Osborne, KS 67473 ZIP Code Map


Osborne ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 67473 is located in Osborne County

67473 Street Addresses

142nd Ave ((601-699)) 160th Ave ((700-1698)) 170th Ave ((800-899)) 190th Ave ((1200-1298)) 230th Ave ((1400-1498)) 40th Dr ((1100-1198)) 60th Ave ((901-999)) 70th Dr ((1600-1698)) 75th Dr ((1000-1098)) Co 388 Dr ((2101-2199)) Co 671 Ave ((700-798)) Connecticut St ((2-298)) Co Rd 388 ((101-1999)) Co Rd 671 ((1200-1399)) Co Rd 677 ((2000-2098)) County Rd 677 Ave ((2000-2199)) County Road 677 Ave ((2000-2099)) E Adams St ((100-399)) E Gemini Ave ((100-299)) E Jefferson St ((201-299)) E Main St ((101-599)) E Mercury Ave ((100-199)) E Monroe St ((100-399)) E New Hampshire St ((100-399)) E Vermont St ((101-398)) E Washington St ((101-399)) N 1st St ((100-999)) N 2nd St ((100-999)) N 3rd St ((100-499)) N 4th St ((121-499)) N 5th St ((121-499)) N 6th St ((100-899)) N Appollo Ave ((301-998)) N Ash St ((100-198)) N Elm St ((100-399)) N Fifth St ((100-299)) N Fourth St ((100-299)) N Locust St ((101-699)) N Oak St ((100-399)) N Second St ((565-699)) N Sixth St ((400-599)) N Telstar Ave ((200-898)) S 100th Ave ((801-1399)) S 10th St ((101-298)) S 115th Ave ((501-899)) S 116th Ave ((900-9599)) S 117th Ave ((901-999)) S 11th St ((100-198)) S 120th Ave ((201-499)) S 125th Ave ((1000-1098)) S 130th Ave ((800-999)) S 140th Ave ((801-2099)) S 140th Dr ((1601-1699)) S 142nd Ave ((601-699)) S 150th Ave ((700-898)) S 160th Ave ((700-2099)) S 165th Ave ((1201-1299)) S 180th Ave ((700-1199)) S 190th Ave ((700-798)) S 1st St ((200-399)) S 200th Ave ((1300-1399)) S 210th Ave ((2101-2199)) S 230th Ave ((1000-1399)) S 240th Ave ((1100-1168)) S 2nd St ((200-3199)) S 3rd St ((100-599)) S 4th St ((200-399)) S 5th St ((100-398)) S 6th St ((100-599)) S 70th Ave ((300-1299)) S 7th St ((100-599)) S 85th Ave ((1700-1799)) S 8th St ((100-599)) S 90th Ave ((900-999)) S 92nd Ave ((1701-1799)) S 9th St ((100-299)) S Eighth St ((200-214)) S Eleventh St ((100-126)) S Elm St ((100-399)) S Fifth St ((101-199)) S Locust St ((1-299)) S Ninth St ((118-199)) S Oak St ((100-299)) S Second St ((3101-3199)) S Tenth St ((105-119)) US Hwy 24 ((100-199)) US Hwy 281 ((100-1899)) Van Buren St ((100-198)) W 100th Dr ((101-2199)) W 107th Dr ((1200-1298)) W 110th Dr ((1000-1798)) W 120th Dr ((1301-2598)) W 140th Dr ((100-1798)) W 150th Dr ((1400-1498)) W 160th Dr ((1000-1398)) W 170th Dr ((1400-1498)) W 30th Dr ((1101-1299)) W 50th Dr ((932-1699)) W 70th Dr ((1600-1698)) W 79th Dr ((1600-1699)) W 80th Dr ((600-1799)) W 85th Dr ((1300-1399)) W 90th Dr ((200-2099)) W Adams St ((100-699)) Wilson Ave ((600-698)) W Jackson St ((101-199)) W Jefferson St ((101-699)) W Madison St ((100-398)) W Main St ((100-1099)) W Massachusetts St ((100-299)) W New Hampshire St ((100-998)) W Vermont St ((100-1199)) W Washington St ((100-698)) W West St ((600-799))

67473 Places and Attractions

Assembly of God Church Bible Baptist Church Bloomington Bristow Cemetery Bristow (historical) City of Osborne Cole Cemetery Covert Creek East Kill Creek Enterprise Church Faith Lutheran Church Forney Gimblet Creek Indian Creek Kill Creek Kill Creek Church Mayview School Medicine Creek Medicine Peak Midway Co - Operative Association Grain Elevator Number 1 Midway Co - Operative Association Grain Elevator Number 4 Midway Co - Operative Association Grain Elevator Number 9 Mount Ayr Mount Ayr School Mount Hope Cemetery Mount Hope School North Hill Osborne Osborne Cemetery Osborne City Hall Osborne Country Club Osborne County Osborne County Courthouse Osborne County Emergency Medical Services Osborne County Fairgrounds Osborne County Health Department Osborne County Historical Museum Osborne County Memorial Hospital Osborne County Sheriff's Department Osborne County Sheriff's Department Jail Osborne Diversion Dam Osborne Elementary School Osborne Fire Department Osborne Free Methodist Church Osborne High School Osborne Municipal Airport Osborne Police Department Osborne Post Office Osborne Public Library Osborne Rural Fire Department Station 1 Osborne Sewer Treatment Plant Osborne Speedway Osborne United Methodist Church Potterville Cemetery Rosedale School Saint Aloysius Cemetery Saint Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic Church Sand Mound Shady Bend Golf Course South Hill South Solomon Cemetery Sunny Slope Mound Township of Covert Township of Hancock Township of Independence Township of Kill Creek Township of Penn Township of Tilden Township of Winfield Twin Creek (historical) United Brethren Church United Christian Church United Christian Church Rock Solid Ministries Zimmerman Cemetery