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68131 Schools


  • Independent Study Program
  • Esl Teen Literacy Program
  • Accelere
  • Secondary Success Program
  • Gateway To College
  • Transition Program At Career Center
  • Early Childhood At Yates
  • Career Center
  • Walnut Hill Elem School
  • J P Lord Program
  • Blackburn Alternative Program
  • Parrish Program
  • Omaha Public Schools Homebased
  • Int Residential Treatment Ctr
  • 68131 Hotels

  • Element Omaha Midtown Crossing
  • Motel 6 Omaha-Downtown
  • Census


    ZIP Code 68131 is located in Douglas County

    68131 Street Addresses

    25th St ((400-499)) 26th Cir ((1100-1299)) 64 ((2400-2999)) Burt St ((2000-4399)) Caldwell St ((2400-2899)) California St ((3000-4499)) Capital Ave ((3500-3599)) Capitol Ave ((3600-4499)) Cass St ((2800-4499)) Charles St ((2800-4499)) Chicago St ((2800-4499)) Cottage Grove Ave ((3000-3199)) Cuming St ((2400-4599)) Davenport St ((2400-4499)) Dodge St ((800-7898)) Douglas St ((2400-4449)) Farnam St ((2400-4499)) Glenwood Ave ((900-1099)) Hamilton St ((2400-4499)) Harney St ((1000-4199)) Hawthorne Ave ((3400-3799)) Indiana Ave ((2400-2899)) Irving Ct ((2501-2699)) Irving St ((4100-4199)) Izard Ct ((2500-2699)) Izard St ((2800-4499)) Lafayette Ave ((3000-4499)) Lincoln Blvd ((100-3899)) Mercer Blvd ((900-1099)) Mercer Park Rd ((900-1099)) Michigan Ave ((1000-1099)) Military Ave ((1400-1499)) Myrtle Ave ((2900-3399)) N 25th Ave ((800-1199)) N 25th St ((900-1199)) N 26th Cir ((1100-1299)) N 26th St ((1000-1399)) N 27th Ave ((800-899)) N 27th St ((900-1399)) N 28th Ave ((400-1199)) N 28th Plz ((700-798)) N 28th St ((1300-1499)) N 29th St ((900-1999)) N 30th St ((100-1499)) N 31st Ave ((100-1199)) N 31st St ((100-1499)) N 32nd Ave ((100-299)) N 32nd St ((500-1499)) N 33rd St ((100-1499)) N 34th St ((100-1499)) N 35th Ave ((100-499)) N 35th St ((100-1499)) N 36th Ave ((300-499)) N 36th St ((100-1549)) N 37th St ((100-499)) N 38th Ave ((100-499)) N 38th St ((100-1499)) N 39th St ((100-899)) N 40th St ((100-1499)) N 41st Ave ((300-1599)) N 41st St ((100-1399)) N 42nd St ((100-1399)) N 43rd Ave ((100-999)) N 43rd St ((100-899)) N 44th St ((100-899)) Nicholas Ct ((2500-2699)) Nicholas St ((2800-4499)) North Fwy ((2-20)) N Saddle Creek Rd ((200-599)) Oak St ((210-298)) Orchard Ln ((4100-4299)) Oregon Trl ((1000-1299)) Page St ((4000-4199)) Park Ave ((100-499)) Paxton Ct ((200-299)) S 24th Ave ((300-501)) S 25th Ave ((100-599)) S 25th St ((100-299)) S 26th Ave ((100-499)) S 26th St ((300-499)) S 27th Ave ((300-499)) S 27th St ((100-299)) S 28th St ((100-499)) S 29th St ((100-499)) S 30th St ((100-299)) S 31st Ave ((100-299)) S 31st St ((100-399)) S 32nd Ave ((100-299)) S 33rd St ((100-499)) S 34th St ((100-299)) S 35th Ave ((100-299)) S 35th St ((100-499)) S 36th St ((100-499)) S 37th St ((100-499)) S 38th Ave ((100-499)) S 38th St ((100-499)) S 39th St ((100-599)) S 40th St ((100-499)) S 41st St ((100-499)) S 42nd St ((100-399)) S 44th St ((100-499)) S Saddle Creek Rd ((100-527)) State Hwy 64 ((200-4509)) Turner Blvd ((100-499)) US Hwy 6 ((800-4499)) US Hwy 75 ((2-20)) Wakeley St ((4100-4499)) W Dodge Rd ((7854-7898)) Webster Plz ((2800-2999)) Webster St ((3000-3999))

    68131 Places and Attractions

    Administration Center Augustana Lutheran Church Bemis Park Bethany Temple Church of God in Christ Boyne Dental School Boys Town National Research Hospital Calvary Baptist Church Calvary Chapel of Omaha Career Center Citadel Corps Clarkson College Clarkson Family Medicine Center Clarkson Hospital Clarkson Primary Care Center Covenant Life Fellowship Church Creighton Dental Clinic Creighton Family Healthcare Center Creighton Medical Associates - Clinical Departments Creighton University Historical Marker Creighton University Medical Center Dr J P Lord School for the Physically and Mentally Handicapped Duchesne Academy Duchesne Academy Historical Marker First Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church - Omaha First Unitarian Church of Omaha Gifford Park Greater Macedonia Baptist Church Greater New Hope Baptist Church Headache Clinic House of Prayer Interchange 1C Interchange 2A Interchange 2B Interchange 2C Interchange 2D Jesus Christ Community Apostolic Faith Church Joslyn Castle J P Lord Elementary School Kiewit Tower Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church Lighthouse United Pentecostal Church Lowe Avenue Presbyterian Church Magnet Career Center Mercer Park Midwest Dermatology Clinic Midwest Eye Care PC Center Midwest Urology Associates PC Center Munroe-Meyer Institute Nebraska Zen Center New Jerusalem Community Church Pacemaker Clinic Parrish Study Center Pella Lutheran Church Physicians Clinic - First Eye Associates Pilgrim Baptist Church Plastic Surgical Center PC Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Rural - Metro Corporation Saint Barnabas Parish Saint Cecilia Cathedral Elementary School Saint Cecilias Cathedral Saint Joseph Hospital Heliport Saunders School Technical High School (historical) The Nebraska Medical Center Turner Park Union Community Holy Spirit Church University Geriatric Center University Medical Associates Building - Medicine East Walnut Hill Elementary School Walnut Hill Park Wound Healing Center Yates Alternative School