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Ajax Cabin Alder Creek Bean Ridge Beaudines (historical) Beaver Dam Campground Big Hole Copper Mine Big Hole Pumping Station Big Hole River Historical Marker (historical) Blacktail Creek Bull Ranch Burnt Dam Ridge Burton Park Butler Meadow Canyon Creek Cat Creek Cayuga Mine Charcoal Creek Charcoal Gulch Charcoal Mountain Chicken Gulch Climax Gulch Clipper Mine Comet/Lead-Silver Mine Cow Camp Coyote Hill Crazy Swede Creek Curly Gulch Cyclone Gulch Deer Canyon Mine Delano Creek Delano Place Delano Spring Dewey Dewey Fishing Access Site Dewey Post Office (historical) Dewey School (historical) Dickie Bridge Dickie Hills Divide Divide Divide Creek Divide Post Office Divide Rest Area Divide School Dodgson Creek Dry Gulch Dyers (historical) East Fork Divide Creek Emerald Lake Feeley Hill Feeley Post Office (historical) Feely Feely Feely School (historical) Fish Lake Fleecer Mountain Wildlife Management Area Fleecer Ranger Station Fleecer Ridge Flume Creek Fly Creek Freezeout Gulch Goat Mountain Gold Hill Gold Hill (historical) Gold King Mine Grafton Mine Granulated Creek Granulated Mountain Granulated Pass Grassy Granulated Mountain Greenwood Bottoms Fishing Access Site Hanson Creek Henley Creek Highland Lookout Hogback Ridge Horse Creek Humbug Spires Campground Humbug Spires Primitive Area Historical Marker Hungry Hill Hungry Hill Mine Indian Creek Indian Queen Mine Interchange 102 Interchange 111 Interchange 99 Jerry Creek Jerry Creek Airport Jerry Creek Cow Camp Jerry Creek Fishing Access Jimmie New Creek Johnson Johnson Creek Johnson Ditch Johnson Peak Kimbach Ditch King and Queen Hill La Ducet Creek Larkspur Spring Lavell (historical) Leffler Creek Left Fork Soap Gulch Libby Creek Lime Gulch Limekiln Hill Little Granulated Mountain Locust-Assey Mine Long Tom Creek MacLean Creek Maiden Rock Maiden Rock Maiden Rock Mine Maiden Rock Mine Maidenrock Campground Maloney Park Mammoth Creek Mammoth Creek Ridge Maws Spring McCauley Ditch Melrose Melrose Melrose Cemetery Melrose Elementary School Melrose Post Office Middle Fork Moose Creek Mitchell Park Moffet Gulch Moffet Mountain Montana State Highway Department Section House Moores Creek Moose Camp Spring Moose Creek Moose Creek (historical) Moose Creek Post Office (historical) Moose Town Mount Fleecer Mount Humbug Mud Lake Mud Spring Mud Spring NE NE Section 8 Mine NE NW Section 22 Mine NE SW Section 31 Mine NE SW Section 4 Mine NW SE Section 15 Mine NW SE Section 21 Mine NW SW Section 28 Mine Negro Mountain New Meadows Nez Perce Gulch North Fork Divide Creek North Fork Mammoth Creek North Fork Moose Creek North Fork Tucker Creek Norwood Post Office (historical) Old Glory Mine Old Glory Mine Old Tom Horn Mine Olson Park Pandora Mountain Pandora/Pilon Mine Parker Creek Patsy Ann Mine Patsy Ann Mine Patterson Corner Patton Gulch Patton Spring Pigeon Creek Pigeon Creek Campground Pigeon Creek Ridge Pine Dale Cow Cabin Pine Dale Mine Pine Gulch Powerhouse Fishing Access Site Quinn Quinn (historical) Red Mountain (historical) Roaring Brook Ridge Royston (historical) SE NE Section 9 Mine SE SE Section 30 Mine SE SW Section 2 Mine SE SW Section 29 Mine SE SW Section 3 Mine SW NE Section 25 Mine SW NE Section 32 Mine SW SW Section 5 Mine Selway Gulch Selway Spring Sheep Gulch Soap Gulch Soap Gulch Barite Mine South Fork Divide Creek South Fork North Fork Divide Creek South Fork Reservoir South Fork Reservoir Dam South Fork Tucker Creek South McCauley Ditch Sperry Pasture Sportsman Motel and RV Park Spring Creek Spring Gulch Spring Mine Spruce Creek Starlight Mountain Summit/Mount Hecla Mine Tamarack Mine Teddy Creek Triangle Gulch Tub Spring Tucker Creek W SE Section 9 Mine Water Gulch West Fork Jimmie New Creek Wickiup Creek Wilbur Gulch Willow Gulch Wood Creek Woodin Woodin (historical)