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66783 Street Addresses

100th Rd ((700-1999)) 102nd Rd ((1800-1898)) 105th Rd ((1300-1399)) 108th Rd ((1401-1499)) 10th Rd ((1300-2298)) 110th Rd ((801-2199)) 118th Rd ((1400-1498)) 120th Rd ((1300-1999)) 125th Rd ((1401-1499)) 130th Rd ((800-2011)) 140th Rd ((801-1899)) 150th Rd ((500-1899)) 160th Rd ((900-2498)) 165th Rd ((501-899)) 170th Rd ((800-1498)) 175th Rd ((701-799)) 178th Rd ((901-999)) 180th Rd ((900-1799)) 190th Rd ((1301-1599)) 200th Rd ((601-1399)) 202nd Rd ((1200-1298)) 20th Rd ((1700-2099)) 30th Rd ((1101-2098)) 40th Rd ((1001-2199)) 45th Rd ((800-1199)) 50th Rd ((800-2165)) 51st Rd ((1600-1698)) 52nd Rd ((1600-1698)) 60th Rd ((1200-1999)) 65th Rd ((701-899)) 70th Rd ((900-2301)) 80th Rd ((801-2298)) 90th Rd ((500-1799)) 95th Rd ((1800-2099)) Alabama Rd ((2200-2298)) E Bell St ((100-299)) E Butler St ((100-899)) E Chellis St ((201-599)) E Depew St ((100-299)) E Holloway St ((300-699)) E Kansas St ((301-998)) Elk Rd ((1501-1699)) E Madison St ((100-999)) E Mary St ((100-1198)) E Oak St ((100-299)) E Park St ((100-999)) E Ray St ((100-499)) E Rutledge St ((100-599)) E Sanderson St ((101-499)) E Skinner St ((100-299)) E South St ((101-698)) E Washington St ((100-699)) E Wilson St ((200-699)) Fox Rd ((700-799)) Frontage Rd ((1301-1399)) Grouse Rd ((801-2198)) Hawk Rd ((401-1699)) Hereford Rd ((1001-2199)) Hilda St ((300-399)) Hwy 54 ((500-1299)) Indian Rd ((500-2199)) Jay Rd ((501-1698)) Julep Rd ((301-498)) Juniper Rd ((401-499)) Kanza Rd ((500-2099)) Longhorn Rd ((201-1698)) Meadow Rd ((201-699)) Milo Pl SE ((100-166)) Mimosa Rd ((900-998)) Mink Rd ((900-1099)) Mohawk Rd ((1201-1299)) Native Rd ((100-166)) Native Rd SE ((100-166)) Navajo Rd ((700-798)) N East St ((100-499)) N Fry St ((101-742)) N Green St ((100-1098)) N Grove St ((100-1399)) N Highland St ((100-999)) N Hurt St ((700-1099)) Nighthawk Rd ((1-1999)) N Kalida St ((201-299)) N Lincoln St ((100-799)) N Main St ((100-1399)) N Prairie St ((100-799)) N Pratt St ((100-799)) N State St ((100-799)) Oriole ((200-299)) Osage Rd ((400-1599)) Otter Rd ((1100-1299)) Pinto Rd ((101-599)) Prairie Rd ((500-1999)) Quail Rd ((249-1898)) Reservoir Rd ((1000-1399)) Rock Rd ((701-1399)) Rose Rd ((300-599)) S East St ((101-299)) S Fry St ((100-898)) S Green St ((100-799)) S Grove St ((100-899)) S Hurt St ((400-699)) S Kalida St ((200-999)) S Lincoln St ((101-799)) S Main St ((100-898)) S Naylor St ((100-299)) S Prairie St ((101-999)) S Pratt St ((100-899)) Squirrel Rd ((400-1499)) S Ridge St ((200-899)) S State St ((100-899)) S Turner St ((500-599)) Sumac Rd ((1300-1398)) Sunflower Rd ((1701-1799)) Turkey Rd ((201-1099)) Turner St ((500-599)) US Hwy 54 ((100-1879)) US Hwy 75 ((100-2198)) Ute Rd ((100-798)) Virgil Vernon Rd ((1300-1599)) W Bell St ((200-599)) W Butler St ((100-398)) W Chellis St ((100-599)) W Depew St ((100-199)) W Holloway St ((100-599)) Willow Rd ((101-198)) W Kansas St ((201-499)) W Madison St ((100-499)) W Mary St ((100-799)) W Oak St ((101-299)) W Park St ((100-799)) W Ray St ((100-399)) W Rutledge St ((100-799)) W Sanderson St ((200-499)) W Skinner St ((100-899)) W South St ((100-699)) W Washington St ((101-699)) W Wilson St ((100-799))

66783 Places and Attractions

Askren Cemetery Askron School (historical) Bayless School (historical) Bell Racket School (historical) Belmont Cemetery Belmont School (historical) Big Sandy Cemetery Big Sandy Oil Field Bloody Run Blume School (historical) Burk (historical) Byron (historical) Byron School (historical) Center Ridge School (historical) Cherry Creek School (historical) Church of God Clear Springs School (historical) Coloma (historical) Cookville Cope School (historical) Defiance (historical) Defiance School (historical) Duck Creek Durand Durand Oil Field Durand School Dutro Cemetery Dutro School (historical) Finney (historical) Finney School (historical) Goodale School (historical) Harmony School (historical) Hasty Hopewell School (historical) Juse (historical) Kalida Cemetery Kalida School (historical) Keck School (historical) Knowledge Hill School (historical) Liberal Hill School (historical) Lomando (historical) Maple Grove Church Mound Valley School (historical) Mount Pisgah School (historical) Mount Pleasant School (historical) Myra (historical) New York Valley Church New York Valley School (historical) Nickletown Cemetery Nickletown School (historical) North Maple School (historical) North Owl Creek North Ridge (historical) Oak Grove School (historical) Oakland School (historical) Oliver Cemetery Otter Springs School (historical) Owl Creek Oil Field Parallel School (historical) Phelps School (historical) Pleasant Hill School (historical) Pleasant Valley Cemetery Pleasant Valley School (historical) Pleasant View School (historical) Possum Trot School (historical) Prairie View School (historical) Ridge Rose Rose Dome Rose Oil Field Saint John High School Saint Michaels Cemetery School Creek Shaffer Cemetery Silver City Oil Field Siria Cemetery South Maple Grove School (historical) South Star School (historical) Turkey Creek Church Vernon West Buffalo School (historical) Winterscheid Oil Field Woodson County Fairgrounds Yates Center Yates Center Airport Yates Center City Dam Yates Center Elementary School Yates Center High School Yates Center Oil Field Yates Center Reservoir