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15N18E05ADAA01 Well 15N18E05ADAA02 Well 16N17E17BCD_01 Well 16N17E18BAD_01 Well 16N17E18BDDA01 Well 16N17E19DCD_01 Well 16N17E19DCD_02 Well 16N17E21ADD_01 Well 16N17E22DCD_01 Well 16N17E25CCBA01 Well 16N17E25CDDA01 Well 16N17E25DCAD01 Well 16N17E27ACBB01 Well 16N17E28ABC_01 Well 16N17E28ADCC01 Well 16N17E29CBD_01 Well 16N17E36ABAA01 Well 16N17E36ACA_01 Well 16N18E08CAA_01 Well 16N18E08CAB_01 Well 16N18E30CBBC01 Well 16N18E32DCB_01 Well 16N18E32DCD_01 Well 16N18E33CCB_01 Well 17N16E03ACDD01 Well 17N17E05CAB_01 Well 17N17E18DADB01 Well 17N17E24ACC_01 Well 17N17E25AACC01 Well 17N18E01ABAC01 Well 17N18E06AAD_01 Well 17N18E19DBCA01 Spring 17N18E19DBC_01 Spring 17N18E23ADB_01 Well 17N18E27CBD_01 Well 17N18E30CAC_01 Well 17N18E33ADC_01 Well 17N18E34ACA_01 Well 17N19E07BBC_01 Well 17N19E07BC__01 Well 17N19E07BC__02 Well 17N20E19AC__01 Spring 18N16E01ADB_01 Well 18N16E23CBD_01 Well 18N17E02CBC_01 Well 18N17E19CCC_01 Well 18N17E20DDD_01 Well 18N17E21ABC_01 Well 18N18E05BBA_01 Well 18N18E06DCD_01 Well 18N18E12ACA_01 Well 18N18E15BDA_01 Well 18N18E24DCD_01 Well 18N19E08ABB_01 Well 18N19E08BCD_01 Well 18N19E18DA__01 Well 18N19E19BBB_01 Well 18N19E24DA__01 Spring 18N19E26DAD_01 Well 18N19E28BCA_01 Well 18N19E31CCCD01 Well 18N19E31CCC_01 Well 18N19E33AAA_01 Well 19N20E10BC__01 Well 19N20E11BCC_01 Well 19N20E15AC__01 Well 19N20E23BCB_01 Well 20N18E24CCAB01 Well 20N18E34CDCC01 Well 20N21E29BC__01 Well 20N21E29DA__01 Well 20N21E32DB__01 Well Abbey Adit Mine Abbey Shaft Addison School (historical) Alkali Creek Amherst Amherst Armell Creek Number 1 Mine Armells (historical) Armells (historical) Armells Post Office (historical) Armells Reservoir Dam Armells School (historical) Bald Butte Balky Horse School (historical) Bank Ranch Ditch Baxter Baxter (historical) Bedrock Canyon Big Grassy Peak Big John M Dam Big Spring Creek Box Elder Creek Box Elder School (historical) Brooks Brooks (historical) Brooks Post Office (historical) Brooks School (historical) Bull Creek Burnette Creek Burnshed Coulee Canyon (historical) Chicago Gulch Christina Christina (historical) Christina Post Office (historical) Collar Gulch Collar Gulch Creek Collar Peak Colver Dam Cone Butte (historical) Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Spring Coyote Creek Crazy Creek Reservoir Dam Crystal Peak Cumberland Mine Deer Creek Deerfield Colony Deerfield Post Office (historical) Deerfield School Dog Creek Number 1 Mine Dog Creek School (historical) Duck Creek East Fork Armell Creek Number 1 Mine East Fork Armell Creek Number 2 Mine East Fork Armell Creek Number 3 Mine East Fork Bull Creek East Fork Creek Number 1 Mine East Fork Creek Number 2 Mine East Fork Creek Number 3 Mine East Fork Fords Creek East Fork Number 4 Mine East Fork Number 5 Mine East Fork Number 6 Mine East Fork Salt Creek Elk Peak Elk Peak Number 1 Mine Elk Peak Number 2 Mine Elk Peak Number 3 Mine Elk Peak Number 4 Mine Elk Peak Number 5 Mine Elk Peak Number 6 Mine Elk Peak Number 7 Mine Fish Creek Fivemile Coulee Folda School (historical) Fort Maginnis Cemetery Fort Maginnis Military Reservation (historical) Fort Maginnis School (historical) Freeze Out Coulee Gillett Landing Strip Gilt Edge Cemetery Golden Discovery Mine Green Mountain School (historical) Hamilton Coulee Hanover Hanover (historical) Hanover Post Office (historical) Hilger Hilger (historical) Hilger Cemetery Hilger Post Office Hilger School (historical) Horse Ranch School (historical) Hruska Fishing Access Site Hutterisshe Society School (historical) Indian Creek Iron Gulch Iron Gulch Mine Iron Gulch Number 2 Mine JT Canyon JT Canyon Shaft Jack Lund Mine Jimmerson Number 1 Dam Judith Bend School (historical) Judith Mountains Judith Peak Judith River Bridge Kendall (historical) Kendall (historical) Kendall Cemetery Kendall Venture Mine Kingston Last Chance Creek Lewis Peak Lewistown Air Force Station (historical) Limpke Number 2 Dam Lincoln Ditch Lincoln Gulch Little Deer Creek Little Dog Creek Lone Pine Creek Lower Old Glory Mine Lyle Spring Maginnis Mountain Maiden Canyon Maiden Fur Farm Maiden Peak Marshall Flat Mason Canyon Mason Canyon Number 1 Mine Maury School (historical) McClure Gulch McDonnell (historical) McDonnell School (historical) Meadow Creek Middle Fork Armells Creek Middle Fork Salt Creek Ming Coulee Mitchell Canyon Moccasin Creek Moccasin Post Office (historical) Morris School (historical) Moulton Moulton (historical) Moulton Post Office (historical) Murphy Coulee Norman Dam North Fork Bull Creek North Fork Warm Spring Creek North Moccasin Mountains Old Glory Mine Old Glory Mine Petranek Dam Petranek Reservoir Dam Petticoat Junction Dam Philips School (historical) Plum Creek Plum Creek Number 1 Mine Plum Creek Post Office (historical) Plum Creek School (historical) Porphyry Peak Presbyterian Church Red Mountain Red Mountain Mine Rocky Butte Ross Pass Roy Junction Roy Junction School (historical) Ruins of Fort Maginnis Rustle (historical) Saint Victor Church Salt Creek (historical) Salt Creek School (historical) Sand Rock Hill Sawyer School (historical) Scott School (historical) Senate Post Office (historical) Sennett Canyon Sennett Spring Seventytwo Bench Seventytwo Hills Sheepherder Peak Shiny Mountain School (historical) South Fork Cottonwood Creek South Moccasin Mountains Spring Creek Colony Spring Creek Colony School Spring Creek Junction Squaws Grave Butte Stahlville Post Office (historical) Standard School (historical) Suffolk Suffolk (historical) Suffolk Post Office (historical) Tail Holt Mine Tail Holt Mine Taylor Fish Dam Taylor Reservoir Dam The Horse Ranch The Park Threemile Coulee Toney Bench Van Haur Dam Verde Mine Wachusett (historical) Warm Spring Warm Spring Creek Warm Spring Creek School (historical) Weideman School (historical) West Fork Salt Creek West Lewistown Whitaker Flat Wicker Basket Number 1 Dam Wicker Basket Number 2 Dam Wild Bill Flat Wolverine Creek