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64730 Street Addresses

1002 Rd ((701-799)) 3002 Rd ((100-198)) Adams St ((200-299)) Allen St ((500-599)) Atkison Ave ((1-599)) Baker St ((600-699)) Cedar Ln ((1-198)) Cedar Rd ((1-99)) Circle Dr ((1-299)) College St ((300-599)) Colonial Dr ((201-299)) Country Club Cir ((100-198)) Country Club Dr ((700-1299)) Country Club Ter ((100-1199)) Davenport Rd ((0-98)) Dove Ln ((1-99)) E Bennett St ((301-399)) E Chestnut St ((200-299)) E Dakota ((600-698)) E Dakota St ((1-799)) E Fort Scott St ((1-799)) E Jefferson St ((100-699)) E Lake Rd ((501-799)) E Mill St ((2-999)) E Nursery St ((100-1198)) E Oak St ((100-799)) E Page St ((600-899)) E Pine St ((1-1098)) E Pleasant St ((1-399)) E Rose Ln ((600-699)) E Russell Ave ((100-599)) E Summer St ((200-398)) E Walnut St ((1-599)) E Wilson St ((200-298)) Fawn Dr ((1-99)) Fetters Dr ((1-99)) Flo ((1-299)) Fran Ave ((401-499)) Gale Ln ((700-999)) Golfport Dr ((1-99)) Gregory Blvd ((600-999)) Grimsley Rd ((201-299)) Grove St ((800-899)) Gulfport St ((801-899)) Havannah St ((1-1099)) Henry St ((500-799)) Hillcrest St ((700-998)) Howard St ((500-799)) Kelly Dr ((100-198)) Lake Rd ((501-599)) Lee St ((700-799)) Meadow Dr ((300-799)) Meadow Ln ((300-799)) Mine St ((200-399)) Missouri ((300-399)) N Austin St ((1-899)) N Broadway St ((1-799)) N Delaware St ((1-999)) NE 2553 ((901-999)) N Fulton St ((1-1199)) N High St ((1-1099)) N Lyon St ((1-799)) N Main St ((1-1099)) N Maple St ((1-999)) N Mechanic St ((1-799)) N Olive St ((1-399)) North St ((800-899)) N Prospect St ((1-598)) Nursery St ((1-99)) NW 2002 Rd ((0-98)) NW 9001 Rd ((201-299)) N Water St ((1-1099)) N West St ((1-599)) Orange St ((1101-1399)) Osage Dr ((100-299)) Ott Dr ((301-399)) Outer Rd ((901-999)) Overbrook Dr ((1-99)) Page St ((801-899)) Park St ((100-699)) Pike St ((100-899)) Ranch Dr ((100-299)) Rattle Snake Hill ((1-499)) Red Rooster Ranch Blvd ((1-99)) Ridge Rd ((300-399)) Ruby Ave ((1000-1099)) S Austin St ((1-399)) S Birch St ((1-899)) S Broadway St ((1-699)) S Country Club Dr ((700-1299)) S Courtney Dr ((1-99)) S Delaware St ((1-699)) SE 2506 ((201-499)) SE 55 ((1-99)) S Fulton St ((1-699)) S High St ((1-998)) Skyline Dr ((300-399)) S Lonsinger St ((100-399)) S Lyon St ((1-799)) S Main St ((1-1499)) S Mechanic St ((1-699)) Smith Rd ((701-799)) Smith St ((400-599)) S Olive St ((1-699)) S Orange St ((101-599)) South Ct ((600-699)) South St ((301-499)) S Parkview St ((700-999)) Split Rd ((700-799)) State Hwy H ((2-1199)) S Thompson St ((200-399)) Stirling Dr ((1001-2099)) Summit St ((602-898)) Sunset View Dr ((100-599)) S Water St ((1-399)) S Wells St ((100-698)) S West St ((1-99)) S Willow St ((1-399)) Thompson St ((100-399)) US Hwy 71 Bus ((2-1105)) Vine St ((200-299)) W Adams St ((300-799)) W Chestnut St ((1-499)) W Clark St ((200-699)) West Dakota St ((1-1099)) W Fort Scott St ((1-1098)) W Harrison St ((1-799)) Willow Green Dr ((1-99)) Wix Ln ((800-999)) W Lee St ((1-699)) W Mill St ((2-1199)) W Nursery St ((1-799)) W Oak St ((1-99)) W Ohio St ((1-1099)) W Pine St ((1-1099)) W Vine St ((300-799)) W Walnut St ((1-99)) W Wilson St ((1-199))

64730 Places and Attractions

Aaron Aaron Post Office (historical) Adrian City Lake Adrian Reservoir Adrian Reservoir Dam Altona Altona School Antioch Cemetery Antioch Creek Appleton City Lake Appleton City Lake Dam Athol Ballard Ballard High School Baptist Church Bates County Hospital Heliport Bates County Memorial Hospital Bauer PGI Airport Belmont School (historical) Bethel Church Bethel School (historical) Bever School (historical) Big Deer Creek Big Shoe Bend Black Diamond Mine Black School (historical) Blackwell Cemetery Bones Branch Brackney School (historical) Brush College School (historical) Brushy Mound Brushy Mound Lake (historical) Bryan School (historical) Butler Butler City Dam Butler City Lake Butler Lake Butler Memorial Airport Butler Recreational Lake Byrd (historical) Cherry Grove School (historical) Christy Lake Church of Christ Church of God Church of the Nazarene Cloud Cemetery Collins Lake Collins Lake Dam Concord School (historical) Cooney Creek Cornland Cornland School Cove Creek Cemetery Cove Creek Church Crawford School (historical) Croat Lake Dam Culver (historical) Cumpton School (historical) Dillon School (historical) Double Branch Double Branch Christian Church Double Branch School Double S Bend Earheart Cemetery East Mound Branch East Mound Branch Ehart Branch Elizabeth Chapel Cemetery Enterprise School (historical) Fairview Cemetery Fairview Church Fairview Church Fairview School (historical) Feely (historical) First Assembly of God Church Fishing Branch France Cemetery Fry School (historical) Glass Cemetery Gragg Cemetery Grandview School Griggs School (historical) Hackley School Haines School (historical) Hammer Hill Happy Hill Church of God Happy Hill School (historical) Harmony School (historical) Hazel Dell School (historical) Herrell School (historical) Hillside School (historical) Howell Cemetery Hudson Hudson Post Office Hudson School Johnstown Johnstown School KMAM-AM (Butler) KMOE-FM (Butler) Kennedy Lake Knob Creek Lateral Ditch Number 2 Lateral Ditch Number 3 Lateral Ditch Number Three Limestone Creek Little Deer Creek Little Deer Creek School (historical) Little Sac Branch Lone Oak Branch Lone Star School (historical) Long Branch Long Lake (historical) Long Mound Lost Corner School (historical) Lost Creek Marshall School (historical) Mayesburg McDavitt School (historical) McKinley School (historical) Meyer Cemetery Miami Center School (historical) Miami Creek Miami Drainage Ditch Miller School Mingo Creek Mingo School (historical) Monteith Junction Morris Cemetery Mound Branch Mound Valley School (historical) Mount Olivet Church Mount Vernon Church Mount Vernon Community Hall Mount Zion School (historical) Mount Zion United Methodist Church Myers Cemetery New Home New Home Creek New Home School New Hope Church Newberry Branch Next to Gopher Lake Dam Nichols Cemetery Nyhart Nyhart School Oak Grove School (historical) Oak Grove School (historical) Oak Hill Cemetery Olive Branch School (historical) Olive School (historical) Orchard Grove School (historical) Owen Cemetery Park Cemetery Parker Branch Passaic Passaic School Patty School (historical) Pentecostal Church Peru Peru (historical) Peru School (historical) Peter Creek Peter Creek Cemetery Plain View School (historical) Pleasant Gap Pleasant Gap School (historical) Pleasant Grove Church (historical) Pleasant Home Church Pleasant Ridge Church Pleasant Ridge School (historical) Pleasant Valley (historical) Pleasant Valley Community Hall Poage Cemetery Poage Creek Polk Branch Possum Branch Powell Lake Powell Lake Dam Prairie Rose School (historical) Radford Cemetery Reavley School (historical) Redmond School (historical) Reynard (historical) Reynard School (historical) Rich Valley School (historical) Roberts Lake Roberts Lake Dam Rogers Cemetery Root Branch Round Mound Round Prairie Cemetery Round Prairie Church Sac Branch Saint Patricks Church Scifers School (historical) Scott Cemetery Shady Dell School (historical) Silverdale School (historical) Smith Cemetery Smokey Row Settlement (historical) Smoky Row School Snodgrass Union Cemetery Soap Creek Soap Creek South Double Branch Sprig Lake Spruce Star School Straight Branch Summit School Thomas Cemetery Tripp School Turkey Knob Tygard School Valley School (historical) Victory School (historical) Virginia Virginia Cemetery Virginia School (historical) Virginia School (historical) Walnut Creek Walnut Creek Walnut Grove Cemetery Walnut Grove Church Ward Lake Dam Section 29 Dam Ward Lake Section 7 Dam WeMott School (historical) Welliver Lake Welliver Lake Dam Westgate Shopping Center White Cemetery Wilcox Community Hall Willow Branch Willow Branch Willow Tree School (historical)