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12S08W34AAAC01 Well 13S01E28AACD01 Spring 13S01E29CAB_01 Spring 13S01E31DCAB01 Spring 13S01E33AAC_01 Spring 13S01E36DDD_01 Spring 13S01W19BADD01 Well 13S01W27BBAC01 Well 13S01W28BCBB01 Well 13S01W28DDD_01 Well 13S01W30CBA_01 Well 13S02W01BAA_01 Spring 13S02W05CAAA01 Spring 13S02W12BCCC01 Well 13S02W12CBBA01 Well 13S02W14BDCA01 Well 13S02W17CCBD01 Well 13S02W18ADC_01 Spring 13S02W19CDDC01 Well 13S02W20AACA01 Well 13S02W20ADCA01 Well 13S02W24DCCC01 Well 13S02W26DDDB01 Well 13S03W22CCBC01 Spring 13S03W22DAAB01 Spring 13S03W23ABD_01 Spring 13S03W34BBCC01 Well 13S04W17BCDA01 Well 13S04W28CDDB01 Well 13S06W25DBCB01 Well 13S08W19CDBD01 Well 13S08W30BCD_01 Well 13S09W21DDAD01 Well 13S09W22DDDC01 Well 13S09W24BDBB01 Well 13S09W34BDA_01 Well 14S01E08DACC01 Spring 14S01E13BDA_01 Spring 14S01E17BDB_01 Well 14S01E20CAB_01 Spring 14S01E22ACBB01 Well 14S01E22DBAA01 Well 14S01E23BCC_01 Spring 14S01E24CDAA01 Well 14S01E29DBAB01 Spring 14S01W21CDD_01 Spring 14S01W22DDD_01 Spring 14S02E06CCCB01 Spring 14S02E07CBAD01 Spring 14S02W22AACD01 Well 14S02W23BABA01 Well 14S02W23BCA_01 Well 14S02W23BDAA01 Well 14S02W23BDDA01 Well 14S02W23CAA_01 Well 14S03W13DBCB01 Well 14S03W21DDCC01 Well 14S03W22CABD01 Well 14S03W23BBD_01 Spring 14S04W19DAAD01 Well 14S08W04CCDA01 Well 14S08W05ACB_01 Well 14S09W13ADC_01 Well Alaska Basin Alder Creek Alkali Creek Andersen Ranch Anderson Creek Antelope Basin Antelope Creek Antelope Flat Antelope Peak Antelope Pond Anthill Creek Anthill Spring Antone Creek Antone Guard Station Antone Pass Antone Peak Arrowhead Mountain Baldy Mountain Bannack Pass Bannack Pass Basin Creek Battle Creek Bean Creek Bear Creek Bear Creek Beartrap Creek Big Beaver Creek Birch Creek Blair Lake Bonita Fork Brays Butte Brundage Bridge Brundage Creek Buffalo Crrek Buffalo Spring Buford Creek Cabin Creek Cabin Spring Caboose Canyon Cactus Dam Cascade Creek Cayuse Spring Centennial Gulch Centennial Mountains Centennial Post Office (historical) Centennial Valley Chandelier Dam Chris Cabin Chute Canyon Chute Canyon Spring Number One Chute Canyon Spring Number Two Clark Fork Clover Creek Clover Divide Cole Creek Conklin Lake Continental Spring Cook Sheep Ranch Cooks Lake Cornell Camp Cornell Ranch Cornell Trail Corral Creek Corral Creek Cottonwood Creek Coyote Creek Coyote Lake Crooked Run Creek Crow Creek Crystal Creek Culver Springs Culver Springs Dam Curry Creek Deadman Creek Deadman Lake Deadwood Spring Deep Creek Deep Creek Cow Camp Deer Mountain Diamond Butte Doyle School (historical) Dry Gulch Duff Creek Duffner Ranch Dukes Fork Dutch Hollow Dutch Hollow Spring East Creek Campground East Fork Big Beaver Creek East Fork Clover Creek East Fork Corral Creek East Fork Little Sheep Creek East Fork Peet Creek Eastern Centennial Mountains Edwards Ranch Eighteenmile Peak Eighteenmile Peak Elk Creek Elk Lake Elk Lake Recreation Site Elk Mountain Elk Springs Express Creek Febes Post Office (historical) First Wolverine Creek Fish Creek Fish Creek Lake Fish Dam Fish Reservoir Fizzle Spring Fossil Creek Four Eyes Canyon Fruin Spring Gallagher Gulch Gallagher Spring Garfield Mountain Garr Canyon Garr Spring Garr Spring Number Three Garr Spring Number Two Giblo Spring Goble Ranch Gosman (historical) Gosman School (historical) Grays Fork Great Northern Railway Historical Marker Hackett Creek Hansen Spring Hanson Ranch Harkness Lakes Harper Spring Hell Roaring Canyon Hell Roaring Creek Henderson Gulch Henry Gulch Holt Ranch Horse Creek Humphry Creek Interchange 0 Interchange 15 Interchange 9 Jefferson Mount Jones Creek Jones Creek Jones Ranch Junction Creek Junction Ranch Post Office (historical) Keefer Spring Lake Gulch Lakeview Lakeview Airport Lakeview Mountain Ski Area Lakeview Post Office (historical) Lakeview School (historical) Landon Ridge Larkspur Spring Lawrence Creek Lillian Lake Lima Lima Lima City Park Lima Community Church Lima Dam Lima Fire Department Lima Mission Lima Peaks Lima Reservoir Lima Schools Lime Post Office Limestone Creek Little Basin Creek Little Beaver Creek Little Deadman Creek Little Sage Creek Little Sheep Creek Lodgepole Trail Lone Butte Lone Pine Spring Lone Tree Creek Lone Tree Pass Long Creek Lousy Springs Lower Deep Creek Spring Lower Red Rock Lake Lyon Spring Lyons Bridge MacDonald Pond Magdalen (historical) Magdalen Post Office (historical) Magee Spring Matsingale Creek McCarthy Gypsum Mine Meadow Creek Meadow Creek Merden Peak Metzel Creek Metzel Creek Airport Middle Creek Middle Creek Middle Creek Cow Camp Middle Fork Blacktail Deer Creek Miner Creek Mohican Creek Monida Monida Monida Pass Monida Pass Monida Post Office (historical) Monida School (historical) Moonshine Gulch Morrison Lake Mount Jefferson Mount Moriah Cemetery Mud Lake Mud Lake Dam Mud Spring Murphy Creek NE SW Section 7 Mine Narrows Creek Nemesis Mountain Nicholia (historical) Nicholia Creek Nicholia Post Office (historical) Nicholia School (historical) Norris Canyon Norris Spring North Fork Alkali Creek Nye Creek Odell Creek Orr Ranch Pands Dam Patchtop Mountain Patterson Canyon Peet Creek Peru Dam Pete Creek Divide Pete Creek Divide Peterson Basin Peterson Mine Peterson Ranch Pine Butte Station (historical) Pine Creek Pinetop Hill Pioneer Pass (historical) Piute Creek Poison Creek Poison Creek Pole Creek Pole Creek Basin Portal Creek Price Creek Price-Peet Divide Red Conglomerate Peaks Red Conglomerate Peaks Red Rock (historical) Red Rock Creek Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Red Rock Lakes Wilderness Rock Creek Rock Island Ranch Rough Creek Round Timber Spring SE SE Section 16 Mine Saddle Mountain Sage Creek (historical) Sand Creek Sandy Creek Sawmill Creek Sawmill Spring Sawtooth Mountain Sawtooth Trail Second Wolverine Creek Selby Resort Seven L Ranch Seybold Spring Seybold Spring Shambow Creek Shambow Pond Shearing Pen Gulch Shearing Pen Gulch Spring Sheep Mountain Shineberger Creek Shineberger Creek Shovel Spring Slide Mountain Slide Mountain Snowbank Ridge Snowcrest Trail Snowline Snowline Ranch Snowshoe Creek South Fork Alkali Creek South Fork Pole Creek South Fork West Fork Blacktail Deer Creek Sparrow Slough Sportsman Inn and RV Park Spring Creek Spring Creek Spring Creek Squaw Pass Squaw Pass Staudenmeyer Ranch Steamboat Rock Straight Creek Sun Number 12 Mine Swamp Creek Swamp Creek Swan Lake Taylor Creek Taylor Mountain Taylor Mountain Taylor Mountain Mine Tendoy Creek Tepee Creek The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Narrows The Thumb Tipton Creek Tom Creek Trail Creek Truax Creek Two Springs Two Springs Gulch United States Sheep Experiment Station Upper Lake Campground Upper Red Rock Lake Vinegar Hill Warm Springs Creek West Creek West Fork Big Beaver Creek West Fork Corral Creek West Fork Little Sheep Creek West Fork Little Sheep Creek Mine West Fork Price Creek Whiskey Spring Whiskey Spring (historical) White Pine Ridge White Pine Spring Whitworth Ranch Widgeon Pond Widgeon Pond Widgeon Pond Dam Willow Creek Willow Spring Winslow Creek Wolverine Creek