Omaha, NE 68111 ZIP Code Map


68111 Schools


  • King Elementary School
  • Integrated Learning Program
  • Saratoga Elem School
  • Omaha North Magnet High School
  • Miller Park Elem School
  • Kennedy Elem School
  • Franklin Elem School
  • Central Park Elem School
  • Belvedere Elementary School
  • Druid Hill Elementary School
  • Skinner Magnet Center
  • Nova Alternative School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 68111 is located in Douglas County

    68111 Street Addresses

    32nd Ave ((2600-2699)) 64 ((4200-4249)) Ames Ave ((2400-7199)) Arcadia Ave ((3000-3299)) Bedford Ave ((3000-4499)) Belvedere Blvd ((3000-6299)) Binney St ((2400-4499)) Blondo St ((2400-4198)) Boyd St ((3400-4399)) Bristol St ((2400-2999)) Browne St ((2400-4499)) Burdette St ((2400-4499)) Camden Ave ((2400-4499)) Cedar Ln ((20604-20798)) Corby St ((2500-4499)) Crown Point Ave ((2400-4699)) Curtis Ave ((3000-4499)) Decatur St ((2400-4499)) Ellison Ave ((2400-4799)) Ellison Cir ((3900-3999)) Emmet St ((2400-4499)) Erskine St ((2400-4499)) Evans St ((2400-4499)) Fontenelle Blvd ((4500-6299)) Fort St ((2400-4513)) Fowler Ave ((2400-4499)) Fowler Cir ((3400-3499)) Franklin St ((2400-4499)) Grand Ave ((3100-4509)) Grant St ((2400-4499)) Harney St ((17717-17737)) Hartman Ave ((2400-3999)) Hartman Cir ((4000-4199)) Himebaugh Ave ((2400-4399)) Howard Plaza ((17001-17299)) Jaynes Cir ((4000-4199)) Jaynes St ((2500-4499)) John A Creighton Blvd ((1400-4199)) Kansas Ave ((2400-4653)) Lake St ((2400-4499)) Larimore Ave ((2400-4499)) Laurel Ave ((2400-4701)) Lindsay Ave ((3000-3199)) Lothrop St ((2800-3699)) Manderson St ((2400-3599)) Maple St ((2400-4499)) Meredith Ave ((2400-4499)) Meredith Cir ((3400-3599)) Metro Tech College Rd ((1-99)) Miami St ((2500-4499)) Military Ave ((1400-4598)) Miller Park Dr ((1-99)) N 24th Avenue Cir ((3200-3299)) N 25th Ave ((3200-6099)) N 25th St ((1200-5599)) N 26th Ave ((3200-4099)) N 26th Pl ((3200-3299)) N 26th St ((1700-5499)) N 27th Ave ((5300-6099)) N 27th Cir ((4900-4999)) N 27th St ((1700-6099)) N 28th Ave ((2100-6099)) N 28th St ((1300-4499)) N 29th Ave ((1900-2199)) N 29th Cir ((3400-4199)) N 29th St ((1500-5899)) N 30th Ave ((1900-9999)) N 30th St ((1500-6499)) N 31st Ave ((2400-6499)) N 31st St ((1500-4499)) N 32nd St ((1500-6499)) N 33rd Ave ((2000-6499)) N 33rd St ((1500-6499)) N 34th Ave ((2101-5098)) N 34th St ((1500-6499)) N 35th St ((1500-6099)) N 36th Ave ((3200-6499)) N 36th St ((1460-6699)) N 37th Avenue Cir ((5100-5299)) N 37th St ((2000-6499)) N 38th Ave ((2200-2299)) N 38th St ((1500-6499)) N 39th Cir ((5300-5399)) N 39th St ((2000-6499)) N 40th Ave ((3200-4899)) N 40th St ((1500-6499)) N 41st Ave ((1500-1599)) N 41st St ((2600-5299)) N 42nd Ave ((2700-3099)) N 42nd St ((1600-6499)) N 43rd Ave ((5700-6099)) N 43rd St ((1700-4299)) N 44th Ave ((3300-5699)) N 44th St ((3700-6899)) Nebraska Ave ((3300-4599)) Nebraska Cir ((3300-3399)) North Fwy ((1-99)) Ohio St ((2400-4499)) Parker St ((2400-4499)) Patrick Ave ((2400-4399)) Paxton Blvd ((3100-4499)) Pinkney St ((2400-4499)) Pratt St ((2400-4499)) Redman Ave ((3300-4899)) Redman Cir ((4000-4199)) Ruggles St ((2800-4499)) Sahler St ((2400-3599)) Saratoga Cir ((2401-2499)) Saratoga St ((2300-4499)) Seward St ((2400-4517)) Sorensen Pkwy ((4100-4199)) Spaulding St ((2400-4499)) Spencer St ((2400-4199)) Sprague St ((2400-4499)) Stone Ave ((3000-3299)) Taylor St ((2400-3299)) Templeton St ((2400-2599)) US Hwy 75 ((27-98)) Vernon Ave ((3900-4499)) Wayne Lowden Ave ((4500-4699)) Willis Ave ((3200-3299)) Wirt St ((2400-4499)) Yates St ((2900-2999))

    68111 Places and Attractions

    Adams Park Adams Park / Lakeside Kingdom Hall Administration Building American Lutheran Church Ames Avenue Post Office Station Antioch Church of God in Christ Auto Body Program Building Bedford Place Park Belvedere Elementary School Bethesda Seventh Day Adventist Table Blessed Sacrament Church Blessed Sacrament School Campus Managers Office-Instructional Building Central Park Elementary School Central Stores-Duplicating Building Charles B Washington Branch Library Charles Drew Health Center Church of Christ Church of the Living God Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Apostolic Faith Church of the Resurrection Clifton Hill Presbyterian Church Clifton Hill School Conference Center Construction Technology Building Crook House Historical Marker Crown Point Park Deacoresd Institute Douglas County Historical Society Library Druid Hill Elementary School Erskine Park Facilities Management Building Fairfax School Faith Deliverance Church Fontenelle Kingdom Hall Fort Omaha Historical Marker Franklin Elementary School Freestone Primitive Baptist Church Friends of Christ Evangelical Church Garden of Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church General Crook House Museum Gethsemane Church of God in Christ Golden Hill Cemetery Good Tidings Evangelistic Church Greater Bethlehem Temple - Jesus Only Greater Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church Greenhouse Himebaugh Park Historic Prospect Hill - Omahas Pioneer Cemetery Historical Marker Holy Angels School Hope School Horticulture Classrooms and Lab Immanuel Community Church Inspirational Church Jehovahs Witnesses Congregation Kennedy Elementary School King Primary School King Solomon Baptist Church Long School Malcolm X Birthsite Malcolm X Historical Marker Mechanic Shop Metropolitan Community College - Fort Omaha Campus Metropolitan Community College - Fort Omaha Campus Library Metropolitan Community College Foundation Building Miami Playground Miller Park Miller Park Elementary School Miller Park Golf Course Miller Park Presbyterian Church Monmouth Park School Mount Carmel Baptist Church Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church Nebraska School for the Deaf New Bethel Church of God in Christ New Hope Deliverance Church New Life Bible Fellowship New Life Presbyterian Church New Light Baptist Church New Zion Baptist Church North High School North Side Corps Omaha Fire and Rescue Station 21 Omaha Police Department - Northeast Precinct People Mission ABC Church Power House Church of God in Christ Prospect Hill Cemetery Residence Halls Robinson Memorial Church of God in Christ Saint Benedict Church Saint Mark Baptist Church Saint Matthews Baptist Church Saint Pauls School Saint Richard Elementary School Saint Richards Church Salem Baptist Church Saratoga Elementary School Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church Shiloh Christian Worship Center Skinner Magnet Center Spaulding Park Spekes Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Teaching Learning Center Thine Will Church of God in Christ Thirty-Second and Franklin Street Park Trinity Hope Foursquare Gospel Church Trinity United Methodist Church Welding Program Building Yale Park Zion Wheel Baptist Church