Omaha, NE 68132 ZIP Code Map


68132 Schools


  • Western Hills Magnet Center
  • Lewis & Clark Middle School
  • Harrison Elem School
  • Dundee Elem School
  • 68132 Hotels

  • Residence Inn by Marriott Omaha Central
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    ZIP Code 68132 is located in Douglas County

    68132 Street Addresses

    Burt St ((4600-7199)) Caldwell St ((4900-4999)) California St ((4500-6399)) Capitol Ave ((4600-5199)) Capitol Ct ((7000-7098)) Capitol Plz ((6400-6599)) Cass St ((4600-7199)) Charles St ((4500-7199)) Chicago St ((4600-6499)) Cuming St ((4500-7099)) Davenport Plz ((6500-6599)) Davenport St ((4600-6899)) Dillon Dr ((600-1199)) Dodge St ((4500-7199)) Douglas St ((4450-7099)) Elmwood Park Rd ((1-99)) Fairacres Rd ((100-899)) Fairwood Ln ((600-899)) Farnam St ((4500-7199)) Glenwood Rd ((6200-6799)) Hackberry Rd ((301-799)) Hamilton St ((4500-7199)) Harney St ((4800-5799)) Hillcrest Dr ((900-1199)) Izard St ((4500-7199)) J E George Blvd ((400-1199)) Lafayette Ave ((4500-7199)) Lafayette Ct ((6001-6099)) Mayfield Ave ((700-1199)) N 45th St ((600-1499)) N 46th St ((100-1399)) N 47th Ave ((900-1199)) N 47th St ((300-1499)) N 48th Ave ((800-1399)) N 48th St ((100-1299)) N 49th Ave ((800-1399)) N 49th St ((100-1499)) N 50th Ave ((800-1399)) N 50th St ((100-1499)) N 51st St ((100-1499)) N 52nd St ((100-1499)) N 53rd St ((100-1399)) N 54th St ((100-1399)) N 55th St ((100-699)) N 56th St ((600-1499)) N 57th Ave ((600-1099)) N 57th St ((600-1399)) N 58th St ((600-1499)) N 59th St ((600-699)) N 60th St ((1100-1499)) N 61st St ((100-1499)) N 62nd St ((100-699)) N 63rd St ((600-1499)) N 64th St ((100-1199)) N 65th Ave ((600-699)) N 65th St ((500-1499)) N 66th St ((100-1499)) N 67th Ave ((800-1199)) N 67th Cir ((1000-1099)) N 67th St ((100-299)) N 68th St ((301-1199)) N 69nd St ((101-1298)) N 69th St ((101-1298)) N 70th Ave ((1000-1499)) N 70th Ct ((500-799)) N Elmwood Rd ((100-649)) N Happy Hollow Blvd ((100-1499)) Nicholas Cir ((7000-7099)) Nicholas Cir Park ((7000-7099)) Nicholas St ((765-5899)) N Saddle Creek Rd ((100-1499)) NW Radial Hwy ((1000-1399)) Parkwood Ln ((600-1099)) Prairie Ave ((6400-6599)) Robert H Storz Dr ((1-99)) S 46th St ((100-299)) S 48th Ave ((400-499)) S 48th St ((100-549)) S 49th Ave ((100-499)) S 49th St ((100-499)) S 50th Ave ((100-499)) S 50th St ((100-499)) S 51st Ave ((100-499)) S 51st St ((100-499)) S 52nd St ((100-499)) S 53rd St ((100-499)) S 54th St ((100-499)) S 55th St ((100-499)) S 56th St ((300-499)) S 57th St ((300-399)) S 66th St ((100-199)) S 67th Ave ((100-299)) S 67th St ((300-499)) S 68th Ave ((100-499)) S 68th St ((100-499)) S 69th St ((100-499)) S 70th Ave ((100-499)) S 70th St ((100-499)) S 71st St ((200-499)) S Elmwood Rd ((100-199)) S Happy Hollow Blvd ((100-499)) State Hwy 64 ((1000-1399)) Sunset Trl ((600-1199)) Underwood Ave ((4800-6899)) University of Neb at Omaha Rd ((51-99)) US Hwy 6 ((4500-7199)) Wakeley St ((4600-4799)) Webster St ((4800-5999)) Western Ave ((5000-7199))

    68132 Places and Attractions

    Al Caniglia Field Allwine Hall Army ROTC Building Arts and Sciences Hall Auto Pool A V Sorenson Branch Library Brownell Hall Brownell Talbot Schools Central Utilities Plant Child Care Center College of Business Administration Creighton Family Healthcare Building - Dundee Criminal Justice Building Custodial Services Building Del and Lou Ann Weber Fine Arts Building Department of Public Administration Building Dundee Elementary School Dundee Presbyterian Church Durham Science Center Engineering Building Eugene Eppley Administration Building Facilities Management and Planning Building First Christian Church First United Methodist Church Gartner Foot Clinic Goodrich Program Building Gregg Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church Health Physical Education and Recreation Building Henningson Memorial Campanile Hilltop Dental Group Building Kayser Hall KYNE-TV (Omaha) Lee and Helene Sapp Fieldhouse Lewis and Clark Middle School Luther Memorial Lutheran Church Memorial Park Midtown Plaza Midwestern Baptist Church Milo Bail Student Center Nichiren Shoshu of America Pep Bowl Public Affairs and Community Service Building Saddle Creek Post Office Station Saint Margaret Mary Elementary School Saint Margaret Marys Church Sculpture/Ceramic Studio Social Work Building Temple Israel Trinity Presbyterian Church University Library University of Nebraska at Omaha Western Hills Family Care Center Western Hills Magnet Center W H Thompson Alumni Center Willis A and Janet S Strauss Performing Arts Center