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ZIP Code 59464 is located in (92%) (8%)

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13N15E13DD__01 Well 13N15E13DD__02 Well 13N15E13DD__03 Well 13N16E01BA__01 Well 13N16E02BC__01 Well 13N16E04AA__01 Well 13N16E07AA__01 Well 13N16E08AA__01 Well 13N16E11CB__01 Well 13N16E11CB__02 Well 13N16E12AB__01 Well 13N16E12BD__01 Well 13N16E15AA__01 Well 13N16E17AA__01 Well 13N16E18DD__01 Well 13N17E05CCDD01 Well 13N17E05CDC_01 Well 13N17E06BB__01 Well 14N16E02AADC01 Well 14N16E09DD__01 Well 14N16E11DD__01 Well 14N16E13DC__01 Well 14N16E13DD__01 Well 14N16E14DD__01 Well 14N16E15AB__01 Well 14N16E15AB__02 Well 14N16E15BBCB01 Well 14N16E15BBCB02 Well 14N16E15BB__01 Well 14N16E15CB__01 Well 14N16E15DC__01 Well 14N16E18ABBC01 Well 14N16E19AC__01 Well 14N16E19DB__01 Well 14N16E21AD__01 Well 14N16E22BA__01 Well 14N16E23BA__01 Well 14N16E24CB__01 Well 14N16E25DC__01 Well 14N16E26AA__01 Well 14N16E27BB__01 Well 14N16E28DA__01 Well 14N16E28DA__02 Well 14N16E32BB__01 Well 14N16E32CD__01 Well 14N16E32DA__01 Well 14N16E33DA__01 Well 14N16E34DD__01 Well 14N16E35BA__01 Well 14N16E35BA__02 Well 14N16E36CC__01 Well 14N17E15CDA_01 Well 14N17E18DCDC01 Well 14N17E18DCD_01 Well 14N17E22AAAA01 Well 14N17E34BDB_01 Well 15N16E09ADA_01 Well 15N16E25CDDC01 Well 15N16E34ADDC01 Well 15N16E36DDD_01 Well 15N17E02CDC_01 Well 15N17E13CDCD01 Well 15N17E14CDA_01 Well 15N17E17DBB_01 Well 15N17E20AAC_01 Well 15N17E32BBD_01 Well 15N30E21CA__11 Well 15N30E21CA__12 Well Beacon Star Antique Airfield Beaver Creek Beaver Creek Beaver Creek Bridge Beaver Creek Cemetery Beaver Creek School (historical) Brassey Post Office (historical) Community Methodist Church Crow Coulee Dawkins Springs Dudley Post Office (historical) Eddies Corner Eddies Corner Incorporated Campground Glengarry Glengarry Glengarry Post Office (historical) Glengarry School (historical) Indian Rock Jenni School (historical) King Colony Ranch King Colony School King Coulee Little Rock Creek Long School (historical) Meisser School (historical) Mennonite (historical) Middle Fork Beaver Creek Middle Fork Beaver Creek School (historical) Moore Moore Moore Cemetery Moore City Park Moore Fire Department Moore Fire Department Moore Hospital (historical) Moore Memorial Library Moore Post Office Moore Public Schools Natal Post Office (historical) Peavey Company Elevator Pleasant View School (historical) Presbyterian Church Rock Creek Rock Creek School (historical) Rock Creek School (historical) Rockford (historical) Rockford Post Office (historical) Ross Fork Ross Fork Ross Fork Creek Ross Fork Post Office (historical) Saint Mathias Church Seright (historical) Seright School (historical) The Gap The Point Trout Creek School (historical) West Fork Beaver Creek West Fork Big Rock Creek Wild Rose School (historical) Wright School (historical)