Co Rd Hh ((1700-1798)) Co Rd I ((2000-2499)) Co Rd J ((1700-2499)) Co Rd K ((1750-2199)) Co Rd L ((1700-2199)) Cottonwood Rd ((1308-1343)) Country Club Ln ((100-299)) County Line Rd ((1801-2099)) Crestline Dr ((1000-1299)) Dawn Cir ((600-699)) Dawn Dr ((2000-2399)) Doane Dr ((1300-1499)) Driftwood Dr ((1100-1199)) Dundee Ct ((900-998)) E 10th St ((100-999)) E 11th St ((100-999)) E 12th St ((100-899)) E 13th St ((100-2398)) E 14th St ((100-899)) E 15th St ((200-1699)) E 16th St ((400-1499)) E 17th St ((400-799)) E 18th St ((100-899)) E 19th St ((100-1998)) E 1st St ((400-899)) E 20th St ((100-299)) E 21st St ((100-299)) E 22nd St ((100-799)) E 23rd St ((100-199)) E 24th St ((100-899)) E 29th St ((2300-2499)) E 2nd St ((400-899)) E 3rd St ((100-399)) E 4th St ((400-1399)) E 5th St ((100-899)) E 6th St ((100-899)) E 7th St ((100-899)) E 8th St ((100-299)) E 9th St ((100-999)) Eastridge Rd ((400-499)) E Rd ((2400-2498)) Evergreen Ave ((1500-1599)) Fairchild Dr ((1700-1999)) Fairway Ct ((801-999)) Fairway Dr ((2000-2199)) Fir Ave ((1400-1799)) Forest Ave ((100-2499)) Franklin Ave ((500-599)) Franklin Dr ((500-899)) Glenwood Dr ((1500-1599)) Goldenrod Ct ((700-899)) Goldenrod Ln ((200-699)) Grove Ave ((100-1899)) Hawthorne Ave ((100-2499)) Heather Cir ((600-699)) Heather Dr ((2200-2299)) Hickory Ave ((1300-1499)) Idaho Ave ((1300-1699)) Iris Ave ((600-1599)) Ivy Ave ((100-2399)) Jasmine Ave ((1000-1299)) Juniper Ave ((100-1899)) Kingwood Ave ((300-2199)) Lakeshore Dr ((1000-1299)) Lakeside Estates Dr ((12200-15899)) Lakeview Cir ((100-199)) Linden Ave ((300-2299)) Longwood Dr ((900-1299)) Main Ave ((300-2499)) May St ((600-699)) Michelle St ((500-699)) Norman Ave ((300-2399)) Oak Ave ((500-2399)) Old Settlers Rd ((1300-1399)) Parklane St ((1100-1899)) Pine Ave ((600-1699)) Pine Ridge Rd ((900-999)) Quince Ave ((800-1599)) Redwing Dr ((15000-15598)) Redwood Ave ((800-1299)) Ridgeway Ct ((1700-1899)) Saint Ardrews Dr ((1700-1999)) Saint Johns Ct ((700-899)) Saltillo Rd ((1801-2099)) S Blue River Lodge Rd ((400-2198)) S Boswell Ave ((200-2299)) Silver St ((201-22698)) S Main Ave ((100-299)) State Hwy 103 ((100-1799)) State Hwy 33 ((518-12799)) Summit Ct ((700-899)) SW 100th St ((13501-24999)) SW 114th St ((12705-23699)) SW 128th St ((12800-24999)) SW 142nd St ((301-23998)) SW 62nd St ((18300-18698)) SW 72nd St ((13445-21298)) SW 86th St ((14500-21699)) Sycamore Ave ((900-1199)) Thornwood Ave ((900-1199)) Timothy Cir ((1700-1899)) Tuxedo Park Rd ((1-1399)) Unona Ave ((900-1299)) Valleyview Dr ((1700-1999)) Valley Vw ((1000-1998)) Vavra Rd ((1344-1399)) W 10th St ((100-1099)) W 11th St ((100-1599)) W 12th St ((100-899)) W 13th St ((100-1698)) W 14th St ((100-199)) W 16th St ((300-499)) W 17th St ((100-399)) W 18th St ((100-399)) W 19th St ((100-299)) W 20th St ((100-299)) W 21st St ((100-299)) W 22nd St ((100-299)) W 23rd St ((100-299)) W 24th St ((100-299)) W 3rd St ((100-299)) W 5th St ((100-299)) W 6th St ((100-399)) W 7th St ((100-399)) W 8th St ((100-499)) W 9th St ((100-599)) W Bennet Rd ((8501-9999)) Westridge Rd ((400-499)) Westwood Dr ((2000-2499)) Wilderness Cir ((1200-1299)) W Kramer St ((11200-11398)) W Martell Rd ((7500-14199)) W Olive Creek Rd ((10101-10799)) Wood Ave ((900-1199)) W Panama Rd ((2400-14199)) W Parker Rd ((13200-13298)) W Princeton Rd ((11400-14199)) W Prucha St ((11200-11398)) W Roca Rd ((10000-13799)) W Sprague Rd ((2400-14199)) W Stagecoach Rd ((6001-13198)) W Wittstruck Rd ((6000-13999)) Wyoming Ave ((1301-1499))

    68333 Places and Attractions

    All American Rose Test Garden Area Three Campground Bauer House Berks Berks Berks Post Office (historical) Bethlehem Lutheran Church Big Blue Election Precinct Big Blue School Blue River Lodge Dam Blue River Lodge Reservoir Blue Valley Cemetery Blue Valley Mental Health Center Boswell Observatory Boy Scout Camp Burrage Hall Butler Gymnasium and Pool Cassell Open Air Theatre Central Heating Plant City of Crete College Heights Country Club Colonial Hall Communications Building Coon Creek Cornerstone Bible Church Crete Crete Crete Area Medical Center Crete Berean Church Crete Chiropractic Center Crete City Park Crete Election Precinct Crete Elementary School Crete High School Crete Junction Crete Manor Crete Medical Clinic Crete Municipal Airport Crete Police Station Crete Post Office Crete Public Library Crete Vision Clinic Crete Volunteer Fire and Rescue Crists Sky Ranch Dean Pergola Diamond Public School Doane College Doane Lake Doane Village Dudley Dam Dudley Reservoir Elsner Dam Number 1 Elsner Dam Number 2 Elsner Reservoir Number 1 Elsner Reservoir Number 2 Evergreen School Fairchild and Faculty Apartments Faith Christian Church Faith Evangelical Free Church Farmers Cooperative Elevator Feeken Dam Feeken Reservoir First Congregational United Church of Christ Fiske Lodge Frees Hall Fuhrer Fieldhouse Gaylord Hall Goodall Science Building Grace United Methodist Church Gregory Grove Gus Stoll Park Heart Cemetery Highland Election Precinct Jehovahs Witnesses Kingdom Hall Kramer Kramer Kramer Community Cemetery Kramer Post Office (historical) Lee Memorial Chapel and Whitcomb Conservatory Little League Park Lothrop Dam Lothrop Reservoir Mahloch-Kastanek Dam Mahloch-Kastanek Reservoir Merganser Lake Merrill Tower Miller Pond Muff Dam Muff Reservoir Nebraska Chautauquas Historical Marker North Branch Salt Creek North School Northward Park Padour-Walker Administration Building Perkins Library Perry Memorial Campus Center Plymouth Congregational Church Red Brick School Riverside Cemetery Sacred Heart Catholic Church Sacred Heart Cemetery Saint James Elementary School Saint Johns Lutheran Church Saint Johns School Saline County Fairgrounds Salt Creek Dam 22-A Salt Creek Dam 23-B Salt Creek Dam 25-A Salt Creek Dam 26-A Salt Creek Dam 27-A Salt Creek Dam 27-B Salt Creek Dam 27-C Salt Creek Dam 29-5 Salt Creek Reservoir 23-B Salt Creek Reservoir 25-A Salt Creek Reservoir 26-A Salt Creek Reservoir 27-A Salt Creek Reservoir 27-B Salt Creek Reservoir 27-C Salt Creek Reservoir 29-5 School Number 72 Sheldon Hall Shestak Shestak Shestak Post Office (historical) Siedhoff Dam Siedhoff Reservoir Simon Field Smith Hall Star School Tanglewood Lake Taylor House Teal Lake State Wildlife Management Area Teal Reservoir Township of Big Blue Township of Crete Township of Highland Tuxedo Park Tuxedo Park Campground Valley View Public School Walnut Creek Walnut Creek Dam Number 1 Walnut Creek Dam Number 2 Walnut Creek Dam Number 5 Walnut Creek Reservoir Number 1 Walnut Creek Reservoir Number 2 Walnut Creek Reservoir Number 5 Wanek Dam Number 1 Wanek Reservoir Number 1 West Fork Big Blue River Whitin Art Building Wild Plum Lake Wildwood Park Willow Bend School