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09N10W04BDBC01 Well 09N10W04BDBC02 Well 09N11W01BCAC01 Well 09N11W01CABB01 Well 09N11W11DCDA01 Well 09N11W13BAAC01 Well 09N11W15DAAC01 Well 09N11W16ADCC01 Well 09N11W16DDCD01 Well 09N11W21ACCC01 Well 10N10W19DCCC01 Well 10N10W30CCD_01 Well 10N10W31ADCA01 Well 10N10W31BABA02 Well 10N11W19ACAC01 Well 10N11W19BBBA01 Well 10N11W20CACA01 Well 10N11W20CADA01 Well 10N11W20DAAD01 Well 10N11W21CDBC01 Well 10N11W22BCDD01 Well 10N11W22BDCD01 Spring 10N11W23CADC01 Well 10N11W25CBAC01 Well 10N11W25CCDD01 Well 10N11W35BBBC01 Well 10N11W36BBAA01 Well 10N11W36BCAD01 Well 11N03W15CBCC01 Well 11N03W16CCCB01 Well Anderson Dam Bailey Mountain Ballard Hill Blum Creek Bobcat Gulch Crevice Creek D'Alton Gulch Davidson Creek Deer Creek Deer Creek Dixie (historical) Dolus Creek Dolus Lakes Doney Lake Doney Lake Dam Dry Gulch Dutton East Fork Brock Creek Elk Swamp Creek Emery Ridge French Gulch Gold Creek Gold Creek Gold Creek Elementary School Goldcreek Goldcreek Post Office Gordon Gulch Gordon Gulch Gough Creek Grant Mine Hoover Creek Interchange 162 Interchange 166 Jens Jens Jens Post Office (historical) Jens School (historical) Jones Mountain Kelley Creek Kelley Creek Kohrs and Bielenberg Ditch Lingenpolter Little Baldy Lone Tree Hill MacIver Meadow Miller Lake Miller Lake Dam NE NW Section 7 Mine Nine Trough Spring North Gold Creek Old Baldy Mountain Old China Ditch Pauly Ditch Perkins Creek Pikes Peak Pikes Peak (historical) Pikes Peak Post Office (historical) Pikes Peak Ridge Pioneer Pioneer Gulch Pioneer Post Office (historical) Pioneer School (historical) Placer Mines Randalls (historical) Ryan Mine Ryan Mine Saddle Mountain Saint Mary Mission Silver La Donna Mine Squaw Gulch Tewfel Gulch Tewfel Gulch The Crater Tibbets Mine Wall City Willow Creek Park Wisner Gulch Yamhill (historical)