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Smith Center

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    ZIP Code 66967 is located in Smith County

    66967 Street Addresses

    5th St ((100-399)) Argus St ((400-699)) Armory Rd ((100-299)) A St ((400-701)) Athletic St ((200-399)) Bel-Air Ave ((800-898)) Belmont St ((100-199)) Blaine St ((400-699)) Boulevard St ((600-899)) B St ((200-701)) Burr Ter ((306-399)) Co Rd 1553 ((9001-18099)) Co Rd 1706 ((5001-11098)) Co Rd 515 ((22000-22098)) Co Rd 626 ((20001-21098)) Co Rd 628 ((1-14099)) C St ((500-598)) D St ((500-799)) E 1st St ((100-399)) E 2nd St ((100-808)) E 3rd St ((100-810)) E 4th St ((200-799)) East St ((26-399)) E Court St ((100-899)) E Francis St ((100-399)) E Kansas Ave ((100-999)) Elm St ((100-499)) E New York St ((100-399)) E Parliament St ((100-399)) E South City Limits St ((100-299)) E St ((400-799)) Ewing St ((100-199)) F St ((400-799)) Garfield St ((200-399)) H Rd ((22000-22098)) I Rd ((10001-12099)) Jarvis St ((500-599)) J Rd ((13001-14099)) K Rd ((9000-17099)) K St ((500-899)) Locust St ((100-499)) Logan St ((200-299)) L Rd ((9001-18099)) Main St ((801-899)) M Rd ((2000-18099)) N Brandon St ((200-499)) N Colfax Ave ((100-199)) New York Dr ((700-799)) N Grant St ((100-399)) N Jefferson St ((100-799)) N Lincoln St ((100-599)) N Madison St ((100-399)) N Main St ((100-799)) N Monroe St ((100-699)) N Rd ((5001-27060)) N Washington St ((100-598)) O Rd ((3001-27098)) Park St ((100-399)) P Rd ((1-21099)) Q Rd ((4001-29099)) Roger Barta Way ((286-799)) R Rd ((10000-30098)) S Brandon St ((100-299)) S Colfax Ave ((100-299)) S Grant St ((100-698)) Shelton Dr ((400-523)) S Jefferson St ((100-699)) S Lincoln St ((100-699)) S Logan St ((100-399)) S Madison St ((100-698)) S Main St ((100-699)) S Monroe St ((100-799)) S Rd ((5001-11098)) State Hwy 204 ((100-667)) S Washington St ((100-699)) T Rd ((8001-20098)) U Rd ((20001-21098)) US Hwy 281 ((100-21099)) US Hwy 36 ((100-899)) W 1st St ((100-399)) W 2nd St ((100-399)) W 3rd St ((100-699)) W 4th St ((100-399)) W Court St ((100-699)) W Francis St ((100-399)) White Rock Rd ((1-699)) W Kansas Ave ((100-699)) W New York St ((100-699)) Womer Dr ((100-199)) W Parliament St ((100-399)) W South City Limit St ((101-399))

    66967 Places and Attractions

    American Lutheran Church Anderson (historical) Bachelors Run Bull Creek Calvary Gospel Church Central Plains Co - Operative Grain Elevator Number 1 City of Smith Center Crystal Plains Cemetery Crystal Plains Church Dry Creek East Beaver Creek East Branch Troublesome Creek Eminence Cemetery Evangelical Free Church Fairview Cemetery First Christian Church First Presbyterian Church Grace Baptist Chruch Harlan Hi-Plains Co - Operative Association Grain Elevator Number 2 Iowa Creek Jacksonburg (historical) Lawrence Creek Meade Cemetery Middle Beaver Creek Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pleasant Hill Church Pleasant View Cemetery Reamsville Saint Mary's Catholic Church Smith Center Smith Center Chamber of Commerce Smith Center Church of the Nazarene Smith Center City Hall Smith Center Elementary School Smith Center Fire Department Smith Center High School Smith Center Municipal Airport Smith Center Municipal Golf Course Smith Center Police Department Smith Center Post Office Smith Center Public Library Smith Center United Methodist Church Smith County Smith County Courthouse Smith County Emergency Medical Services Smith County Health Department Smith County Memorial Hospital Smith County Sheriff's Office Smith County Sheriff's Office Jail Sonshine Christian Church Thornburg Township of Banner Township of Beaver Township of Center Township of Crystal Plains Township of Harlan Township of Washington Troublesome Creek Troublesome (historical) Uhl (historical) Wagner Park West Beaver Creek West Branch Troublesome Creek