Wichita, KS 67203 ZIP Code Map


67203 Schools


  • Marshall Middle School
  • Wichita Children'S Home
  • North High
  • Woodland Health / Wellness Magnet Elem
  • Riverside Leadership Magnet Elementary
  • Park Elementary
  • O K Elem
  • Emerson Open Magnet Elem
  • Black Traditional Magnet Elem
  • Census



    ZIP Code 67203 is located in Sedgwick County

    67203 Street Addresses

    Allen St ((300-399)) Alvena Ct ((201-299)) Alvena St ((200-299)) Amidon St ((700-1399)) Arizona St ((1500-1599)) Arkansas Ave ((1600-2199)) Arrowhead St ((1300-1399)) Bella Vista St ((3800-3999)) Bitting St ((1000-1399)) Briggs St ((1400-1999)) Buckeridge Ct ((100-299)) Buffum St ((700-1099)) Bullinger St ((2000-2199)) Burns Ave ((1400-2099)) Carlos St ((1100-1299)) Caroline St ((2200-3899)) Carter St ((800-999)) Clayton St ((300-1899)) Coolidge St ((800-1799)) Cornelison St ((1600-3999)) del Sienno St ((3500-3999)) Drew St ((1100-1199)) Fairview St ((1100-2199)) Faulkner St ((700-1099)) Ferrell ((1900-1999)) Ferrell Dr ((1500-1899)) Ferrell St ((1900-1999)) Forest St ((1100-1299)) Franklin St ((800-1999)) Garland St ((1400-2199)) Gilman St ((800-999)) Harrison St ((1300-1999)) Heiserman St ((1700-1999)) High St ((1000-1999)) Hood St ((1500-2199)) Iroquois St ((1300-1399)) Jeanette St ((1400-2099)) Jefferson St ((1000-1299)) Joann St ((100-2099)) Julianne St ((1400-2799)) Kiowa St ((800-1099)) Larimer St ((1100-1299)) Lewellen St ((1000-1399)) Lieunette St ((1400-1499)) Litchfield St ((700-2099)) Martha St ((2201-2499)) McKee St ((1400-1899)) Mc Lean Blvd ((100-398)) Meadowvale St ((2700-2799)) Minisa St ((1300-1399)) Montana St ((1500-1599)) Mount Carmel Way ((100-199)) N Amidon Ave ((700-2199)) N Amidon St ((1800-2199)) N Athenian ((100-1899)) N Athenian Ave ((1500-1599)) N Back Bay Blvd ((400-999)) N Bitting Ave ((1000-1399)) N Burns Ave ((1401-1419)) N Charles St ((100-1799)) N Clarence Ave ((100-1799)) N Clarence St ((100-1799)) N Coolidge Ave ((800-1799)) N Custer ((300-1999)) N Custer Ct ((1001-1099)) N Dodge Ave ((100-599)) N Edgar ((1700-1799)) N Edwards ((100-1999)) N Edwards Ave ((1500-1599)) N Edwards Ct ((1-999)) N Elizabeth St ((100-599)) Newell St ((2400-3899)) N Exposition ((100-599)) N Fairview Ave ((1100-2199)) N Fern ((200-599)) N Glenn ((100-599)) N Glenn Ave ((200-299)) N Gordon St ((100-1999)) N Gow St ((100-2099)) N Greenway ((300-399)) N Handley St ((100-699)) N Heiserman Ave ((1700-1999)) N High St ((200-1199)) N Hood Ave ((1500-2199)) N Hyacinth Ln ((2000-2199)) N Illinois St ((700-1799)) Nims St ((500-999)) N Iroquois Rd ((1300-1399)) N Jackson Ave ((1000-2199)) N Jeanette Ave ((1400-2099)) N Kessler St ((100-2199)) N Knight St ((200-699)) N Lisa ((1800-1899)) N Main St ((500-1399)) N Martinson ((100-599)) N Mc Comas St ((100-2199)) N McComas St ((100-2199)) N Mc Lean ((1901-2099)) N Mc Lean Blvd ((400-1899)) N Meridian Ave ((100-2199)) N Millwood ((100-599)) N Minisa Dr ((1300-1399)) N Mount Carmel Ave ((1400-1999)) N Mount Carmel Ct ((701-799)) N Mount Carmel St ((700-999)) N Mount Carmel Way ((1200-1399)) N Mt Carmel Ave ((1800-1899)) N Mt Carmel St ((300-699)) N Oak Park Dr ((1001-1499)) N Oak St ((100-199)) N Osage Cir ((400-499)) N Osage St ((100-499)) N Payne Ave ((1400-2199)) N Pearce Ave ((1101-1199)) N Perry Ave ((800-1699)) N Porter St ((1600-2099)) N Richmond ((100-1999)) N Richmond Cir ((1200-1399)) N River Blvd ((100-1399)) N Riverside Blvd ((2100-2199)) N Rochester St ((1400-1599)) N Saint Clair St ((100-1999)) N Saint Paul St ((100-1999)) N Salina Ave ((1400-2199)) N Sedgwick Ave ((1500-1999)) N Sedgwick St ((100-1999)) N Seneca St ((100-999)) N Shelton St ((2100-2199)) N Sheridan St ((100-2099)) N St Paul St ((300-699)) N Sycamore St ((100-399)) N Verda Ct ((1000-1099)) N Vine ((100-599)) N Waco St ((602-2199)) N Walnut St ((100-699)) N Water St ((600-1099)) N Wellington Pl ((1200-2199)) N Westdale ((1950-2198)) N Westridge Ct ((2000-2099)) N Westridge Dr ((600-2199)) N West St ((100-2198)) N Wichita St ((200-1099)) N Wiley ((600-699)) N Woodland Ave ((1300-2199)) N Woodrow Ave ((700-2298)) N Woodrow Ct ((1400-1899)) Park Pl ((1400-2199)) Payne St ((1400-2199)) Pearce St ((1100-1299)) Pecos St ((3500-3599)) Perry St ((800-1699)) Pippin Ct ((700-799)) Pleasant View Cir ((1900-1999)) Pleasant View Dr ((1400-1699)) Ponderosa St ((3500-3699)) Porter St ((700-1099)) Richmond St ((1101-1399)) Riverview St ((300-399)) Salina St ((1400-2199)) Shadyway Dr ((800-1099)) Sherwood St ((1600-1699)) Spaulding St ((800-999)) Stackman Dr ((500-1399)) State St ((1100-1399)) St Louis St ((1600-3999)) Tahoe Trl ((1300-1399)) Verda St ((1000-1099)) Vermont St ((2400-2499)) W 10th St N ((100-3499)) W 11th St N ((100-3999)) W 12th St N ((100-1999)) W 13th St N ((100-5072)) W 14th St ((1400-1499)) W 14th St N ((100-2799)) W 15th St N ((100-3999)) W 16th St N ((100-3799)) W 17th St N ((100-4599)) W 18th St N ((100-3999)) W 19th St N ((100-3999)) W 1st St N ((500-3799)) W 1st Street Ct N ((3700-3799)) W 20th St N ((100-3999)) W 21st St N ((100-3999)) W 2nd St N ((400-3999)) W 3rd St N ((401-3899)) W 8th St N ((100-3999)) W 9th St N ((100-3999)) W Ave C ((400-499)) W Bella Vista St ((2100-3999)) W Bickel ((3600-3798)) W Central ((300-399)) W Central Ave ((400-6199)) W Cornelison St ((1600-3999)) W Donna ((3400-3599)) W Douglas Ave ((500-3999)) W Elm St ((100-3999)) Westlawn St ((3800-3999)) Westport St ((2200-3999)) Wiley ((800-999)) W Julianne Cir ((1600-1799)) W Martha St ((2201-2299)) W Mc Coy ((2200-2299)) W Mohawk ((2200-2499)) W Murdock St ((100-3999)) W Museum Blvd ((500-1999)) W Nantucket ((3400-3499)) Womer Dr ((1500-1799)) Woodland St ((1300-2199)) Woodrow St ((700-2298)) W Pacific ((900-1398)) W Pacific St ((800-899)) W Pearl ((3800-3999)) W Pine ((200-299)) W Pine St ((100-1899)) W Randle Manor ((400-599)) W River Blvd ((600-1499)) W River Park Ct ((3000-3099)) W River Park Dr ((2700-3099)) W Riverside Ave ((900-1299)) W Shadyway St ((800-1099)) W Sim Park Dr ((1300-2199)) W Stackman Dr ((500-1699)) W St Louis St ((1800-1899)) W Weaver St ((1400-1899)) W Westlawn St ((3800-3999)) Wyoming St ((1500-1599)) W Zoo Blvd ((3200-4198))

    67203 Places and Attractions

    Antioch Christian Church Bethel Baptist Church Bibleway Community of Faith Church Black Traditional Magnet Elementary School Booth Hospital Botanica - The Wichita Garden Calvary Apostolic Pentecostal United Church Central Riverside Park Church of the Savior Cow Town Douglas School El Mesias United Methodist Church Emerson Open Magnet Elementary School Exploration Place - Science and Discovery Center Fairview Christian Church Faith Temple Church Field Elementary School First Christian Church First Church of the Brethren First Evangelical Methodist Church First General Baptist Church Garrison Elementary School Glad Tidings Assembley of God Church Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Hardtner Junction Indian Center Museum Indian Hills Church of the Nazarene Indian Hills Shopping Center Kake Helistop KAKE Helistop Kansas African American Museum KSGL-AM (Wichita) Lakepoint Retirement and Rehabilitation Center Little River Mobile Home Park Marina Lakes Shopping Center Marina Point Office Park Marshall Middle School Martinson School Mennonite Church of the Servant Meridian Avenue Baptist Church Meridian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Midtown Mobile Home Park Minisa Park Mount Carmel Academy (historical) Mount Olive Tabernacle of Praise Church New Beginning Seventh Day Adventist Church North High School North Riverside Park Northside Church of Christ Oak Park Old Cowtown Museum Olivet Baptist Church Park Elementary School Plaza West Shopping Center Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church Powell Mobile Home Park Rainbow Tabernacle Pentecostal Holiness Church River Bend Shopping Center Riverside Christian Church Riverside Cultural Arts / History Magnet School Riverside Free Methodist Church Riverside Health System Medical Facility Riverside Unit Jehovah's Witnesses Riverside Village Nursing Home Rountree Christian Academy Saint Marks Episcopal Church Saint Patrick Elementary School Saint Patrick Roman Catholic Church Saint Paul's Lutheran Church Sedgwick County Courthouse Security Office Sedgwick County Emergency Medical Service Post 1 Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office Detention Center Sim Memorial Park Sim Park Golf Course South Riverside Park Sycamore Park The Abbey Assisted Living Facility TV Shopping Center Twin Lakes Center Twin Lakes Office Park Waco School Wellington Place Baptist Church Wesley United Methodist Church West Douglas Church of Christ Wichita Art Museum Wichita Art Museum Library Wichita Fire Department Station 1 Wichita Hospital Wichita North Junior-Senior High School Woodland Health Wellness Magnet Elementary School Woodland Park Woodland United Methodist Church