Omaha, NE 68104 ZIP Code Map


68104 Schools


  • Wakonda Elem School
  • Rose Hill Elem School
  • Mount View Elem School
  • Monroe Middle School
  • Hartman Elem School
  • Fontenelle Elem School
  • Benson West Elem School
  • Benson Magnet High School
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    ZIP Code 68104 is located in Douglas County

    68104 Street Addresses

    64 ((4681-5899)) 66th St Exd ((6600-6799)) 69th Ave ((5400-5699)) Ames Ave ((4315-7199)) Arcadia Ave ((4900-5099)) Bedford Ave ((3400-7199)) Benson Park Dr ((3-99)) Benson Park Rd ((3-99)) Binney St ((4800-7199)) Birch St ((6000-6099)) Blondo St ((4500-11399)) Boyd St ((4200-6599)) Browne St ((4500-5999)) Burdette St ((4400-5999)) Butler Ave ((4500-4599)) Camden Ave ((4500-6399)) Corby St ((4900-7199)) Country Club Ave ((1600-2899)) Crown Point Ave ((4300-7199)) Curtis Ave ((4500-6799)) Decatur St ((4500-7199)) Ellison Ave ((4600-6499)) Emmet St ((4900-6899)) Erskine St ((4700-5999)) Evans St ((4900-6999)) Fontenelle Blvd ((2300-4499)) Forest Lawn Ave ((6300-6499)) Fort St ((4480-6399)) Fowler Ave ((4500-6599)) Franklin St ((4500-7199)) Grand Ave ((4344-6599)) Grant St ((4400-7199)) Gretchen Ave ((4900-4999)) Hartman Ave ((4801-7199)) Henninger Dr ((5600-5999)) Himebaugh Ave ((5000-6799)) Jaynes St ((4500-6499)) Kansas Ave ((4600-6999)) Lake St ((5000-7199)) Larimore Ave ((4500-5899)) Laurel Ave ((4464-6999)) Manderson St ((4800-6899)) Maple St ((4500-7899)) Mayfield Ave ((1700-1899)) Meredith Ave ((4500-4799)) Miami St ((4500-6599)) Military Ave ((3800-7199)) N 45th Ave ((2400-5499)) N 45th St ((1500-6451)) N 46th Ave ((1800-6499)) N 46th St ((4500-6499)) N 47th Ave ((2400-5699)) N 47th St ((4500-6499)) N 48th Ave ((1800-6499)) N 48th St ((1400-6699)) N 49th Ave ((1800-6499)) N 49th St ((1400-6699)) N 50th Ave ((2000-5999)) N 50th St ((1500-6098)) N 51st Ave ((2500-6399)) N 51st St ((1500-6299)) N 52nd St ((1500-6299)) N 53rd St ((1500-6399)) N 54th Cir ((4600-4699)) N 54th St ((1500-6399)) N 55th Ave ((4100-4499)) N 55th St ((1700-5099)) N 56th St ((1500-6499)) N 57th Ave ((1700-5699)) N 57th St ((2900-5099)) N 58th Plaza Cir ((5300-5499)) N 58th St ((1500-6099)) N 59th Cir ((4100-4199)) N 59th St ((1500-5099)) N 60th Ave ((2000-5699)) N 60th Pl ((6100-6199)) N 60th St ((1500-6845)) N 61st Ave ((5200-5899)) N 61st St ((1500-5599)) N 62nd Ave ((6300-6499)) N 62nd St ((2000-6099)) N 63rd St ((1500-6499)) N 64th Ave ((3500-3699)) N 64th St ((2000-5399)) N 65th Ave ((2000-4899)) N 65th St ((1500-5699)) N 66th Ave ((2500-2899)) N 66th St ((1500-6499)) N 67th Ave ((2000-4099)) N 67th St ((2000-6499)) N 68th St ((2000-6499)) N 69nd St ((1600-3698)) N 69th St ((1600-6099)) N 70th Ave ((1500-4199)) N 70th Cir ((3800-4099)) N 70th Plz ((6300-6499)) N 70th St ((2000-2899)) N 71st St ((2000-5699)) Nebraska Ave ((4600-6799)) N Happy Hollow Blvd ((1500-4998)) Northampton Blvd ((5600-5899)) Northwest Dr ((5200-5999)) Norwick Dr ((5000-5099)) N Park St ((4600-4699)) N Saddle Creek Rd ((1500-1599)) NW Radial Hwy ((1400-6299)) Ogden Ave ((4500-4599)) Ogden St ((4500-6999)) Ohio St ((4900-7199)) Parker St ((4500-6599)) Park Lane Dr ((6000-6399)) Parkview Ln ((6300-6899)) Park View Ln ((6300-6899)) Pinkney St ((4500-7099)) Pratt St ((4500-7199)) Raymond Ave ((6700-6899)) Redman Ave ((4601-4899)) Ruggles St ((4800-6399)) Sahler St ((4800-6599)) Saratoga St ((4500-4999)) Seward St ((4350-7759)) Sigwart St ((4801-5099)) Sorensen Pkwy ((5200-5599)) S Park St ((4600-4699)) Spaulding St ((4800-7199)) Spencer St ((4500-7199)) Sprague St ((4800-7199)) State Hwy 133 ((5800-7199)) State Hwy 64 ((1400-7199)) Taylor Cir ((6300-6399)) Taylor St ((4800-6299)) Vernon Ave ((4800-6799)) Ville de Sante Dr ((1-6299)) Ville de Sante Plz ((6100-6199)) Wirt Cir ((7201-7399)) Wirt St ((4500-7399))

    68104 Places and Attractions

    All Faith Church Mission American Ambulance Incorporated American Baptist Churches of Nebraska Baker Place Medical Associates Center Benson Baptist Church Benson Branch Library Benson Chiropractic Clinic Benson Church of Christ Benson Election Precinct (historical) Benson Family Dentistry Center Benson High School Benson Post Office Station Benson Presbyterian Church Benson West Elementary School Bethany Lutheran Church Beth Israel Synagogue Bowling Green Park Church of Christ Church of God in Christ Congregational Church of God of Prophecy Clair Memorial United Methodist Church Clarkson Primary Care Center Country Club Manor Park Crossroad Baptist Church Deaf Bethlehem Lutheran Church Dill Softball Complex Fontenelle Elementary School Fontenelle Park Gallagher Park Gods Missionary Baptist Church Good Report Christian Center Grace Young Park Harrison Elementary School Hartman Elementary School Healthspring Medical Group - Benson Highlands Missionary Baptist Church Holy Name Church Holy Name Elementary School Immanuel Lutheran Church KCRO-AM (Omaha) King of Glory Evangelistic Center KIOS-FM (Omaha) KPQB-FM (Omaha) Lake James Park Lions Park Lords House Madonna School for Exceptional Children Maple-Crest Care Center Metcalfe Park Monroe Middle School Mother of Perpetual Help Church Mount Calvary Community Church Mount Nebo Baptist Church Mount Sinai Baptist Church Mount View Elementary School Mount View Presbyterian Church New Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church North Side Christian Church Oak Grove Manor Omaha Ambulance Service Omaha Fire and Rescue Station 24 Omaha Fire and Rescue Station 41 Omaha Gospel Hall Omaha Home for the Boys Visitors Center and History Museum One Way Ministry Orchard Park Park Lane Baptist Church Pilgrim Christian Church Roncalli Catholic High School Rosehill Elementary School Saint Bernards Church Saint Bernards School Saint James Orphanage Saint Paul Lutheran Church Saint Paul Lutheran Elementary School Saint Paul United Methodist Church Saint Pius the Tenth Church Saint Pius X / Saint Leo Elementary School Saint Vincent Orthodox Western Rite Church Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church Sonlight Wesleyan Church Sonrise Christian Fellowship Church Springwell Cemetery Temple Baptist Church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Trinity Missionary Baptist Church Ville De Sante Wakonda Elementary School WOW-AM (Omaha)