Stanford, MT 59479 ZIP Code Map


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59479 Street Addresses

1st Ave E ((100-198)) 1st Ave N ((1-499)) 1st Ave S ((2-499)) 1st St E ((100-199)) 1st St N ((2-299)) 1st St S ((201-398)) 2nd Ave E ((300-398)) 2nd Ave N ((100-598)) 2nd Ave S ((1-599)) 2nd St N ((100-298)) 2nd St S ((1-399)) 3rd Ave E ((301-498)) 3rd Ave N ((100-299)) 3rd Ave S ((1-599)) 3rd Ave S4th Avve S ((2-98)) 3rd St N ((1-299)) 3rd St S ((1-599)) 4th Ave N ((401-67498)) 4th Ave S ((1-299)) 4th St N ((100-198)) 4th St S ((100-299)) 5th Ave S ((100-298)) 5th St S ((100-299)) 5th St W ((201-299)) 6th St W ((200-298)) Benchland Rd ((5801-7099)) Broken Arrow Rd ((300-898)) Central Ave ((1-499)) Coal Rd ((1601-2198)) Co Rd 101 ((101-5798)) Co Rd 102 ((500-598)) Co Rd 106 ((5201-5299)) Co Rd 116 ((800-2098)) Co Rd 118 ((900-4099)) Co Rd 119 ((10201-10299)) Co Rd 131 ((101-199)) Co Rd 141 ((3101-3199)) Co Rd 143 ((300-898)) Co Rd 202 ((3000-14099)) Co Rd 213 ((5901-7699)) Co Rd 219 ((400-498)) Co Rd 302 ((1-4198)) Co Rd 305 ((1-6399)) Co Rd 312 ((601-699)) Co Rd 313 ((301-1499)) Co Rd 327 ((601-699)) Co Rd 328 ((0-98)) Co Rd 329 ((6300-9198)) Co Rd 331 ((500-2499)) Co Rd 334 ((501-599)) Co Rd 342 ((1101-1298)) Cottonwood Trl ((201-1698)) Courtney's Creek Rd ((500-598)) Dakota St ((300-399)) Divide Rd ((500-598)) Dry Wolf Rd ((101-15098)) Elevator Rd ((3000-7699)) Fiedler Dr ((1-298)) Fisherman Rd ((4300-4398)) Fisherman's Rd ((4300-4398)) Freddies Meadow ((1-498)) Graystone Rd ((0-98)) Hughes Dr ((201-299)) Idaho St ((1-99)) Iron Claims ((3400-3498)) Iron Mine ((200-298)) Iron Mine Rd ((500-2398)) Kolin Rd ((4601-4699)) Last Chance Rd ((301-1998)) Lehigh Rd ((201-5799)) Lone Tree Rd ((5201-5299)) Lower Willlow Creek Rd ((9100-9198)) Lower Willow Creek ((601-699)) Lower Willow Creek Rd ((6300-6398)) Lyons Rd ((2-98)) Montana St ((200-399)) Mountain View Rd ((800-3199)) Mud Springs Rd ((300-398)) N Fork Running Wolf Rd ((2900-14598)) N Seven Mile Rd ((500-2499)) N Windham ((500-598)) N Windham Rd ((1-6399)) Oregon St ((100-499)) Prairie Star Rd ((501-599)) Prarie Edge Ln ((2-198)) Red Hawk Rd ((101-199)) Redrock Loop ((3500-3598)) Ridgeway Ln ((101-199)) Running Wolf Rd ((500-13398)) S-426 ((4601-4699)) Sage Creek Rd ((1-4198)) Sage Creek Trl Hd Rd ((1800-1898)) Sage Crk Trlhd Rd ((1800-12598)) Sourdiugh Cutoff Rd ((400-498)) Sourdough Rd ((8600-14099)) Starlight Rd ((101-199)) State Hwy 207 ((5801-7099)) State Hwy 541 ((4301-4899)) State Hwy 80 ((31-8057099)) Stockfarm Rd ((601-699)) Surprise Crk Rd ((900-4099)) Turnip Ln ((1101-1298)) US Hwy 87 ((34101-47399)) Utica Hwy ((4301-4899)) Willow Dr ((1-199)) Windham Benchland Rd ((1-3099)) Woodhurst Rd ((500-1898)) Wood Hurst Rd ((7300-7398)) Wyoming St ((200-298)) Xz Ranch Dr ((101-199))

59479 Places and Attractions

14N11E01AC__01 Spring 14N11E02BC__01 Spring 14N11E02CB__01 Spring 14N11E02CB__02 Spring 14N11E12AD__01 Spring 14N11E13AA__01 Spring 14N11E13DD__01 Spring 14N12E01AC__01 Spring 14N12E01AC__02 Well 14N12E02AB__01 Well 14N12E02AB__02 Spring 14N12E02AD__01 Spring 14N12E02CA__01 Well 14N12E02CA__02 Well 14N12E02CC__01 Well 14N12E02DC__01 Well 14N12E02DC__02 Well 14N12E02DD__01 Spring 14N12E02DD__02 Well 14N12E03BA__01 Spring 14N12E03BA__02 Spring 14N12E04AA__01 Spring 14N12E04AB__01 Spring 14N12E04BC__01 Well 14N12E05BB__01 Spring 14N12E05CA__01 Well 14N12E05CB__01 Spring 14N12E06BC__01 Spring 14N12E07AB__01 Spring 14N12E07BC__01 Spring 14N12E07DB__01 Spring 14N12E08BC__01 Spring 14N12E08CA__01 Spring 14N12E08DB__01 Well 14N12E10AA__01 Well 14N12E11BC__01 Spring 14N12E19BB__01 Spring 14N13E06BC__01 Spring 15N10E25AD__01 Spring 15N10E25BC__01 Spring 15N10E26CA__01 Spring 15N10E26DA__01 Spring 15N11E03DA__01 Spring 15N11E03DB__01 Well 15N11E03DB__02 Spring 15N11E04AA__01 Well 15N11E04BC__01 Spring 15N11E04CC__01 Spring 15N11E05DD__01 Spring 15N11E08BD__01 Well 15N11E11AC__01 Spring 15N11E11AC__02 Spring 15N11E11AC__03 Spring 15N11E11BA__01 Spring 15N11E14BD__01 Spring 15N11E14DD__01 Spring 15N11E18DD__01 Well 15N11E18DD__02 Spring 15N11E20DD__01 Spring 15N11E21BA__01 Spring 15N11E23BD__01 Spring 15N11E23CB__01 Spring 15N11E25CC__01 Spring 15N11E27BB__01 Spring 15N11E28CB__01 Spring 15N11E28CC__01 Spring 15N11E28DA__01 Spring 15N11E28DC__01 Spring 15N11E30BC__01 Spring 15N11E30CB__01 Spring 15N11E30CC__01 Spring 15N11E32BC__01 Spring 15N11E34CD__01 Spring 15N12E01CBAD01 Well 15N12E01CB__01 Well 15N12E02AB__01 Well 15N12E02ADBD01 Well 15N12E02AD__01 Well 15N12E02BBBA01 Well 15N12E03AA__01 Well 15N12E03AA__02 Well 15N12E03AA__03 Well 15N12E03DD__01 Well 15N12E04BA__01 Well 15N12E04____01 Well 15N12E04____02 Well 15N12E05BB__01 Spring 15N12E05BC__01 Spring 15N12E05BC__02 Spring 15N12E06CC__01 Spring 15N12E06DB__01 Spring 15N12E10CB__01 Spring 15N12E10DD__01 Well 15N12E11AADC01 Well 15N12E11CC__01 Spring 15N12E12AACA01 Well 15N12E12ADAC01 Well 15N12E12AD__01 Well 15N12E12BD__01 Well 15N12E12DA__01 Well 15N12E12DA__02 Well 15N12E12DB__01 Well 15N12E12DB__02 Well 15N12E13BABB01 Well 15N12E13CADD01 Well 15N12E14AC__01 Well 15N12E14CA__01 Well 15N12E14CA__02 Well 15N12E15BA__01 Spring 15N12E15CB__01 Well 15N12E15DD__01 Well 15N12E16CA__01 Well 15N12E18AA__01 Well 15N12E18CD__01 Well 15N12E20DB__01 Spring 15N12E21DB__01 Well 15N12E22CD__01 Well 15N12E23BA__01 Well 15N12E23BA__02 Well 15N12E23BA__03 Well 15N12E23BB__01 Spring 15N12E23DB__01 Spring 15N12E23____01 Well 15N12E24AD__01 Well 15N12E25CB__01 Spring 15N12E25DA__01 Spring 15N12E25DD__01 Well 15N12E26AA__01 Spring 15N12E27DC__01 Well 15N12E28CA__01 Spring 15N12E29AA__01 Well 15N12E29AA__02 Well 15N12E29ABDD01 Well 15N12E29BA__01 Well 15N12E30CC__01 Spring 15N12E30DA__01 Spring 15N12E31BA__01 Spring 15N12E32BC__01 Spring 15N12E32BD__01 Spring 15N12E32CD__01 Spring 15N12E33AB__01 Spring 15N12E34BA__01 Spring 15N12E35AB__01 Well 15N12E35BD__01 Spring 15N12E35CA__01 Spring 15N12E35DA__01 Well 15N13E02DCC_01 Well 15N13E03DDD_01 Well 15N13E07AAA_01 Well 15N13E16BCA_01 Well 15N13E16BDBD01 Well 15N13E20CBD_01 Well 16N11E12AA__01 Well 16N11E25BD__01 Well 16N11E25C___01 Well 16N11E25DCBC01 Well 16N11E26DC__01 Well 16N11E35BB__01 Spring 16N11E35BC__01 Spring 16N11E35BD__01 Well 16N11E35BD__02 Well 16N11E35____01 Well 16N11E36BA__01 Well 16N12E02DD__01 Spring 16N12E02DD__02 Well 16N12E03BC__01 Well 16N12E03CC__01 Well 16N12E03CC__02 Well 16N12E03CC__03 Well 16N12E04BB__01 Spring 16N12E05BA__01 Well 16N12E07BB__01 Well 16N12E07BB__02 Well 16N12E07CA__01 Spring 16N12E07DA__01 Well 16N12E07DA__02 Well 16N12E07DC__01 Well 16N12E07DC__02 Well 16N12E07DDB_02 Well 16N12E08AB__01 Well 16N12E08AD__01 Well 16N12E08CDDD01 Well 16N12E08CDDD02 Well 16N12E08DACD01 Well 16N12E08DC__01 Well 16N12E09CD__01 Well 16N12E09DC__01 Well 16N12E10CD__01 Spring 16N12E10DCCC01 Well 16N12E11AAAD01 Well 16N12E12BB__01 Well 16N12E12BB__02 Well 16N12E13AC__01 Well 16N12E13CD__01 Well 16N12E14CCCC01 Well 16N12E14DD__01 Well 16N12E15AB__01 Well 16N12E15BB__01 Well 16N12E16AA__01 Well 16N12E16ACBD01 Well 16N12E16BBBC01 Well 16N12E16BBCB01 Well 16N12E16BB__01 Well 16N12E16BB__02 Well 16N12E16BB__03 Well 16N12E16BB__04 Well 16N12E16BD__01 Well 16N12E16BD__02 Well 16N12E16CC__01 Well 16N12E16CC__02 Well 16N12E16DCAD01 Well 16N12E17AA__01 Well 16N12E17BB__01 Spring 16N12E17DAAA01 Well 16N12E17DAAA02 Well 16N12E17DA__01 Well 16N12E17DA__02 Well 16N12E17DA__03 Well 16N12E17DDAB01 Well 16N12E18BA__01 Well 16N12E21AABB01 Well 16N12E21CB__01 Well 16N12E22CA__01 Well 16N12E24BB__01 Well 16N12E24DA__01 Spring 16N12E24DA__02 Spring 16N12E24DD__01 Well 16N12E25BD__01 Well 16N12E25CB__01 Well 16N12E26CD__01 Well 16N12E27CB__01 Well 16N12E28AB__01 Well 16N12E28AB__02 Well 16N12E28CCAA01 Well 16N12E28CD__01 Well 16N12E29AA__01 Well 16N12E29AA__02 Well 16N12E29AA__03 Well 16N12E29BD__01 Well 16N12E29DD__01 Well 16N12E30DBDA01 Well 16N12E31AA__01 Well 16N12E31AC__01 Spring 16N12E31AC__02 Well 16N12E31BB__01 Spring 16N12E31____01 Well 16N12E32AA__01 Well 16N12E32AA__02 Well 16N12E32AA__03 Well 16N12E32BD__01 Well 16N12E32DD__01 Well 16N12E33AA__01 Well 16N12E34BCBA01 Well 16N12E34DB__01 Well 16N12E35AC__01 Well 16N12E35BABB01 Well 16N12E35CB__01 Spring 16N12E35CCCD01 Well 16N12E35CC__01 Well 16N12E35CC__02 Well 16N12E36CAAB01 Well 16N12E36CA__01 Well 16N13E01DDBD02 Well 16N13E05DDD_01 Well 16N13E11DADA01 Well 16N13E12DDD_01 Spring 16N13E14BBB_01 Well 16N13E15CCAD01 Well 16N13E15CCC_01 Well 16N13E15DAC_01 Well 16N13E18AB__01 Well 16N13E19AACD01 Well 16N13E19AAC_01 Well 16N13E20CDB_01 Well 16N13E20DDA_01 Well 16N13E23AAD_01 Well 16N13E23DDA_01 Well 16N13E27DCC_01 Well 16N13E30DDB_01 Well 16N13E34DAA_01 Well 16N13E35BCD_01 Spring 16N14E03CDB_01 Well 16N14E07BBDA01 Well 16N14E07BDBB01 Well 16N14E07BDDB01 Well 16N14E08CDC_01 Well 16N14E18BDD_01 Well 17N11E12AB__01 Spring 17N11E12DB__01 Well 17N11E23BD__01 Well 17N11E25AB__01 Spring 17N11E27CAAB01 Well 17N11E33DD__01 Well 17N12E01DC__01 Well 17N12E01DC__02 Well 17N12E01DC__03 Well 17N12E03AA__01 Well 17N12E03AB__01 Well 17N12E06AD__01 Well 17N12E06AD__02 Well 17N12E06AD__03 Well 17N12E06AD__04 Well 17N12E06AD__05 Well 17N12E06DC__01 Well 17N12E10AD__01 Well 17N12E10AD__02 Well 17N12E10AD__03 Well 17N12E10AD__04 Well 17N12E11BC__01 Well 17N12E11B___01 Well 17N12E14CD__01 Well 17N12E14CD__02 Well 17N12E15BA__01 Well 17N12E15BA__02 Well 17N12E15BA__03 Well 17N12E17BB__01 Well 17N12E17DC__01 Well 17N12E17DC__02 Well 17N12E18AA__01 Spring 17N12E18AA__02 Well 17N12E19CB__01 Well 17N12E21AD__01 Well 17N12E21CD__01 Well 17N12E21DA__01 Well 17N12E22BB__01 Well 17N12E22B___01 Well 17N12E23DC__01 Well 17N12E24BB__01 Well 17N12E24BB__02 Well 17N12E24BB__03 Well 17N12E27BC__01 Well 17N12E27B___01 Well 17N12E27____01 Well 17N12E28BA__01 Well 17N12E28CD__01 Spring 17N12E28DA__01 Well 17N12E28DA__02 Well 17N12E29CDDA01 Well 17N12E30DD__01 Well 17N12E31DC__01 Well 17N12E32AB__01 Well 17N12E32BB__01 Well 17N12E32BC__01 Spring 17N12E32DB__01 Well 17N12E32DD__01 Well 17N12E32DD__02 Well 17N12E32DD__03 Spring 17N12E33AB__01 Spring 17N12E33BA__01 Spring 17N12E33CB__01 Well 17N13E06AA__01 Well 17N13E14ABB_01 Well 17N13E14ABB_02 Well 17N13E25BAB_01 Well 17N13E26ADAD01 Well 17N13E26CDC_01 Well 17N13E26DAA_01 Well 17N13E30DBD_01 Well 17N13E32ACD_01 Well 17N13E32CBB_01 Well 17N13E36ACB_01 Well 17N14E20ADB_01 Well 17N14E28DAAD01 Well 17N14E32BC__01 Well 17N14E33DBBC01 Well 18N12E01CD__01 Well 18N12E02CB__01 Well 18N12E02CB__02 Well 18N12E02CC__01 Well 18N12E03DC__01 Well 18N12E03DD__01 Well 18N12E03DD__02 Well 18N12E04AA__01 Well 18N12E04AA__02 Spring 18N12E10AA__01 Well 18N12E10AA__02 Well 18N12E11BD__01 Well 18N12E13AD__01 Spring 18N12E15CA__01 Well 18N12E20BB__01 Spring 18N12E21AB__01 Well 18N12E21CB__01 Well 18N12E23CD__01 Well 18N12E23CD__02 Spring 18N12E26BA__01 Well 18N12E26BA__02 Well 18N12E26BA__03 Well 18N12E26BA__04 Well 18N12E26BA__05 Well 18N12E27CC__01 Well 18N12E29AB__01 Spring 18N12E31DD__01 Well 18N12E32DD__01 Well 18N12E34BC__01 Well 18N12E34BC__02 Well 18N12E35AB__01 Well 18N12E35AB__02 Well 18N12E35AB__03 Spring 18N12E35AB__04 Well 18N12E36AA__01 Well 18N12E36BA__01 Well Antelope Butte Arrow Creek Arrow Creek Arrow Creek Church (historical) Arrow Creek Post Office (historical) Basin Medical Center Benchland Benchland (historical) Benchland Cemetery Benchland Post Office (historical) Benchland School (historical) Big Coulee Blacktail Hills Calvary Community Church of Stanford Cayuse Basin Coal Mine Coulee Coffee Cake Dam Conan Coulee Cotton Trailer Court Coyote Bench Coyote Post Office (historical) Coyote School (historical) Coyote Spring Dolcefarniente Dam Dover Dover (historical) Dover Post Office (historical) Dry Gulch Dry Wolf Creek Dunsmore Coulee Edith Nelson Trailer Court First Presbyterian Church General Mills Incoporated Elevator Hall Trailer Court Holmes Coulee J and M Trailer Court Judith Basin County Courthouse Judith Basin County Free Library Judith Basin County Museum Judith Basin County Sheriffs Department Larson Cemetery Lehigh Lehigh (historical) Lehigh Cemetery Lehigh Post Office (historical) Lehigh School (historical) Lewis Post Office (historical) Longs (historical) Lutheran Church Marys Knoll Missouri Wolf Dam North Fork Sage Creek North Fork Willow Creek Pleasant Valley Running Wolf Creek Saint Rose of Lima Church Scholtztown Sifton Post Office (historical) Skull Butte Skull Creek Sod Buster Museum Spring Branch Spring Branch Spring Creek Stanford Stanford Stanford Airport Stanford Baptist Church Stanford Cemetery Stanford City Park Stanford Fire Department Stanford Post Office Stanford Public Schools Steamboat Butte Steamerville (historical) Sun Creek Surprise Creek (historical) Tobin (historical) Vann Coulee Walker Spring Wendall Willkie Dam Willow Creek Windham Windham Windham Post Office (historical) Windham School (historical)