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06S07W34ABCC01 Well 07S04W31CDDC01 Spring 07S04W31DCB_01 Well 07S06W07BBAD01 Well 08S04W06ABBA01 Well 08S04W34BCC_01 Well 08S05W01AACC01 Spring 08S05W01AACC02 Spring 08S05W26BADA01 Spring 09S04W01DCDD01 Well 09S04W01DCDD02 Well 09S04W11BAAD01 Well 09S05W12CCDD01 Well 09S05W32DDAA01 Spring Adobe (historical) Adobetown Historical Marker Adobetown Post Office (historical) Adobetown School (historical) Alameda Mine Alameda Mine Alder Gulch Mine Alder Gulch Short Line Steam Railroad Museum Andy Dick Creek Antelope Basin Antelope Spring Apex Mine Atlas/SW Section 13 Mine Bachelor Gulch Badger Creek Baker Spring Baldy Mountain Ball Place Ball Ranch Bamboo Chief Mine Barrel Springs Bartlett Mine Bartlett Mine Barton Gulch Barton Gulch Mine Basin Creek Battle Ditch Battle Ranch Bear Creek Bear Creek Spring Beartown (historical) Beaver Creek Bell Mine Belle Mine Belmont Park Ranch Big Willow Mine Black Bear Creek Black Butte Black Rock Mine Black Rock Mine Blade Mine Bone Hollow Boothill Cemetery Bowman Place Broadhead Slough Brown Bear Creek Browns Gulch Browns Gulch Mining District Brunzell Slough Buckskin Creek Buffalo Jumps Bull Creek Bum Creek Burdick Place Burnt Creek Butcher Gulch Cabin Creek Cabin Mine Caldwell Springs Calloway Ditch Camp Cummings (historical) Campbell Place Canyon Campground Canyon Campground Mine Centennial Divide Central City (historical) Charlie Ray Mine Christensen Ranch Cinnamon Bear Creek Cirque Lake Clear Creek Clovis Gulch Coal Creek Company Gulch Cook Mine Cook Mine Copper Mine Cornucopia Mine Cornucopia Mine Corral Creek Cosmic Nick Dam Cottonwood Camp Cottonwood Campground Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Natural Area Cow Camp Spring Cow Creek Coyote Creek Cream Creek Crittenden Creek Crockett Lake Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Davey Creek Davey Creek Mine Davis Creek Daylight Creek Deadman Creek Deer Creek Devils Hole Creek Divide Creek Divide Creek Guard Station Dog Creek Dog Creek Spring Don-A-Vera/Jayhill Mine Donegan Slough Dorsey Mine Dry Fawn Creek Dry Hollow Dryden Creek Eagle Black Mine East Fork Garden Creek East Fork Ruby River East Mapleton Mine East Side Ditch Eastern Pacific Mine Easton Mine Easton-Pacific Mine El Fleeda Mine El Fleeda Mine Elk Creek Elk Creek Spring Eureka Basin Fawn Creek Fine Ridge Fine Ridge Spring Number 1 Fine Ridge Spring Number 2 Fitzpatrick Spring Fossil Basin Fox Creek Fred B Utter Ranch French Gulch French Gulch Fries Place Garden Creek Garrison Cabin Garrison Mine Garrison Mine Gem Number 1 Mine General Shafter Mine General Shafter Mine Geyser Creek Gilbert Ditch Gilbert Ranch Gilbert Trail Giltedge Mine Golden Overlook Mine Golden Sucker Gulch Granite Creek Greenhorn Creek Greenhorn Range Greybacke Gulch Guidici Cowcamp Gumbo Creek Hale Draw Hale Place Hanson Spring Hawkeye Creek Herman Gulch Highland (historical) Highland Chief Mine Highland Mine Hoffman Place Hoffman Place Mine Hogback Mountain Holden Place Holding Pasture Spring Home Park Ranch Home Park School (historical) Homepark Post Office (historical) Honeymoon Park Honeymoon Springs Hudson Ranch Hungry Hollow Ice Creek Idaho Creek Iron Creek J Spencer Watkins Memorial Museum J T C Mine Jack Creek Jasmine Creek Jobe Creek Judge Ditch Jug Creek Junction Junction Post Office (historical) Kakoosta Mine Kearsage Mine Kearsage Mine Kelly Hill Mine Kelly Spring Kruse Ditch Laciede Mine Larrabee Ditch Lazyman Creek Leary Place Ledford Creek Ledoford Pass Left Fork Stone Creek Leonard Place Lewis Creek Leyendecker Powers Ditch Lightning Spring Linder Gulch Little Mine Little Rock Creek Little Willow Creek Lone Rock Creek Lone Willow Spring Long Creek Spring Number One Lott Creek Lucky Strike Mine Madison County Courthouse Madison County Sheriffs Office Maloney Ranch Maloney Spring Mapleton Mine Marietta Mine Marietta Mine Marshall Spring Martin Creek Martin Creek Spring Maverick Basin McNeal Gulch Meadow Fork Greenhorn Creek Metzel Ranch Metzel West Side Ditch Middle Fork Stone Creek Middle Fork Warm Springs Creek Mill Gulch Miller Number 1 Mine Mine Gulch Mine Gulch Mine Moltich Spring Montana Twister Mine Monument Hill Moose Lake Mormon Creek Mount Carey Mountain Chief Mine Mountain Chief Mine Mountain Flower Mine Mud Spring Murphy Creek NE Section 31 Mine NE Section 4 Mine NW NE Section 12 Mine NW Section 16 Mine NW Section 29 Mine Nelson Mine Nevada City Nevada City Cemetery Nevada City Historical Marker Nevada City Museum Nevada City School (historical) New Gold Bar Mine Newberry Ditch No Name Creek North Fork Corral Creek North Fork Cottonwood Creek North Fork Greenhorn Creek North Fork Sage Creek North Fork Sweetwater Creek Notch Guard Station Olson Peak Omaha Mine Ore Cash Mine Pacific Mine Pacific Mine Peggy Ann Mine Perkins Creek Peschi Draw Peterson Creek Peterson Creek Mine Peterson Ditch Peterson Ranch Pine Grove (historical) Pioneer Ditch Pocket Creek Poison Creek Pole Patch Pole Patch Spring Powder Gulch Prospect Mine Prospect Mine Puller Hot Springs Puller Hot Springs (historical) Puller Springs Post Office (historical) Puller Springs School (historical) Randolph Mine Ranks Drug Store Museum Rebish Sheep Headquarters Red Canyon Red Hill Red Lake Reeder Place Regal Mine Reids Camp Road Spring Robb Creek Robb Creek Association Headquarters Romy Creek Romy Lake Rossiter Creek Ruby Reservoir Campground SE NE Section 13 Mine SE NE Section 19 Mine SE SW Section 13 Mine SW Section 16 Mine SW Section 26 Mine SW Section 28 Mine SW Section 31 Mine SW Section 33 Mine Sage Creek Saint John Mine Saint Lawrence Mine Saint Lawrence Mine Saint Marys Hospital (historical) Saint Paul Episcopal Church Sawlog Gulch Schoolmarm Gulch Schoolmarm Spring Sheep Mountain Short Creek Shovel Creek Sierra Strip Mine Silver Bell Mine Silver Bell Mine Slate Stone (historical) Sliderock Mountain Snapp Ditch Number Two Snapp Donegan Ditch Snowcrest Mountain Snowcrest Range Snowslide Creek Sorensen Ranch South Fork Greenhorn Creek South Fork Romy Creek South Fork Sage Creek South Fork Warm Springs Creek Spring Brook Spring Brook Camp Spring Creek Spur Mountain Still Creek Stinking Water (historical) Stone Creek Mine Stonehouse Mountain Strawberry Butte Summit Summit Post Office (historical) Sunrise 77 Mine Sunset Peak Swamp Creek Swan Lake Sweet Water School (historical) Sweetwater (historical) Sweetwater Basin Sweetwater Creek Table Mountain Talus Lake Tate Place Tate Reservoir Taylor Cemetery Teresa Mine The Notch Thompson Spring Thompson-Hickman County Library Thompson-Hickman Museum Three Forks Cow Camp Threemile Creek Timber Creek Timber Creek Timber Creek Spring Timber Hill Trail Creek Tri-State Strip Mine Tributary Creek Tucker Gulch Tunnel Mine Twin Springs Two Meadows Creek U S Grant-Upper Mine Union City (historical) United States Grant Mines Upper Ruby Cemetery Upper Ruby School (historical) Vigilante Experimental Range Vigilante Forest Service Station Virginia City Virginia City Campground Virginia City Cemetery Virginia City Fire Department Virginia City Historical Marker Virginia City Park Virginia City Post Office Virginia City School (historical) Virginia Springs Warm Springs Cow Camp Warm Springs Creek Water Gulch West Fork Granite Creek West Fork Ranger Station West Fork Rest Area West Fork Ruby River West Fork Sage Creek White Bear Creek Williams Camp Willow Creek Willow Spring Creek Wilson-Bell Mine Winnipeg Creek Wonderly Ranch Wood Canyon Yakima Creek Yankee Mine Yellow Bear Lake