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09N12W04BABB01 Well 09N13W02CBBC01 Well 09N13W22BCDA01 Well 09N13W28CBAA01 Well 10N12W30BABD01 Well 10N12W31ACDA01 Well 10N12W32BBDC01 Spring 10N13W25CCCC01 Well 10N13W26ABAA01 Well 10N13W26DCCB01 Well 10N13W29ABDD01 Well 10N13W29DDAA01 Well 10N13W33CCBC01 Well 10N13W34BBBB01 Well 10N13W34DAAC01 Well 10N13W36BABA01 Well Allen Dale Ditch Bluebird Mine Byrne Creek Conn Ditch Conn Ranch Copper Creek Cottonwood Creek Douglas Creek Douglas Creek Cabin Douglas Mountain Dunkleberg Post Office (historical) Dunkleberg Ridge Elephant (historical) Emmettsburg (historical) Emmettsburg Post Office (historical) Eureka Ridge Forest Rose Mine Game Pass Gaskill Creek Gaylord Gulch Gold Creek Lake Gold Creek Lakes Gold Creek Mine Gold Creek Placer Mine Gold Lake Dam Goldberg East Dam Goldberg Reservoir Goldberg West Dam Hall Hall Hall Elementary School Hall Post Office Henderson Creek Horseshoe Basin Ivanhoe Mine Ivanhoe Mine Jackson Park Jackson Park Mine Limestone Ridge Lower Willow Creek Trail Number Four Master Mine Master Mine Master Mining Camp Middle Fork Douglas Creek Middle Fork Mine NE Section 15 Mine NE Section 23 Mine NW Section 14 Mine North Fork Douglas Creek North Sunrise Mine Pineau Mine Pineau Mine Placer Mine Rainbow Lake Red Cloud Mine Rose Mountain SE Section 12 Mine SE Section 14 Mine SE Section 15 Mine SW Section 14 Mine SW Section 7 Mine Sherryl Smart Creek Snow Cap Mine South Fork Douglas Creek South Gold Creek Southern Flint Creek Valley Historical Marker Stone Stone (historical) Stone Post Office (historical) Stone School (historical) Sugarloaf Sunrise (historical) Sunrise Mine Sunrise Mountain Sunrise/Queen Mine The Eyebrow Tolean Lake Wasa Mine Wolling Wighter Dam