Omaha, NE 68105 ZIP Code Map


68105 Schools


  • Jackson Elementary School
  • Jefferson Elem School
  • Field Club Elem School
  • Douglas County Youth Center
  • Census


    ZIP Code 68105 is located in Douglas County

    68105 Street Addresses

    Arbor St ((2400-4299)) A St ((3000-4599)) Bancroft St ((2400-4499)) Barker Ave ((4200-4499)) B St ((2400-4474)) Castelar St ((2400-4299)) Center St ((2400-5198)) Clarkson Ave ((2900-2999)) Co Rd X ((1855-1953)) Dahlman Ave ((3600-3699)) Dean Cir ((2700-2799)) Deer Park Blvd ((2400-2849)) Dewey Ave ((2500-4499)) Dewey Ct ((4200-4399)) Dupont St ((2700-3099)) Ed Creighton Ave ((2900-3299)) Elm St ((2400-3099)) Emile St ((4000-4499)) Frances St ((3200-4499)) Frederick St ((2900-4499)) Gold St ((2900-3999)) Gordon St ((3700-3999)) Grover St ((3600-4499)) Hanscom Blvd ((2200-3299)) Hanscom Park Dr ((3-99)) Harris St ((2900-2999)) Hascall St ((3000-3899)) Hazel St ((2700-2799)) Hickory St ((2400-4499)) Howard St ((2700-3599)) I- 480 ((1-199)) I- 80 ((45200-45299)) Jackson St ((2700-4499)) Jones Plz ((4300-4599)) Jones St ((2241-3999)) Kent St ((2700-2799)) Krug Ave ((2400-3899)) Leavenworth Ct ((3600-3699)) Leavenworth St ((2400-4798)) Marcy St ((2500-4499)) Marinda St ((4000-4599)) Martha St ((2400-3999)) Mason St ((2500-4499)) Mayberry St ((4200-4499)) Oak St ((2400-4499)) Olin Ave ((3600-3799)) Pacific St ((2000-4499)) Park Ave ((500-2199)) Pierce St ((1900-4499)) Pine St ((3300-4499)) Poppleton Ave ((2400-4499)) Rees St ((2500-2699)) S 17th St ((300-599)) S 24th Ave ((500-699)) S 25th Ave ((500-1799)) S 25th St ((600-3599)) S 26th Ave ((500-699)) S 26th St ((401-2999)) S 27th Ave ((2200-2499)) S 27th St ((500-2299)) S 28th Ave ((2500-3199)) S 28th St ((100-3810)) S 29th Cir ((1900-1999)) S 29th St ((500-2699)) S 30th Ave ((1000-3599)) S 30th St ((500-3199)) S 31st Ave ((500-799)) S 31st St ((300-3699)) S 32nd Ave ((600-3999)) S 32nd St ((1000-3099)) S 33rd St ((300-3099)) S 34th St ((500-3599)) S 35th Ave ((500-3099)) S 35th St ((500-3499)) S 36th Ct ((500-599)) S 36th St ((500-3799)) S 37th Ave ((800-899)) S 37th Plz ((2100-2299)) S 37th St ((500-2799)) S 38th Ave ((500-3299)) S 38th St ((500-3599)) S 39th St ((500-3299)) S 40th St ((500-3599)) S 41st St ((500-3599)) S 42nd Ave ((3500-3599)) S 42nd St ((314-3799)) S 43rd Ave ((1000-1099)) S 43rd St ((800-3499)) S 44th Ave ((3100-3699)) S 44th St ((500-3499)) S 45th St ((500-699)) Saint Marys Ave ((2400-3199)) Shady Lane Cir ((4300-4499)) Shirley St ((2700-4399)) Spring Cir ((4000-4099)) Spring St ((3000-4499)) St Marys Ave ((2400-3199)) Turner Blvd ((300-3399)) Twin Ridge Blvd ((1500-1899)) US Hwy 75 ((1-199)) Valley Cir ((4000-4099)) Valley St ((2400-4299)) Vinton St ((2500-4499)) Walnut St ((3300-4499)) W Hanscom Park Dr ((1-99)) William St ((4200-4499)) Woolworth Ave ((2400-4499)) Wright Cir ((4000-4099)) Wright Plz ((3000-3099)) Wright St ((3100-4099))

    68105 Places and Attractions

    Alumni House Antioch Baptist Church Bennett Hall B Station Center Baptist Church Center Mall Central Utilities Clarkson Primary Care Clarkson West Medical Center College of Nursing College of Pharmacy Computing Services Building Dewey Park Doctors Hospital Douglas County Community Mental Health Center Durham Outpatient Center Eppley Cancer Institute Eppley Science Hall Faith Bible Church Fellowship Church Field Club Elementary School Field Club of Omaha Field Club Trail First Central Congregational United Church of Christ First Lutheran Church Foursquare Gospel First Church Lighthouse on the Hill General Supply Building Gerald R Ford Conservation Center Grace Lutheran Church Hanscom Park Hanscom Park United Methodist Church Harrison Heights Park Hospital Finance Pavilion Indian-Chicano Health Center Interchange 1A Interchange 1B Interchange 451 Interchange 452 Interchange 453 Jackson Alternative Center Jackson Elementary School Jefferson Elementary School KEZO-AM (Omaha) Leavenworth Park Leon S McGoogan Library of Medicine Lied Transplant Center Lindenwood Nursing Home Lutheran Home Mason School Mason School Norris Middle School Omaha Fire and Rescue Station 33 Our Lady of Lourdes Church Our Lady of Lourdes School Park East Park School Peace Lutheran Church Potters House Poynter Hall President Gerald R Ford Birthsite Redeeming the Time Apostolic Assembly Church Richard H Young Memorial Hospital Ronald McDonald House Saint Adalberts Church Saint John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church Saint Joseph Academy Saint Peter School Saint Peters Church Security Building Service Building Shackleford Hall Specialty Services Pavilion Student Life Center Swanson Hall University Hospital University Medical Associates Eye Specialties Center University of Nebraska Medical Center University of Nebraska Medical Center Heliport Veterans Affairs Medical Center Westminster Presbyterian Church Willa Cather Branch Library Wittson Hall