Omaha, NE 68107 ZIP Code Map


68107 Schools


  • Early Childhood At Indian Hill - Educare
  • Gomez Heritage Elementary Sch
  • R M Marrs Magnet Middle School
  • Spring Lake Magnet Center
  • Omaha South Magnet High School
  • R M Marrs Magnet Elem School
  • Indian Hill Elem School
  • Highland Elem School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 68107 is located in Douglas County

    68107 Street Addresses

    14th St ((3700-4099)) 92 ((2000-2099)) Adams St ((2500-2599)) Archer Ave ((1300-1699)) Arthur St ((1100-1299)) Atlas St ((900-4198)) Berry Ave ((1500-1699)) Bert Murphy Ave ((1000-1299)) Bert Murphy Ave S ((1000-1299)) Blaine St ((1100-1299)) B St ((3700-3899)) Buckingham Ave ((4300-4499)) Buckingham Blvd ((4600-4999)) Burlington Ave ((4100-4199)) Burlington St ((3900-4099)) Campbell Ave ((6200-6499)) C St ((1300-2999)) Dahlman Ave ((3600-4699)) Dayton St ((4200-4499)) Drexel St ((1200-4499)) D St ((900-4399)) Edward Babe Gomez Ave ((2500-3599)) E St ((2300-4399)) F St ((1700-4489)) Garfield St ((1300-1499)) Gibson Rd ((3700-4699)) Gifford Dr ((1-6299)) Gilmore Ave ((6100-6899)) G St ((1200-4499)) Hillsdale Ave ((3900-4499)) Hoctor Blvd ((3600-4099)) Holmes Ave ((1700-1799)) Holmes St ((1700-1799)) Homer St ((900-1199)) Howe St ((3900-3999)) H St ((1600-4499)) Hugo St ((900-1099)) I- 80 ((45391-45499)) I St ((1200-4499)) Jefferson St ((1300-3599)) John F Kennedy Fwy ((2-5798)) J St ((1100-4501)) Kavan St ((1000-1499)) K St ((2000-4199)) L Frontage Rd ((2800-2999)) L St ((2000-7899)) Madison St ((1300-4499)) Mid City Ave ((4100-4299)) Miller St ((1000-4299)) Missouri Ave ((1000-2099)) Monroe St ((1200-4499)) Mount Vernon Gardens Dr ((1-99)) M St ((1200-4199)) N Ave ((1400-1499)) N St ((1500-4199)) O Plz ((2700-2999)) Orchard Ave ((3600-4199)) O St ((1200-4999)) Pasadena Ave ((1400-1599)) Patterson St ((3700-4499)) Phelps St ((1300-1499)) Polk St ((1200-4499)) P St ((1401-4199)) Q St ((1600-4499)) Railroad Ave ((5700-6899)) R Ave ((2600-3399)) R St ((2600-4499)) S 10th St ((501-6299)) S 11th St ((3900-4099)) S 12th St ((1001-5099)) S 13th St ((3700-6899)) S 14th St ((3910-5999)) S 15th St ((3700-6899)) S 16th St ((3700-6199)) S 17th St ((3700-6699)) S 18th St ((3600-6499)) S 19th St ((4100-6799)) S 20th Ave ((6000-6199)) S 20th St ((4100-6199)) S 21st Plz ((6200-6299)) S 21st St ((2000-6899)) S 22nd St ((3700-5999)) S 23rd St ((3700-6899)) S 24th St ((1880-5799)) S 25th Plz ((6600-6699)) S 25th St ((3700-6499)) S 26th Ave ((4800-5199)) S 26th St ((3700-6899)) S 27th St ((3800-6899)) S 28th Ave ((4900-5799)) S 28th St ((2800-6899)) S 29th Ave ((5200-5799)) S 29th Plz ((4600-4999)) S 29th St ((3900-5799)) S 30th Ave ((5200-5299)) S 30th St ((4200-6899)) S 31st St ((4600-6899)) S 32nd St ((3900-6899)) S 33rd Ave ((5200-6299)) S 33rd St ((3800-6899)) S 34th Ave ((6000-6299)) S 34th St ((3400-6199)) S 35th St ((3800-6899)) S 36th Ave ((3900-6499)) S 36th St ((3800-6899)) S 37th St ((3700-6499)) S 38th St ((3900-36298)) S 39th Ave ((3900-5199)) S 39th St ((3900-6899)) S 40th Ave ((4100-4399)) S 40th St ((4400-6499)) S 41st Ave ((4100-6499)) S 41st St ((4400-6899)) S 42nd Ave ((4300-6199)) S 42nd St ((3726-6899)) S 43rd Ave ((3900-4099)) S 43rd St ((5400-6599)) S 44th Ave ((4100-4399)) S 44th St ((5200-6499)) S 8th St ((3700-4699)) S 9th St ((3900-4099)) Sarpy Ave ((6800-6899)) S Omaha Brg ((1-99)) Spring Lake Dr ((3600-4499)) Spring Lake Park Rd ((1-99)) S River Dr ((3900-4000)) S St ((1300-4499)) State Hwy 92 ((2100-4499)) Stockyards Via ((4600-4999)) Sunshine Dr ((6500-6899)) T Ave ((2800-3399)) Taylor Ave ((1700-1799)) T Cir ((11001-11399)) T St ((2800-4299)) U Ave ((2800-3399)) Upland Pkwy ((3000-3399)) U Plz ((2900-2998)) US Hwy 275 ((2100-4499)) US Hwy 75 ((2-5798)) U St ((1300-4299)) V St ((3000-4199)) Washington St ((1300-4499)) Wilson Cir ((6200-6299)) W St ((1300-4199)) X St ((2500-11327)) Y St ((1300-5951)) Z St ((1300-2699))

    68107 Places and Attractions

    Albright Park Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Assumption Elementary School Athletic Park Athletic Park Bethel Baptist Church Brown Park Brown Park School Christ Gospel Tabernacle Church Christie Heights Park Church of God South Omaha Corrigan School Creighton Family Healthcare Building - South El Museo Latino Elmwood Post Office Station Essex Park Family Health Care Center Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Church Fuente De Vida Foursquare Church Garfield School Gomez-Heritage Elementary School Grace United Methodist Church Highland Elementary School Highland Park Indian Hill Elementary School Industrial Training Center Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium Judson Baptist Church Jungmann School Korean Presbyterian Church Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Laurel Hill Cemetery Lefler United Methodist Church Madison School Mahoney Building Mandan park Marrs Magnet Middle School McKinley Park Metropolitan Community College - South Omaha Campus Morton Park Mount Vernon Gardens Mount Zion Church of God in Christ Municipal Stadium New Hope Apostolic Temple Omaha Fire and Rescue Station 31 Omaha Police Department - Southeast Precinct Our Lady of Guadalupe Over 60 Center Physicians Clinic Physicians Clinic - First Eye Associates Ponca Health and Wellness Center Pulaski Park Rainbow Dental Center Riverview Kingdom Hall Rosewater School Saint Agnes Church Saint Agnes Elementary School Saint Bridgets Church Saint Francis Assisi Church Saint Francis of Assisi School Saint Gabriel Eastern Orthodox Church Saint Lukes Lutheran Church Saint Martins Church Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Marys Church Saint Marys School Saint Peter and Paul Church Saint Rose Church Saint Rose School Saints Peter and Paul Elementary School Saint Stanislaus Church Saint Stanislaus School Salem Lutheran Church Sokol South Omaha Czechoslovak Museum South Branch Library South Corps South High School South Lincoln School South Omaha South Omaha South Omaha Dental Group Building South Omaha Post Office Station Southside Baptist Church South Side Christian Church Spring Lake Golf Course Spring Lake Magnet Center Spring Lake Park Summit Templo Canaan Asambleas De Dios Tobin Eye Institute Union Memorial United Methodist Church Unity Park University Medical Associates - South Omaha Neighborhood Association Upland Park Wheeler Memorial Presbyterian Church Word of Faith Pentecostal Church Zion Lutheran Church Zion Lutheran Elementary School