Philipsburg, MT 59858 ZIP Code Map


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59858 Street Addresses

1st St ((601-799)) 2nd St ((700-798)) 4th St ((701-799)) 6th St ((700-798)) 7th St ((1-498)) Airport Rd ((301-499)) Allen St ((100-399)) Alpha St ((200-499)) American Ln ((1-99)) Andre Ln ((1-99)) Arlington St ((100-199)) Aspen Dr ((1-99)) Badger Bench Ln ((1-99)) Banner Mine Loop ((1-99)) Belmont St ((201-299)) Beta St ((200-499)) Black Pine Rd ((1-299)) Bluebird Ln ((1-99)) Brewery Rd ((101-599)) Brook Trout Rd ((101-199)) Bumpy Ln ((1-99)) Bus Loop 10A ((2-3844)) Cable St ((101-799)) Caledonia Ln ((400-498)) California St ((101-399)) Carter Ave ((100-199)) Cedar St ((700-799)) Center St ((301-399)) Clark St ((1-199)) Cleveland Ave ((100-199)) College St ((100-299)) Community Ave ((300-498)) Contract Mill Rd ((1-99)) Co Rd 178 ((1-299)) Co Rd 5106 ((500-1598)) Co Rd 676 ((1-598)) Co Rd 70 ((101-598)) Co Rd 80 ((2-98)) Co Rd 88 ((201-899)) Co Rd 9349 ((2-98)) Cougar Ln ((1-99)) Cys Ln ((1-99)) Dearborn St ((101-199)) Deer Ln ((1-198)) Duffy St ((100-199)) E Broadway St ((100-599)) Eccleston Ln ((5-199)) E Granite St ((100-299)) E Harrison Ave ((100-199)) E Harrison St ((200-298)) E Hickey St ((100-199)) E Kearney St ((101-199)) Elk Ridge Rd ((2-98)) E Silver St ((101-199)) E Stockton St ((100-299)) E Sutter St ((100-399)) Fireweed Ln S ((2-299)) Franklin St ((101-299)) Fred Burr Ln ((1-99)) Front St ((801-1099)) Gamma St ((200-399)) Gelena Rd ((101-1198)) Granite Rd ((1-99)) Grey Owl Rd ((2-98)) Homestead Ln ((1-99)) Hope Rd ((700-999)) Horton St ((200-298)) Hwy 10A ((100-198)) Jackleg Ln ((2-98)) John Long Rd ((1-99)) Kelly Ann Dr ((1-198)) Kessler Ln ((1-99)) Krogers Pond Rd ((1-99)) Larner Ln ((1-99)) Lower Sunny Meadow Lane ((1-99)) Macie Ln ((1-99)) Madison St ((101-199)) Main St ((800-1199)) Marmot Rd ((1-2398)) Maxville Rd ((1-99)) McClain Ln ((1-99)) McDonald Ln ((1-199)) McDonald St ((100-198)) McGuire Ln ((1-99)) McKenzie Ct ((101-199)) McLain Ln ((2-98)) Meadow Vw Ln ((101-299)) Metesh Ln ((1-99)) Mill St ((101-298)) Moose Lake Rd ((500-1598)) Mountain Moose Rd ((1-99)) Munis Rd ((2-998)) N Brown St ((201-399)) Nelson Ln ((1-99)) N Holland St ((100-399)) N Montgomery St ((100-999)) North St ((101-399)) N Railroad St ((301-498)) N Sansome St ((101-898)) N Sutter St ((101-223)) Obrien Mine Rd ((2-98)) Ohio St ((100-698)) Outfitters Ln ((1-99)) Owsley Ln ((1-298)) Paint Brush Ln ((1-99)) Park Rd ((1-199)) Pearl St ((600-899)) Pine St ((500-999)) Pioneer Ln ((5-98)) Porters Corner Ln ((1-99)) Power House Rd ((101-199)) Pri Lane 19 ((1-99)) Princeton Rd ((1-598)) Railroad St ((200-2099)) Red Tail Ct ((1-99)) Rock Creek Rd ((1-1999)) Rockin Chair Ranch Rd ((1-99)) Rosalind Rd ((101-1198)) Rosalind St ((100-1198)) Ross's Fork Rd ((101-598)) Rumsey Rd ((1-399)) Samsome St ((301-399)) Sandin Ranch Ln ((1-99)) Sansome St ((900-998)) S Brown St ((100-298)) Scenic Ln ((1-198)) Schnepel St ((300-798)) School Hill Rd ((201-299)) Shakopee Dr ((60-98)) Shokopee Dr ((60-98)) S Holland St ((100-399)) Silver St ((101-199)) Skalkaho Rd ((3901-5499)) Skyview Ln ((2-199)) S Mc Donald St ((100-198)) S Montgomery St ((201-599)) Snowdrift Ln ((1-99)) Snowshoe Ln ((1-99)) South St ((200-398)) Spring St ((100-899)) S Sansome St ((100-699)) State Hwy 1 ((401-5699)) State Hwy 348 ((1-898)) State Hwy 38 ((4000-5498)) Summer Gulch Rd ((1-199)) Sunny Meadow Ln ((2-98)) Sunrise Ln ((1-98)) Tower Rd ((100-199)) Trails End Rd ((1-99)) Trapper Rdg ((1-298)) Traveler's Home Ln ((1-156)) Travelers Home Rd ((200-299)) Valley Dr ((2-98)) Viking Rd ((2-98)) Village Ln ((33-198)) W 5th St ((700-898)) Walden Rd ((2-98)) Wapiti ((101-399)) Wapiti Rd ((1-199)) W Broadway St ((100-1198)) W Cleveland Ave ((100-199)) W College St ((101-199)) W Dearborn St ((100-198)) Western Way ((1-99)) West St ((701-1198)) W Granite St ((100-399)) W Harrison Ave ((100-199)) W Hickey St ((100-198)) Wildflower Ln ((2-98)) Wild Horse Rd ((800-898)) Williams Gulch Loop ((1-99)) Willow Creek Rd ((201-899)) W Kearney St ((100-299)) W Madison ((101-199)) W Moose Lake Dr ((1-99)) W Silver St ((101-199)) W Stockton St ((101-299)) W Sutter St ((101-599))

59858 Places and Attractions

08N13W04BAAB01 Well 08N13W04BDAC01 Well 08N13W04CAAA01 Well 08N13W04CADA01 Well 08N13W09BDBA01 Well 09N13W10DCCC01 Well 09N13W27BCDD01 Well Abe Lincone Mine Achegan Mine Albicaulis Lake Albicaulis Lake Albicaulis Lake Dam Alder Gulch Algonquin Mine Allen Hospital (historical) Alpine Lake Alpine Lake Alpine Lake Dam Altoona Lakes Altoona Lakes Mine Anaconda Gulch Angelico Creek Ant Mine Antelope Creek Apache Gulch Arbuckle Gulch Atlantic Cable Ski Trail Aurora Gulch Baboon Gulch Bad Finger Ski Trail Badger Gulch Baier Mine Banner Mine Baptist Church Bare Hill Basin Gulch Basin Gulch Placer Mine Bathhouse Creek Bayer Number 1 Dam Bear Creek Beaver Creek Beaver Creek Bennett (historical) Bentz Mine Berkely Ski Trail Bi-Metalic Gulch Bielenberg Lake Big Bill Mine Big Expectation Mine Big Moffat Gulch Big Pozega Lake Big Racetrack Lake Dam Big Spring Creek Bimetallic Power Plant Bitterroot Pass Black Pine (historical) Black Pine Lookout Tower Black Pine Mine Black Pine Ridge Black Pine Ridge Trail Number 6 Black Pine School (historical) Black Pine Trail Blue Bell Mine Blue Grotto Spring Boulder (historical) Boulder Creek Boulder Lakes Boulder Lakes Trail Bowles Creek Brooklyn Mine Brooklyn Mine Browns Gulch Browns Gulch Bunker Hill Mine Cable Mountain Camp Creek Camp Creek Carey Lateral Carpp Creek Carpp Lake Carpp Mine Carpp Mine Carpp Ridge Caruthers Lake Caruthers Lake Dam Catcha Wave Ski Trail Christmas Park Ski Trail Claimjumper Ski Trail Clark (historical) Cliff Gulch Mine Coal Gulch Coles Gulch Colter Gulch Combination Post Office (historical) Combination Trail Number 3 Cominco Phosphate Mine Congdon Mine Congdon Peak Copper Creek Copper Creek Copper Creek Campground Copper Creek Lakes Copper Creek Mine Copper State Mine Corduroy Creek Cornish Gulch Corral Corral Gulch Cougar Creek Cougar Creek Cow Camp Meadows Cow Creek Cowan Gulch Crystal Creek Crystal Creek Campground Crystal Lake Cutaway Mountain Day Gulch Dead Lake Deadwood Gulch Dearborn Gulch Death Road Mine Deerlodge Basin Derby/Elienore Mine Dexter Basin Dexter Creek Dirty Dick Creek Discovery Basin Ski Area Dora Thorn Lake Dora Thorn Ridge Douglas Creek Douglas Creek Mine Dry Gulch Duffy Hill Duncie Creek Durango Mine Eagle Canyon East Fork Campground East Fork Reservoir East Fork Rock Creek East Fork Warm Springs Creek East Pintler Peak Echo Lake Echo Lake (historical) Echo Lake Campground Edith Lake Elk Creek Elk Creek Emerine Gulch Emerine Gulch Emerine Mount Emerine Spring Ethridge Gulch Eureka Gulch Eureka Ridge Mine Falls Creek Falls Fork Rock Creek Fessler Spring Field/Porter Mine Fields (historical) Finley Basin First Presbyterian Church (historical) Fisher Lake Fisher Lake Dam Flat Gulch Flint Creek Campground Flint Creek Canal Flint Creek Range Flint School (historical) Flower Lake Fox Creek Fox Peak Fraction Mine Franklin Hill Fred Burr Creek Fred Burr Lake Fred Burr Lake Dam Fred Burr Pass Frogpond Basin Frost Creek Fuse Creek Fuse Lake George Lake Gillies Bridge Ginger Gulch Gird Creek Gird Creek Mine Glover Basin Goat Flat Goat Mountain Goat Mountain Lakes Gold Bug Ski Trail Gold Hill Mine Gold Hill Mine Gold Reef Gold Rush Ski Trail Good Finger Ski Trail Granite Granite County Courthouse Granite County Memorial Clinic Granite County Memorial Hospital Heliport Granite County Memorial Medical Assistance Facility Granite County Memorial Nursing Home Granite County Museum and Cultural Center Granite County Sheriffs Department Granite Creek Granite Mountain Mine Granite Post Office (historical) Granite School (historical) Granite State Park Green Canyon Creek Green Canyon Lake Green Lake Green Lake Guns and Roses Ski Trail Ham Gulch Ham Gulch Mine Happy Creek Hasmark (historical) Hasmark Post Office (historical) Hattie Mine Haunted Forest Ski Trail Hawkeye Mine Helm Creek Helm Creek Henderson (historical) Henderson Mountain Hi Line Trail Hickey Hill Hidden Lake Hidden Lake (historical) Hidden Lake Mine Hoodoo Gulch Hope Hill Horse Canyon Creek Huebeck Gulch Hunters Lake Indian Meadows Inn at Philipsburg Ivanhoe Lake Jesus Name Pentecostal Church Jimmy Lee Gulch John Long Mountains Johnson Lake Juno Gulch Kaiser Lake Kent Mine Kent Peak Kroger Pond Lake Abundance Lamont Mine Lawrie Gulch Limelight Ski Trail Lion Lake Little Finger Ski Trail Little Fish Lake Little Fred Burr Lake Little Gem Mine Little Gold Creek Little Johnson Lake Little Moffat Gulch Little Pozega Lake Little Racetrack Lake Little Sawpit Gulch Little Stony Creek Little Trout Creek Londonderry Mine Lone Pine Ridge Long John Creek Lori Number 13 Mine Lower Carpp Lake Lower Frost Creek Mine Lums Run Ski Trail Lutz Creek Mallard Creek Maloney Basin Maloney Trail Number 5 Manhattan Ski Trail Mariposa Post Office (historical) Marshall Creek Marshall Creek Canal Martin Lake Maukey Gulch Maverick Ski Trail Maxville Maxville Maxville Post Office (historical) Maywood Ridge McDermott Gulch McDonald Mine McDonald Mine McDougal Gulch McGlaughlin Peak Meadow Creek Meadow Lakes Meadow Lakes Medhurst Post Office (historical) Medicine Lake Medicine Ridge Ski Trail Meyers Creek Middle Fork Rock Creek Middle Fork Warm Springs Creek Mill Gulch Miller Mine Millers Mine Mills Road Ski Trail Milo Lake Miners Gulch Minnie Lee Mine Montgomery Gulch Moonlight Mine Moonlight Mine Moonlight Mine Moose Gulch Moose Lake Moose Lake Mine Moose Meadow Creek Moose Meadows Moose Mountain Morse and Kennedy Mine Mother Lode Ski Trail Mount Princeton Mountain Medical Associates Mountain Spring Mud Lake Mud Lake Mud Lake Campground NE NE Section 6 Mine NE SE Section 14 Mine NE SW Section 17 Mine NE Section 7 Mine NW NE Section 14 Mine NW NE Section 20 Mine NW NE Section 36 Mine NW NW Section 6 Mine NW SW Section 25 Mine Nabbs Spur (historical) New Departure Mine New Seattle Mine Niles Gulch Nonpareil Mine Nonpareil Mine North Fork Coal Gulch North Fork Montgomery Gulch North Fork Racetrack Creek North Fork Rock Creek North Fork Spring Creek North Star Mine Northern Lights Ski Trail Nut Pine Mine O'Brien Mine O'Brien Mine Old Dominion Mine Old Dominion Mine Old Number Seven Ski Trail One Hundred Acre Meadow Page Creek Page Lake Papoose Gulch Parkerville (historical) Philipsburg Philipsburg Philipsburg Cemetery Philipsburg Community Church Philipsburg Post Office Philipsburg Public Library Philipsburg Schools Philipsburg Valley Phyllis Lake Pickett Gulch Pierre Hill Pintler Peak Placer Creek Placer Post Office (historical) Platinum Ski Trail Point Lookout Poison Creek Pole Ridge Trail Porcupine Lake Port Royal Mine Porter Ridge Porters Corner Potato Lakes Powell Mine Powell Mines Pozega Lake Number 1 Dam Pozega Lake Number 2 Dam Pozega Lake Number 3 Dam Pozega Lakes Princeton Princeton Gulch Princeton Mine Princeton Placer Mine Princeton Post Office (historical) Princeton School (historical) Puller Gulch Puritan Mine Quartz Gulch Queener Basin Racetrack Lake Racetrack Lake Racetrack Pass Racetrack Peak Rainbow Mountain Ram Mountain Rattling Gulch Rau Gulch Red Hill Red Lion (historical) Red Lion Mine Red Lion Mountain Red Lion Ski Trail Redemption Mine Riddick Field Rosalind (historical) Ross Fork Royal (historical) Royal Basin Mine Royal Basin Mine Royal Gold Creek Royal Post Office (historical) Rumsey Rumsey (historical) Rumsey Mine Rumsey Mountain Rumsey Post Office (historical) Russian Smith Mine SE NE Section 11 Mine SE NE Section 26 Mine SE NE Section 6 Mine SE NW Section 12 Mine SE NW Section 14 Mine SE NW Section 6 Mine SE SE Section 36 Mine SE SW Section 1 Mine SE Section 17 Mine SE Section 33 Mine SE Section 5 Mine SW NE Section 5 Mine SW SE Section 36 Mine SW SW Section 25 Mine Sagebrush Flat Saint Andrews Episcopal Church Saint Pauls Presbyterian Church Saint Philips Catholic Church San Francisco Mine Sand Basin Sand Basin Creek Sandstone Ridge Sapphire Gulch Sapphire Mountains Sapphire Ski Trail Saranac Mine Sauer Creek Sauer Lake Savage Mine Sawmill Creek Sawmill Creek Sawmill Creek Mine Sawpit Gulch Schively Gulch Schoolmarm Gulch Scotchman Gulch Scratch All Mine Senate Creek Senate Mine Senate Mine Senate Mountain Shakesphere Mine Shapleigh Mine Sheep Gulch Short Gulch Showers Creek Shylo Creek Sidney Lake Silver Bow Ski Trail Silver King Mine Silver King Mine Silver King Mountain Silver King Ridge Sluice Box Ski Trail Sluice Gulch Slussers Gulch Snaggle Tooth Ski Trail Snowcap Mine South Boulder Creek South Fork Antelope Creek South Fork Montgomery Gulch South Fork Rock Creek South Fork Spring Creek South Franklin Hill Mine Southern Cross Ski Trail Spillway Campground Spooky Hollow Ski Trail Spring Creek Spring Creek Spring Creek Spruce Creek Spruce Lake Squaw Creek Standish Creek Stephens Reservoir Stewart Gulch Stewart Lake Stony Creek Stony Creek Campground Stony Lake Strip Mine Summer Gulch Susie Lake Swamp Creek Swamp Gulch Creek Swensen Gulch T and A Mine Table Mountain Tamarack Creek Tamarack Lake Tenderfoot Ski Trail Terminator Ski Trail The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Pitch Ski Trail The Wedge Thomas McKay/Hobo Mine Thompson Lake Thornton Lake Thursday Friday Mine Tipperary Creek Tom Hynes/Hobo Mine Toohy (historical) Tower Tower Post Office (historical) Trail Creek Trail Gulch Travlers Home Creek Travonia Mine Trout Creek True Fissure Mine Tungsten Twin Peaks Upper Carp Lake Upper Carpp Lake Upper Phyllis Lake Upper Willow Creek WB Development Placer Mine Warren Pass Warren Peak Welcome Hill Wenger Number 2 Mine West Fork Beaver Creek West Fork Buttes West Fork Rock Creek West Fork Warm Springs Creek West Fork Work Center Whetstone Lake Whetstone Ridge White Horse Mine Wildcat Gulch Williams Gulch Willow Harvey Divide Trail Wilma Post Office (historical) Wright Rock Wyman Creek Wyman Gulch Young America Mine Zekes Meadow Zekes Meadows