Omaha, NE 68110 ZIP Code Map


68110 Schools


  • King Science/Tech Magnet M S
  • King Science/Tech Magnet Elem
  • Sherman Elem School
  • Lothrop Magnet Center
  • Conestoga Magnet Elem School
  • Ne Correctional Youth Facility
  • 68110 Hotels

  • Candlewood Suites Omaha Airport
  • Sleep Inn & Suites Airport
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    ZIP Code 68110 is located in Douglas County

    68110 Street Addresses

    Abbott Ave ((2100-2499)) Abbott Dr ((1000-6499)) Abbott Plz ((2601-2699)) Adams Ave ((2100-3399)) Airport Dr ((6400-6499)) Amelia Earhart Dr ((3600-4099)) Amelia Earhart Plz ((3600-4099)) Ames Ave ((1300-2399)) Ave G ((1500-2399)) Ave H ((1000-1099)) Ave H E ((1500-2999)) Ave I ((2800-3099)) Ave J ((1600-3199)) Ave K ((1800-2499)) Ave L ((2100-3499)) Binney St ((1400-2399)) Boeing Ct ((5100-5399)) Browne St ((200-2499)) Burdette St ((1500-2399)) Cady Ave ((1400-1599)) Camden Ave ((1400-1999)) Camden Ct ((1800-1999)) Carr Ave ((2100-2499)) Carter Blvd ((1100-1999)) Carter Grand Ave ((1100-4999)) Carter Lake Dr ((1-4598)) Carter Lake Dr E ((3100-3399)) Carter Lake Dr N ((1-4499)) Clark St ((900-2399)) Commercial Ave ((4100-4499)) Corby St ((1500-1999)) Cornish Blvd ((1201-1599)) Crown Point Ave ((500-899)) Doolittle Plz ((3600-3999)) E Browne St ((1200-1599)) E Camden Ave ((700-1199)) Edward R Danner Plz ((2000-2099)) E Fort St ((100-1699)) E Hartman Ave ((700-1399)) E Hartman Ct ((1500-1599)) Ellison Ave ((901-2399)) E Locust St ((1900-2799)) Emmet St ((1400-2199)) E Pinkney St ((3300-3499)) Evans St ((1400-2399)) Fairchild Ct ((2100-2499)) Florence Blvd ((433-6499)) Florence Mills Plz ((2000-2099)) Fort Cir ((2300-5198)) Fort Ct ((1600-1999)) Fort St ((1-5198)) Fowler Ave ((1300-2399)) Franklin St ((2100-2199)) Freedom Park Rd ((1500-2899)) Goff Ave ((2100-2499)) Grace St ((900-2399)) Grand Ave ((1-4499)) Grant St ((1500-2399)) Hartman Ave ((200-1499)) Himebaugh Ave ((2300-2399)) Ida St ((100-199)) Jaynes St ((300-1699)) John J Pershing Dr ((900-2099)) Kansas Ave ((2300-2399)) Laird St ((1301-2399)) Lake St ((1600-2399)) Larimore Ave ((2000-2399)) Lindbergh Dr ((5300-6399)) Lockheed Ct ((5300-6099)) Locust Plz ((1200-1299)) Locust St ((1000-2399)) Lothrop St ((1400-2399)) Manderson St ((1600-2399)) Maple St ((1600-2399)) Meredith Ave ((2200-2399)) Miami St ((1800-2399)) N 10th St E ((5200-5299)) N 11th St ((1100-5399)) N 11th St E ((5200-5299)) N 12th St ((1-4499)) N 12th St E ((5000-5299)) N 13th St ((1800-5699)) N 13th St E ((5100-5299)) N 14th Ave ((2900-5699)) N 14th St ((2400-5299)) N 14th St E ((5100-5299)) N 15th Ave ((2600-4899)) N 15th St ((2100-5299)) N 15th St E ((2300-5299)) N 16th St ((1500-6999)) N 16th St E ((2300-5299)) N 17th Ave E ((2300-2799)) N 17th St ((1500-5299)) N 17th St E ((2300-2699)) N 18th St ((1500-5399)) N 18th St E ((2300-2899)) N 19th Ave ((2600-2899)) N 19th St ((433-6299)) N 19th St E ((2300-2899)) N 20th Ct ((3200-3399)) N 20th St ((1400-5499)) N 20th St E ((2500-2899)) N 21st Ave ((4500-4599)) N 21st St ((1400-5099)) N 21st St E ((1900-3199)) N 22nd St ((1900-5299)) N 22nd St E ((2500-2899)) N 23rd St ((1800-5198)) N 23rd St E ((2300-3499)) N 24th St ((100-6499)) N 24th St E ((2500-2899)) N 25th St E ((2000-3499)) N 26th Ct E ((3000-3299)) N 26th St E ((2700-2899)) N 27th St E ((2700-2899)) N 28th St E ((2400-3299)) N 2nd St ((5000-5598)) N 33rd St E ((3200-3499)) N 34th St E ((3300-3499)) N 35th St E ((3300-3499)) N 3rd St ((5100-5699)) N 4th Ave ((5100-5699)) N 4th St ((5100-6299)) N 5th St ((5100-5699)) N 6th Ave ((5100-5699)) N 6th St ((1200-5699)) N 7th St ((5100-5699)) N 8th St ((5100-5699)) N 8th St E ((5200-5299)) N 9th St ((5000-6899)) N 9th St E ((5200-5299)) Nakoma Ave ((3100-3499)) Ogden St ((900-2399)) Ohio St ((1200-2399)) Orville Plz ((3600-3999)) Parker Cir ((2082-2299)) Perkins Ave ((2100-2799)) Pinkney St ((1400-2399)) Pratt St ((1500-2399)) Sahler St ((1702-2399)) Saratoga St ((2000-2499)) Seward St ((600-1099)) Sherwood Ave ((1400-1599)) Spencer St ((1400-2799)) Sprague St ((1600-3198)) Victor Ave ((1600-1799)) Wilbur Plz ((3600-3999)) Willis Ave ((1300-2399)) Wirt St ((1400-2799)) Wood Ave ((2800-2899)) Woodland Rd ((3200-3299)) Yates St ((1500-1599))

    68110 Places and Attractions

    A Station Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Bethlehem Baptist Church Bluff View Park Burdette Park Carter Lake Carter Lake Charles Drew Health Center Christ-Love Unity Church Church of God - Parkway Church of the Living God Cleaves Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Conestoga Magnet Center East Omaha Ebenezer Baptist Church Eppley Airfield Faith Temple Church of God in Christ Freedom Assembly of God Church Freedom Park Garden Valley Courts Gateway Vision Clinic Gods Temple Missionary Baptist Church Greater Saint Paul Church of God in Christ Great Plains Black History Museum Horace Mann School (historical) Jesuit Middle School of Omaha Kellom Greenbelt Park Kenefick Park King Science and Technology Magnet Center Kountze Park Lake School Levi Carter Park Lothrop Magnet Center Love Deliverance Temple Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer Morning Star Baptist Church Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church Northside Community Lutheran Church Northside Mennonite Church Omaha Airport Authority Eppley Fire and Rescue Omaha Fire and Rescue Station 22 Omaha Fire and Rescue Station 5 Open Door Mission Paradise Baptist Church Pearl Memorial United Methodist Church Pershing Park Pershing School Pleasant Green Baptist Church Prince of Peace Church of God in Christ Rising Star Baptist Church Sacred Heart High School Sacred Heart Parish Church Saint John African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint John Baptist Church Saint Paul Baptist Church Saint Terese of the Child Jesus Church Saint Therese School Sandpiper Cove Second Advent Church Second Baptist Church Sherman Elementary School Shiloh Baptist Church Tabernacle of Faith Church of God in Christ The Narrows The Narrows True Holiness Church Twenty-Second and Willis Street Park Zion Baptist Church