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30N11E10CC__01 Well 30N11E15CB__01 Well 30N11E17DA__01 Well 30N11E22CD__01 Well 30N11E24DD__01 Well 30N11E27DB__01 Well 30N11E32CB__01 Well 30N11E36DD__01 Well 30N11E36DD__02 Well 30N12E17CA__01 Well 30N12E19DB__01 Well 30N12E19DC__01 Well 30N12E23DC__01 Well 30N12E26AA__01 Well 30N12E26BB__01 Well 30N12E27DC__01 Well 30N12E27DC__02 Well 30N12E31DA__01 Well 30N12E35BA__01 Well 30N12E35BA__02 Well 30N12E35BA__03 Well 30N12E35BA__04 Well 30N12E35BB__01 Well 30N12E35BB__02 Well 30N12E35BB__03 Well 30N12E35BB__04 Well 30N12E35BC__01 Well 30N12E35BC__02 Well 30N12E35BC__03 Well 30N12E35BC__04 Well 30N12E35BC__05 Well 30N12E35BD__01 Well 30N12E35BD__02 Well 30N12E35BD__03 Well 30N12E35BD__04 Well 30N12E35BD__05 Well 30N12E35BD__06 Well 30N12E36AA__01 Well 34N11E24CDDD01 Well 34N12E19BCBD01 Well 35N11E31DCCC01 Well 35N12E06BBDC01 Well 37N10E34AAAB01 Well Alkali Coulee Blair Number 1 Dam Blair Reservoir England Coulee Fairchild Post Office (historical) Faulkners Coulee General Mills Incorporated Elevator George Welch Dam Gildford Gildford Gildford Colony Gildford Colony Number 1000 Dam Gildford Colony School Gildford Hill County Cemetery Gildford Post Office International Elevator (historical) K-G High School Lilac School (historical) Lilacs Post Office (historical) Milk River Valley Church Narcissus Dam Nine Gallons of Milk Dam Ninemile Dam Lake Number 1 Orville Number 1 Dam Sage Lake Coulee Saint Anthony and Dakota Elevator (historical) Sevenmile Coulee Spring Coulee Tommy Allen Coulee Xenia (historical) Xenia School (historical)