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16N09E05C___01 Well 17N08E03A___01 Well 17N08E10CCCC01 Well 17N08E15BBCB01 Well 18N08E10C___01 Well 18N08E12BBCC01 Well 18N08E13A___01 Well 18N08E20____01 Well 18N08E24A___01 Well 18N08E28____01 Well 18N08E29____01 Well 18N09E08CD__01 Well 18N09E09AB__01 Spring 18N09E09AC__01 Spring 18N09E09CD__01 Well 18N09E16BA__01 Spring 18N09E16BA__02 Well 18N09E17BB__01 Well 18N09E20BD__01 Spring 18N09E20C___01 Well 18N09E30DA__01 Well 18N09E31AA__01 Well 19N09E28CC__01 Spring Barker Barker Post Office (historical) Barker School (historical) Bend Gulch Creek Birch Creek Brush Coulee Cache Coulee Colarchik Cabin Coulee Dry Coulee Dutchman Coulee Edwards Mine Government Coulee Hansen Coulee Irene Peak Kibbey (historical) Kibbey (historical) Kibbey Canyon Kibbey Cemetery Kibbey Post Office (historical) Kibbey School (historical) Kibby Limestone Butte Limestone Canyon Little Otter Creek Lost Creek Mann (historical) Mann Post Office May Mine McLeish Cemetery Middle Peak Myrtle Navy Mine NW SW Section 7 Mine Nebel Coulee Never Sweat Coulee Noller Mine North Peak Otter Mountain Otter Post Office (historical) Paragon Mine Peterson Coulee Pride of the West Mine Puzzler Mine Raynesford Raynesford Raynesford Elementary School Raynesford Fire Department Raynesford Post Office Ridley Coulee Rocky Ridge SW NW Section 06 Mine Sawmill Ridge Smelter Mine South Peak Spion Kop Spion Kop (historical) Spion Kop Post Office (historical) Spion Kop School (historical) Summit (historical) Vista/NW NW Section 6 Mine Waymeir Creek Whiskey Spring Coulee Williams Creek Wright Lode Mine