Doniphan, MO 63935 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 63935 is located in (93%) (7%)

63935 Street Addresses

160 E-5 ((1-99)) 160 E-6 ((1-99)) 1st St ((400-511)) 2nd St ((200-599)) 4th St ((400-799)) Albert St ((100-199)) Alma St ((500-699)) Apricot St ((300-899)) Ball Park Rd ((1-699)) Barbara St ((800-1099)) Barton Rd ((101-1099)) Berry Ln ((1200-1299)) Bridge St ((300-398)) Brooks St ((100-599)) Burford Ct ((1000-1099)) Cavalry Camp Rd ((2-98)) Charles St ((100-199)) Cherry St ((700-1199)) Chestnut St ((300-599)) Clark St ((100-199)) Confederate Ridge Rd ((1-99)) Co Rd 142E-20D ((2001-2013)) Co Rd 160 E-2 ((800-899)) Co Rd Cc-1 ((200-398)) Co Rd N-2 ((1701-1799)) Court House Sq ((100-199)) Cr 142E-24A ((1600-1998)) Crescent St ((200-399)) E Borth St ((100-399)) E Cherry St ((200-699)) E Highway St ((100-699)) Elm St ((400-1399)) E Locust St ((500-1399)) E Page St ((100-599)) E Pine St ((700-899)) E Spring St ((100-699)) E Summit St ((102-799)) E Washington St ((600-1099)) E Water St ((100-199)) E Young St ((100-599)) Fagan St ((400-499)) Fox Dr ((1-99)) Franklin St ((100-299)) Greenbriar Dr ((1-99)) Green Meadows Dr ((1-99)) H and S Dr ((200-299)) Hereford Dr ((900-1099)) Hickory Ln ((100-199)) Highway St ((600-698)) Hillcrest Dr ((1300-1499)) Hope St ((400-499)) Hospital Dr ((1-99)) Jackson St ((100-1399)) Jefferson St ((100-699)) Joyce St ((300-1099)) Kegler St ((200-499)) Kenwood Dr ((200-299)) Lafayette St ((100-1099)) Locust St ((200-499)) Mabel St ((400-699)) Maple St ((500-999)) McKenzie St ((1200-1299)) Miller St ((400-599)) N East St ((100-199)) N Grand Ave ((100-1199)) N Green St ((100-699)) N Mound St ((100-299)) Oak Lane Dr ((1400-1499)) Oak St ((1200-1298)) Oak Tree Village St ((1-199)) Oxen Pasture Rd ((1-99)) Page St ((100-199)) Park Ave ((300-399)) Pine St ((200-699)) Plum St ((100-1199)) Ponder St ((200-399)) Red Oak Dr ((600-698)) Ripley Co142E-24A ((1600-1998)) S East St ((100-198)) S Grand Ave ((100-299)) S Green St ((100-199)) Sloan St ((500-599)) Smith St ((101-199)) S Mound St ((100-199)) Spencer Ln ((600-698)) S Sycamore St ((100-199)) State Hwy 142 ((100-1599)) State Hwy 21 ((101-1399)) State Hwy N ((1901-2199)) State Hwy V ((101-199)) State St ((100-199)) Summerfield Est ((1-99)) Summit St ((101-799)) Summitt Ter ((800-999)) Sunny Acres Dr ((300-699)) Sunset Dr ((201-399)) Sycamore St ((100-299)) Thompson Dr ((1101-1199)) US Hwy 160 ((2-1399)) Vine St ((200-799)) Walnut St ((100-1599)) Wanda Dr ((600-1099)) Washington ((100-299)) Washington St ((201-499)) W Highway St ((100-399)) Willow St ((100-399)) W Marvin St ((100-299)) W Morgan St ((100-399)) W Spring St ((100-299)) W Summit St ((101-199)) W Water St ((100-299))

63935 Places and Attractions

Amity Church Avon Gibson Lake Baldy Lookout Tower (historical) Bardley Cemetery Bardley Church Barkadare School Bay Mill Eddy Bay Mill Eddy Bay Nothing (historical) Bay Nothing Boat Access Beasley Creek Beaucamp Creek Bellview East School Bellview West School Bennett Bennett Cemetery Bennett Church (historical) Bennett School (historical) Bethany Church Bethel Bridge Bethel Church Bethlehem Church Big Barren Church Big Barren Creek Big Barren School (historical) Big Island Bills Creek Blue Hole Spring Bluff Cottage Bonds Creek Bradley Cemetery Briar Creek Bridges Hollow Brushy Creek Buffalo Church (historical) Buffalo Club Buffalo Creek Buffalo Creek Campground Buffalo School (historical) Buffalo School (historical) Buffalo Wallow Bugger Boo Bay Burr Capps Creek Car Hollow Cave Fork Cedar Bluff Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Recreation Area Cedar Lodge Center Hill Cemetery Center Hill Church Chestnut Cemetery Church House Hollow Church of God Clear Fork Cogshell Branch Colvin Bay (historical) Colvin Creek Compton Creek Compton Recreation Area Conway Hollow Crossroads School Cupola Pond Current River Country Club Current View Cyclone Cemetery Cyclone School Cypress Creek Cemetery Cypress Creek Cemetery Cypress Creek School (historical) Dalton Cemetery Dalton Cemetery Daltons Mill (historical) Dark Bay Davis Cutoff Davis Hollow Davis Hollow Deer Leap Campground Deer Leap Recreation Area Deer Lick Creek Deer Lick Creek Dizmang Cemetery Dizmang School (historical) Doniphan Doniphan High School Doniphan Lookout Tower Dry Branch Dryden (historical) Dryden Post Office Dudley Creek Dudleys Club Eagan Creek East Fork Fourche Creek Emerald Lake Emerald Lake Dam Everett Branch Flat Pond Flat Top School Flatwoods Flatwoods School (historical) Float Camp Recreation Area Float Camp Recreation Area Fourche Creek State Forest Fourche Creek Watershed Number 12 Dam Fourche Creek Watershed Number 13 Dam Fuse Hill Gartman Cemetery Gartman Rock Good Hope Cemetery Good Hope Church Good Hope School Goose Lake (historical) Greenwood School Gum Hollow Hancock Cemetery Hancock School (historical) Handy Handy Church Handy School (historical) Hannars Graveyard Haws Club Haygood Creek Highview School Hill Top Hodo Camp Hodo Hollow Hodo Spring Horse Hollow Hufstedler Cemetery Hurricane Creek Isaacs Creek Jakes Bay Jakes Valley Jinks Hollow Johnson Chapel KDFN-AM (Doniphan) KOEA-FM (Doniphan) Kingdom Hall Kirby Dam Klenn Creek Lede Leibig Lewis Cemetery Lingo Creek Little Barren Creek Little Barren School (historical) Little Logan Creek Little Sleuter Hollow Logan Creek Logan Creek Logan Creek School Loreys Cabins Mabrey Mills Macedonia Church Macedonia Lookout Macedonia School (historical) Malden Spring Mansco Hollow Marlboro Dam Marlboro Lake Matthews Cabins Matthews School (historical) Mayberry Bay McFarland Pond McGee-Payne Cemetery McKinney Creek Merrell Branch Mill Creek Mill Creek School (historical) Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Mizell Cemetery Mount Olive Church Mount Pleasant Church Mulberry Creek Murrell Cemetery New Home Church New Hope Cemetery New Hope Church North Fork Buffalo Creek North Fork Fourche Creek North Fork Little Barren Creek Oak Grove Cemetery Oak Grove Church Oak Grove East School Oak Grove West School (historical) Oak Ridge Cemetery Old Ponder Cemetery Old Short Place Owenmont Patterson Cemetery Peter Bay Pigeon Creek Pigeon Roost Hollow Pigs Ankle Pine Pine Bluff Pine Bluff School (historical) Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church Pine School Pinneys Camp Pleasant Grove School (historical) Plunk Cemetery Plunk School Ponder Ponder Cemetery Ponder Cemetery Ponder School (historical) Pope Chapel (historical) Pope Chapel Cemetery Possum Creek Possum Hollow Poynor Poynor Church Poynor School (historical) Pratt Pratt Church (historical) Pratt School (historical) Price Cemetery Price School Pulaski Purman Quick Creek Racetrack Hollow Ripley Chapel Ripley County Fairground River of Life Church Round Bay Running Water Creek Running Water School (historical) Saint Benedicts Cemetery Sanders Creek Sanky Hall (historical) Schoolhouse Bay Shut-In Hollow Simpson Creek Simpson Creek School Sipes Club Skipper Johnson Club Sleuter Hollow Smith Dam Smith Lake Dam South Buffalo School (historical) South Fork Buffalo Creek South Fork Little Barren Creek Spring Bay Spring Bluff Creek Spring Hill Cemetery Spring Hill Church Spring Hollow Steeles Stillwell Cemetery Sugar Camp Creek Sugar Camp Hollow Sugar Tree School (historical) Sunken Farm Sunken Farm Sycamore Hole (historical) Tar Kiln Hollow Terrible Creek Towles Cemetery Towles Cemetery Towles School (historical) Tram Hollow Tucker Tucker Bay Tuckers Mill Turkeypen Hollow Twin Springs Union Grove Cemetery Union School Wells Creek West Fork Fourche Creek West Point Church West Point School West Pond Whetstone Hollow Wolf Creek Worley Rock