Wichita, KS 67213 ZIP Code Map


67213 Schools


  • Metro Meridian Alt High
  • West High
  • Mayberry Cultural And Fine Arts Magnet Middle
  • Allison Traditional Magnet Middle
  • Stanley Elem
  • Payne Elem
  • Lawrence Elem
  • Franklin Elem
  • 67213 Hotels

  • Hampton Inn Wichita - West (Airport Area)
  • Hotel at WaterWalk Wichita
  • Census



    ZIP Code 67213 is located in Sedgwick County

    67213 Street Addresses

    All Hallows St ((300-699)) Baldwin St ((300-499)) Bennett St ((2100-2299)) Bonn St ((300-2099)) Burton St ((600-2099)) Catherine Ct ((1700-1799)) Catherine St ((1700-1999)) Century II Dr ((100-199)) Chase St ((300-699)) Dayton St ((400-1799)) Dooley St ((800-2499)) Dora St ((1100-3199)) E 23rd St S ((600-3999)) Edna St ((3100-3199)) E Greenway Ct ((800-898)) Esthner St ((1100-3999)) Euclid St ((1700-2399)) Everett St ((500-2799)) Exchange St ((1700-2199)) Figg St ((800-1499)) Gold St ((1500-2199)) Grant St ((2100-2499)) Greenway Blvd ((1600-2299)) Haskell St ((1800-2499)) Hendryx St ((500-899)) Hiram St ((300-2399)) Irving St ((800-3999)) Jewell St ((900-2499)) Kay St ((2900-3199)) Leonine St ((300-999)) Lotus St ((1200-2499)) Lydia St ((2100-2198)) May St ((1100-3299)) Mc Lean Blvd ((101-499)) Mentor St ((400-3199)) Merton St ((1100-2899)) Monroe St ((2500-2899)) Munnell St ((800-2299)) N Maybelle St ((1500-1599)) NW 80th St ((6301-6399)) Orient Blvd ((1100-2499)) Rita St ((900-3999)) S All Hallows Ave ((1600-1699)) S All Hallows Rd ((1100-1399)) S All Hallows St ((700-1899)) S Athenian ((100-22098)) S Bonn Ave ((1700-1999)) S Bonn St ((1300-2399)) S Charles St ((100-299)) S Clarence St ((100-299)) S Custer Ave ((2000-2199)) S Custer St ((100-2399)) S Dodge Ave ((100-1999)) S Edwards Ct ((1701-1799)) S Edwards St ((100-2399)) S Elizabeth ((100-2299)) S Everett St ((1800-2799)) S Exposition St ((100-1999)) S Fern St ((100-1999)) S Glenn St ((100-2399)) S Gordon ((100-1599)) S Gordon St ((1600-1999)) S Handley St ((100-1599)) Shirk St ((500-599)) S Illinois St ((100-699)) Silver St ((1800-2199)) S Kessler St ((100-2199)) S Knight St ((100-1899)) S Laclede Ave ((500-599)) S Laclede Ct ((600-799)) S Laclede St ((400-599)) S Leonine St ((1600-1999)) S Main St ((600-2399)) S Martinson St ((100-1999)) S Marys Dr ((1000-1099)) S Mc Comas ((100-1699)) S Mc Comas Ave ((900-1198)) S Mc Lean ((500-1299)) S Mc Lean Blvd ((1300-2399)) S McLean Blvd ((700-2399)) S Meridian Ave ((100-2399)) S Meridian Ct ((2000-2098)) S Millwood ((100-2399)) S Mount Carmel St ((100-699)) S Oak St ((100-599)) S Osage Ave ((2000-2399)) S Osage St ((100-2399)) S Palisade Ave ((1200-2399)) S Palisade St ((1200-2399)) S Richmond ((100-1799)) S Rita ((2100-2199)) S Sedgwick St ((100-1999)) S Seneca Ct ((1700-1898)) S Seneca St ((100-2399)) S Sheridan St ((100-2799)) S Southwest Blvd ((600-2399)) S Southwest Blvd St ((601-799)) S Southwest Dr ((2200-2298)) S St Clair St ((100-2399)) S St Paul St ((100-1999)) S Sycamore St ((100-1099)) State Hwy 2 ((951-999)) State Hwy 42 ((800-2399)) Stillwell St ((800-1099)) S Vine St ((100-2399)) S Waco ((1000-2399)) S Walnut St ((100-2399)) S Water St ((600-2399)) S West St ((100-2396)) S West Street Ct ((2200-2299)) S Wichita St ((700-2299)) Taft St ((300-4799)) Texas St ((600-1299)) US Hwy 400 ((3401-3407)) US Hwy 54 ((3401-3407)) W 87th St S ((4801-5598)) Walker St ((500-3999)) Walnut Ln ((300-399)) W Bayley St ((400-499)) W Blake St ((100-1699)) W Boston ((100-599)) W Boston Hts ((500-599)) W Bounous St ((3600-3999)) W Burton St ((2100-3199)) W Clark ((800-899)) W Clark St ((100-899)) W Dora St ((3000-3999)) W Douglas Ave ((500-4299)) W English St ((100-299)) W Esthner Ave ((2300-2399)) W Esthner Ct ((2600-2799)) W Figg ((2300-2499)) W Funston St ((100-799)) W Gilbert St ((100-399)) W Harry Ct ((1900-2098)) W Harry St ((100-3999)) W Haskell ((1000-1099)) W Haskell St ((1100-1799)) W Indianapolis ((100-399)) W Irving Ave ((3200-3299)) W Jewell St ((3700-3999)) W Kellogg Dr ((2900-4898)) W Kellogg Dr N ((2001-4798)) W Kellogg Dr S ((4800-4898)) W Kellogg St ((3401-3407)) W Kinkaid ((100-799)) W Lincoln St ((100-799)) W Lydia Ave ((2500-2999)) W Lydia St ((900-2499)) W Maple St ((300-3999)) W May Ave ((2700-2799)) W May St ((3700-3999)) W McCormick St ((701-3999)) W Merton Ave ((2900-3499)) W Merton St ((900-1099)) W Monroe Ave ((3200-3299)) W Morris St ((100-499)) W Mount Vernon ((100-899)) W Orme St ((100-399)) W Osie St ((100-799)) W Pawnee ((600-698)) W Pawnee Ct ((2000-2199)) W Pawnee St ((100-3999)) W Skinner St ((100-899)) W Stillwell St ((1100-1899)) W University Ct ((3400-3599)) W University St ((400-3999)) W Walker Ave ((3200-3299)) W Zimmerly St ((100-599))

    67213 Places and Attractions

    Alcorn Industrial Park Aley Park Allerton Baptist Church Allison Traditional Magnet Middle School Bethany United Methodist Church Beulah Park Browns Mobile Home Park Calvary Bible Church Central Branch Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Chance Industrial Park Church of God of Prophecy Clark Street Church of Christ Cornerstone Pentecostal Holiness Church Eureka School First Foursquare Gospel Church First Free Will Baptist Church Franklin Elementary School Friends Park Friends University Friend's University Witchita Campus Adair - Austin Stadium Friend's University - Witchita Campus Casado Campus Center Friend's University - Witchita Campus Center on Family Living Friend's University - Witchita Campus College of Adult and Professional Studies and Info Services Friend's University - Witchita Campus Davis Administration Building Friend's University - Witchita Campus Edmund Stanley Library Friend's University - Witchita Campus Energy Center Friend's University - Witchita Campus Falcon Flats Friend's University - Witchita Campus Falcon Glenn Apartments Friend's University - Witchita Campus Friends Village Friend's University - Witchita Campus Garvey Art Center Friend's University - Witchita Campus Garvey Physical Education Center Friend's University - Witchita Campus Green Residence Hall Friend's University - Witchita Campus Olive White Garvey Business and Technology Building Friend's University - Witchita Campus Parking Lot A Friend's University - Witchita Campus Parking Lot B Friend's University - Witchita Campus Parking Lot C Friend's University - Witchita Campus Parking Lot D Friend's University - Witchita Campus Parking Lot E Friend's University - Witchita Campus Parking Lot F Friend's University - Witchita Campus Parking Lot G Friend's University - Witchita Campus President's Home Friend's University - Witchita Campus Riney Fine Arts Center and Sebits Fine Arts Addition Friend's University - Witchita Campus Sumpter Hall Friend's University - Witchita Campus William Penn Science Building and Sebits Science Hall Grace Baptist Church Harry Street Church of God Immanuel Lutheran Church John B Martin Industrial Park Kansas Masonic Home Nursing Home Kansas National Guard Armory Wichita West Kansas Newman College Kenneth L Caldwell Assisted Living Facility Lawrence Elementary School Lawrence Field Longfellow Elementary School Martinson Avenue Christian Church Martinson Avenue Christian Church Mayberry Magnet Middle School McCormick School Meridian Industrial Park Metro Meridian Alternative High School Metropolitan Baptist Church Newman University - Beata Hall Newman University - De Mattias Fine Arts Center Newman University - Dugan Library Newman University - Eck Hall Newman University - Fugate Hall Newman University - Gorges Atrium Newman University - Heimerman Science Center Newman University - Lot A Newman University - Mabee Dining Center Newman University - McNeil Hall Newman University - Merlini Hall Newman University - New Hall Newman University - O'Shaughnessy Hall Newman University - Parking Lot B Newman University - Parking Lot C Newman University - Parking Lot E Newman University - Parking Lot F Newman University - Parking Lot H Newman University - Sacred Heart Hall Newman University - Sacred Heart Hall West Wing New Testament Baptist Church Orville Wright Boys School Payne Elementary School Police Prison Farm Airport Reach Out Ministries Baptist Church Saint John Academy (historical) Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church Saint Joseph School Saint Mary Orthodox Christian Church Seneca Park Shiloh Baptist Temple Stanley Elementary School Stanley Neighborhood City Hall Temple Baptist Church The Homestead of Topeka Assisted Living Facility True Church of the First Born University Friends Church West Douglas Park West High School West Side Baptist Church West Side Christian Church West Side Church of God Westside Church of the Nazarene Westside Free Will Baptist Church West Side United Methodist Church Westview Baptist Church Wichita Fire Department Station 4 Wichita Ice Center Wichita West High School