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23N05E24DDDA01 Well 23N06E03BBDA01 Well 24N06E10BCBA01 Well 24N06E15CDCD01 Well 24N06E28ADBC01 Well 24N06E28DCCD01 Well 24N06E34CDAC01 Well 25N05E03ABBC01 Well 25N05E05DDDB01 Well 25N06E35DCCA01 Well Alkali Coulee Antelope Coulee Antelope Flat Antelope Lake Antelope School (historical) Apple School (historical) Aznoe (historical) Aznoe Post Office (historical) Aznoe School (historical) Baack School (historical) Bees Hive Dam Berry Coulee Breeston Post Office (historical) Bucks Bridge Carter Carter Carter Cemetery Carter City Park Carter Methodist Church Carter Post Office Carter School Dent Bridge Dog Star Dam Dry Fork Coulee East Knee Farmers Elevator (historical) Flick Lake Frank Gilbert Coulee General Mills Incorporated Elevator Genou (historical) Genou Post Office (historical) Genou School (historical) German Baptist Church (historical) German Baptist Church Cemetery Good Ol West Dam Greeley Elevator (historical) Hay Stack Coulee Hilltop Silo Incorporeal Dam Knee Church Knees Community Church Cemetery Knees Community Hall Kodak Dam Leepers Flat Leepin' Antelope Dam Neikro Dam O'Reilly School (historical) Pleasant View School (historical) Presbyterian Church Promised Land School (historical) Promised Land School Number 2 (historical) Rocky Mountain Elevator (historical) Saint Margaret Church Sample Flat Sample Flat Cemetery Sample Flat Church Samples Flat School (historical) Shannon Bridge Shaw School (historical) Sheep Buyer Dam Sheep Coulee Sheep Coulee Spring Sour Apple Dam State Elevator (historical) Straw Stack Teton Bench Post Office (historical) Teton Post Office (historical) The School House Timber Coulee Valleux (historical) Valleux Post Office (historical) Weatherwax Coulee West Knee Wolf Coulee Woods Crossing