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03S14W04CACA01 Well 03S15W16DCCD01 Well 03S15W20DBCC01 Well 03S15W20DBCC02 Well 03S15W21DCAB01 Well 03S15W31DBAB01 Well 03S16W31DDAD01 Well 03S16W31DDDD01 Well 03S16W36ACDA01 Well 03S16W36ACDD01 Well 04S15W02CCCB01 Well 04S15W05BADA01 Well 04S15W05DBCD01 Well 04S15W11BBBB01 Well 04S15W20BDCB01 Well 04S15W20CBAA01 Well 04S15W28BDDC01 Well 04S15W29ADCA01 Well 04S15W29ADCA02 Well 04S15W29ADDB01 Well 04S15W29ADDC01 Well 04S15W30CBCD01 Well 04S16W03CBBB01 Well 04S16W06DAAA01 Well 04S16W06DAAD01 Well 05S14W31BCAC01 Well 05S14W31BCBB01 Well 05S15W03BDBC01 Well 05S15W10AADB01 Well 05S15W10DCDD01 Well 05S15W17BABA01 Well 05S15W19DBAC01 Well 05S15W25BCCB01 Well 05S15W25CBAA01 Spring 05S15W26ADAD01 Well 05S15W29ADAD01 Well 05S15W36CABD01 Well 05S16W16ABBA01 Well 06S14W17CBDD01 Well 06S14W17CCAB01 Well 06S15W02ADAD01 Well 06S15W09AADA01 Well 06S15W28BBAB01 Well 06S15W30DBBC01 Well 06S15W33CDDA01 Well 06S16W09CBDA01 Spring 06S16W09CBDC01 Well 06S16W09CBDD01 Well 06S16W09CCCD01 Well 07S15W07AADD01 Spring 07S15W08BBBC01 Well Ajax Lake Ajax Mill Ajax Mine Ajax Ranch Alamo Post Office (historical) Albino Lake Alice Cabin Alpine Lake Andrus Creek Armor Creek Arnold Mine Arnold Mine Bailey Creek Bailey Gulch Baldy Lake Bear Creek Bear Lake Bear Mine Bear Wallow Creek Bearpaw Mine Berry Creek Berry Creek Berry Lake Berry Meadows Big Ditch Big Hole Pass Big Hole Ranch Big Moosehorn Creek Big Swamp Creek Big Swamp Creek Blanchard Pond Blanchard Pond Dam Blind Canyon Blue Creek Trail Bonanza (historical) Briston Cemetery Briston Post Office (historical) Briston School (historical) Broomfield Gulch Browns Peak Bull Creek Bull Creek Polecreek Trail Burton Ditch Butch Hill Butch Hill Camp Mountain Carney Mine Carney Mine Center Mountain Center Mountain Clara Mine Clara Mine Clemow Cow Camp Coeur D'Alene Mine Company Ditch Copper Queen Mine Cow Cabin Creek Cow Cabin Creek Cow Creek Cowbone Lake Cox Creek Cox Park Cox Ranch Crozier Creek D Hirshy Darkhorse Creek Darkhorse Lake Darkhorse Mine Davis Bench Davis Ditch Davis Ditch Davis Woody Ditch Deer Creek Deer Peak Dry Creek Dry Fields Dam Dunkwaden Flats Dunkwaden Flats East Fork Bull Creek East Fork Englebaugh Creek East Fork Warm Springs Creek Elbow Lake Englebaugh Creek Englejard Creek Englejard Lake Forty Bar Ranch Fox Creek Fox Gulch Fox Post Office (historical) Fox School (historical) Francis Ranch Franklin Number 1 Mine Giant Powder Creek Ginny Creek Gloss Place Gloss Upper Ditch Gorman Creek Governor Creek Gravelle Creek Gravelle Park Gravelle park HRS Claim Mine Hairpin Ranch Halfway Creek Hamby Creek Hamby Ditch Hamby Lake Hamby Swamp Harrison Gulch Heart Lake Heath Creek Helming Ditch Helming Ditch Hidden Lake Highland Ranch Highup Lake Hirschy Dam Hirschy Landing Strip Hirschy Mountain Hirschy Ranch Hirschy Reservoir Holland Creek Homer Youngs Peak Honen Ranch Hooligan Creek Humperdinck Number 1 Dam Humperdinck Number 2 Dam Hunter Creek Huntley Ditch Huntley Home Ranch Ice Pond Inabnit Butte Inabnit Peterson Ditch Indian Creek Jackson Jackson Cow Camp Jackson Creek Jackson Ditch Jackson Elementary School Jackson Fire Department Jackson Hill Jackson Hot Springs Jackson Hot Springs Lodge Jackson Miner Ditch Jackson Post Office Jackson Work Center Jackson/Miner Creek Mine Jahnke Creek Jahnke Mine Jahnke Mine Janhke Lake Jardine Ditch Jardine Ditch Number One Johnson Johnson Miner Ditch Jumbo Mountain Kelly Creek Kelly Lake Kirk Ditch Knight Gulch Kunselman Creek Lake Geneva Lake of the Woods Lancey Creek Laphan Ditch Laphan Mountain Last Chance - Sugar Load Mine Lazy Jackson Dam Lena Lake Little Lake Little Lake Creek Little Milk Creek Little Swamp Creek Lower Anderson Meadows Lower Miner Lakes Lugar Ranch M CLemow Main Jackson Ditch Martin Mine Martin Mine Marys Gulch Maynard Mine Maynard Mine Mifflin Creek Miller Ditch Miner Creek Miner Lake Campground Monument Peak Monument Peak Moose Meadow Moose Meadows Moosehorn (historical) Mulkey Lake Nellie Creek Nellies Gulch Nelson North Branch Big Swamp Creek North Branch Miner Creek North Fork Cow Cabin Creek North Fork Fox Creek North Fork Pioneer Creek North Fork Sheep Creek North Van Houten Recreation Site Odell Creek Odell Lake Odell Meadows Odell Mountain Old Tim Creek Old Tim Creek Trail Open Park Ovis Lake Patterson Springs Peterson Creek Peterson Lake Peterson Ranch Pine Creek Pioneer Creek Pioneer Lake Poison Creek Popularis Cemetery Prines Cabin Prines Ditch Pyramid Peak Pyramid Peak R Willey Rabbia Creek Richards Park Ridge Lake Rock Island Lakes Ryan Springs Sage Creek Saginaw Creek Saginaw Mine Saginaw Mine Sand Creek Sand Lake Sawmill Creek Sawmill Creek Sawmill Ditch Schultz Dam Schultz Reservoir Schwinegar Lake Seymore Mountain Sheep Creek Sheep Mountain Sheep Mountain Shelly Mine Shoestring Creek Bear Wallow Creek Trail Ski Hill Skinner Meadows Slag-A-Melt Mine Slag-a-Melt Mine Slag-a-melt Creek Slag-a-melt Lakes Slag-a-melt Mine Smith Creek South Branch Big Swamp Creek South Branch Miner Creek South Fork Andrus Creek South Fork Fox Creek South Fork Steel Creek South Van Houten Recreation Site Spencer Ditch Spencer Springs Spring (historical) Spring Creek Star Park Steel Creek Campground Steel Creek Ranger Station Steer Lake Steer Meadow Stewart Lake Stewart Meadows Stewart Mountain Stringer Creek Tebo Ditch Number 13 Thayer Cabin Thayer Creek Triangle Park Twin Lakes Twin Lakes Campground Twin Lakes Campground Twin Lakes Cow Camp Twin Lakes Forest Service Twin Lakes Guard Station Upper Anderson Meadows Upper Fox Creek Ditch Upper Miner Lakes Van Houten Lake Warm Springs Creek Wengers Ditch West Fork Englebaugh Creek West Fork Warm Springs Creek West Side Ditch Willow Ranch Wisconsin Creek Woody Creek Woody Mountain Zebarth Ranch