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03N47E07BCAB01 Well 08N46E12CAA_01 Well 09N47E02DBAA01 Well 09N47E10BACC01 Well 09N47E11CBAA01 Well 09N47E23ACBC01 Well 09N47E24CDDC01 Well 09N47E28ACBA01 Well 09N47E35ADCD01 Well 09N48E01CBBC01 Well 09N48E01CBCD01 Well 09N48E02BABA01 Well 09N48E02BABA02 Well 09N48E02BBAD01 Well 09N48E04BBBA01 Well 09N48E07CABA01 Well 09N48E08CDC_01 Well 09N48E09BDDA01 Well 09N48E18AAAD01 Well 09N48E18CBCC01 Well 09N48E18CBC_01 Well 09N48E18CCCB01 Well 09N49E06BBBA01 Well 10N45E09BACC01 Well 10N45E28BBBA01 Well 10N45E28BBBA02 Well 10N45E28BBBB01 Well 10N46E06DBCC01 Well 10N46E06DBCC02 Well 10N46E08CCCC01 Well 10N46E18CBDB01 Well 10N47E13DCCD01 Well 10N48E03CCBA01 Well 10N48E11DCCD01 Well 10N48E24ACAC01 Well 10N48E25DBCC01 Well 10N48E26DCDD01 Well 10N48E32ADAB01 Well 10N48E36ABBA01 Well 10N48E36CDCB01 Well 10N48E36DAAD01 Well 10N48E36DBCD01 Well 10N49E05DBDC01 Well 10N49E17DBDA01 Well 10N49E30ABCD01 Well 10N49E30DBBC01 Well 10N49E31BAAA01 Well 10N49E31BBBB01 Well 10N49E31CCAC01 Well 11N45E02AACD01 Well 11N45E04CCCB01 Well 11N45E07ADDD01 Well 11N45E14DBDC01 Well 11N45E20DABD01 Well 11N45E28BCDD01 Well 11N45E29DABC01 Well 11N45E34CACA01 Well 11N46E07CBCB01 Well 11N46E07CBCC01 Well 11N46E07DBAB01 Well 11N46E09BDBB01 Well 11N46E17BABC01 Well 11N46E19BBDB01 Well 11N46E31CCBD01 Well 11N46E31DDDB01 Well 11N46E33CCAB01 Well 11N47E08ADAA01 Well 11N48E36CCC_01 Well 12N45E01BBDD01 Well 12N45E03BABB01 Well 12N45E08DACD01 Well 12N45E09BCCB01 Well 12N45E11AAAA01 Well 12N45E18DADD01 Well 12N45E20AAAA01 Well 12N45E20BCCB01 Well 12N45E22AABB01 Well 12N45E26CAAD01 Well 12N45E28CBDD01 Well 12N45E31BBBB01 Well 12N45E32ACBC01 Well 12N46E06AABC01 Well 12N46E07ACAD01 Well 12N46E07ACDA01 Well 12N46E08DABC01 Well 12N46E25DCAC01 Well 12N46E30CCCC01 Well 12N46E31BBBB01 Well 12N47E04AABC01 Well 12N47E20BCCB01 Well 12N47E24DBBA01 Well 12N47E30DAAB01 Well 12N47E34DABA01 Well 13N45E26CDAC01 Well 13N45E27DDDD01 Well 13N45E28AADC01 Well 13N46E25DBBC01 Well 13N46E30ACAB01 Well 13N46E31DACB01 Well 13N46E31DBBB01 Well 13N47E31CDAD01 Well 22N46E21DC__10 Well Alkali Creek B-6 Number 4 Dam Bachelor Creek Big Hill Bonfield Bow and Arrow Creek Brewer Number 2 Dam Brewer Number 3 Dam Cabin Creek Cap Rock Number 1 Dam Cap Rock Number 4 Dam Cap Rock School (historical) Caprock Coulee Chalk Butte Clevenger Spring Coal Bank Spring Cow Creek Crooked Creek Deadman Creek Deer Creek Doran Dam Doran Number 1 Dam Fairview School (historical) Fallon Spring Finley Creek Finley Creek School (historical) Goodale Number 2 Dam Grimes Creek Grimes Dam Gumbo Number 3 Dam Gumbo Number 4 Dam Hall Dam Hall Reservoir Hamlick Reservoir Hamlick Reservoir Dam Harding Number 1 Dam Harding Number 2 Dam Hartwick School (historical) Haughan Number 2 Dam Haughian Number 10 Dam Haughian Number 15 Dam Haughian Number 16 Dam Haughian Number 5 Dam Hilcrest (historical) Hillcrest Post Office (historical) Horse Creek Horse Creek Hill Horse Creek School (historical) House Creek Hunter Creek Spring Ingersol Butte Kinsey Kinsey (historical) Kinsey Association of Churches Protestant Community Church Kinsey Bridge Fishing Access Site Kinsey Highline Canal Kinsey Lower Canal Kinsey Main Canal Kinsey Main Canal Kinsey Middle Canal Kinsey Number 2 Pumping Station Kinsey Post Office Kinsey School Kountz Dam Kountz Number 2 Dam Lazy S Number 2 Dam Liberty School (historical) Mann School (historical) Mather Brothers Ranch Mather Number 2 Dam Mathers Dam Meredith Post Office (historical) Meredith School (historical) Milwaukee Coulee Moore Number 2 Dam Moore Number 7 Dam Morehouse Creek Murphy and Sons Number 1 Dam Noble Dam Noble Reservoir Noble Reservoir North Bar Coulee North Fork Bachelor Creek North Fork of Sunday Creek Bridge North Sunday Creek Owens Coulee Peila Number 1 Dam Physic Creek Physic Creek Dam Physic Creek Reservoir Reed Number 4 Dam Reed Number 5 Dam Reichert Number 1 Dam Rice Creek Rose School (historical) Sadie Creek Saugus Creek Sisson School (historical) South Fork Bachelor Creek South Sunday Creek Steamboat Butte Stiles Number 1 Dam Stone Shack (historical) Stone Shack Post Office (historical) Sunday Creek Airpark Swede Dam T-Diamond Number 1 Dam Thompson Creek Tree Creek Twin Buttes School Venn Number 1 Dam Venn Number 4 Dam Venn Number 7 Dam Venn Number 8 Dam Venn Number 9 Dam Venn Ranch Watts Number 1 Dam West Fork Physic Creek West Fork Sand Creek