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17N35E12CCBB01 Well 18N37E31AB__01 Well 18N38E17B___01 Well 18N38E17B___02 Well 18N38E18AACC01 Well 18N38E20BBAB01 Well 18N39E15C___01 Well 18N40E12CCAD01 Well 19N36E03AA__01 Well 19N37E13ADDB01 Well 19N38E10A___01 Well 19N38E10CDBA01 Well 19N38E31A___01 Well 19N39E03C___01 Well 19N39E07A___01 Well 19N39E09C___01 Well 19N39E12A___01 Well 19N39E24A___01 Well 19N40E19B___01 Well 19N40E21C___01 Well 19N40E24ABA_01 Well 19N41E18DCCA01 Well 19N42E03BB__01 Well 19N42E03B___01 Well 19N42E03C___01 Well 19N42E09AAAD01 Well 19N42E09A___01 Well 19N42E10C___01 Well 19N42E21A___01 Well 19N42E33BBCB01 Well 20N35E29BBA_01 Well 20N36E27CCA_01 Well 20N37E24DBDA01 Well 20N38E24D___01 Well 20N39E21C___01 Well 20N39E22CBCD01 Well 20N40E12B___01 Well 20N40E16D___01 Well 20N40E28A___01 Well 20N40E32B___01 Well 20N41E14A___01 Well 20N41E17A___01 Well 20N41E23B___01 Well 20N41E23B___02 Well 20N41E26ABAD01 Well 20N42E14D___01 Well 20N42E22CA__01 Well 20N42E23AB__01 Well 20N42E28CD__01 Well 20N42E34CA__01 Well 21N38E24A___01 Well 21N39E12C___01 Well 21N39E19B___01 Well 21N39E22A___01 Well 21N39E22D___01 Well 21N40E18D___01 Well 21N40E25BBA_01 Well 21N41E08B___01 Well 21N41E08D___01 Well 21N41E11CCCB01 Well 21N41E12C___01 Well 21N41E12C___02 Well 21N41E18A___01 Well 21N41E30AC_01_ Well 21N42E14CC__01 Well 21N42E15DC__01 Well 21N42E15DDCC01 Well 21N42E18BA__01 Well 22N39E23CDA_01 Well 22N41E04B___01 Well 22N41E04CCAA01 Well 22N41E10B___01 Well 22N41E10D___01 Well 22N42E05DB__01 Well 22N42E27A___01 Spring 22N42E27C___01 Well 22N42E34CC__01 Well 23N41E04DC__01 Well 23N41E14A___01 Well 23N41E23B___01 Well 23N41E25D___01 Well 23N41E36A___01 Well 23N42E13DCAD01 Well 23N42E32B___01 Well 24N41E27A___01 Well 24N41E34C___01 Well 6M Dam Adidias Dam Alexander Dam Archie Number 1 Dam Arnold Coulee Assembly of God Church B Murion Number 3 Dam B Murion Number 5 Dam Baldy Butte Barclay Dam Bateman Coulee Bateman Number 1 Dam Bay Stud Coulee Bear Creek Bell Coulee Bell Point Big Bucks Number 10 Dam Big Bucks Number 11 Dam Big Bucks Number 13 Dam Big Bucks Number 14 Dam Big Bucks Number 15 Dam Big Bucks Number 16 Dam Big Bucks Number 5 Dam Big Bucks Number 7 Dam Big Bucks Number 8 Dam Big Bucks Number 9 Dam Big Mac Number 1 Dam Billing Spring Number 1 Dam Billings Number 1 Dam Billings Number 2 Dam Billy Coulee Billy Creek Binion Number 3 Dam Binion Number 4 Dam Binion Ranch Binions Number 1 Dam Binions Reservoir Number 2 Dam Biscuit Butte Biscuit Butte Spring Black John Coulee Boelk Coulee Boelk Well Bog Coulee Bragg Number 1 Dam Bragg School (historical) Braggville (historical) Breeze Basin Coulee Breezy Basin Dam Broadus Coulee Brownie Butte Brownie Butte Brusett Brusett Dam Brusett Post Office Brusett School (historical) Buffalo Coulee Buffalo Hill Buffalo Hill Dam Buffalo Hill Reservoir Bunn Coulee Burgess Number 1 Dam Burgess Number 2 Dam Burgess Ranch Burgess Ranch Number 1 Dam Burgess Ranch Number 2 Dam Burgess Reservoir Burgess Reservoir Dam Butte Creek (historical) Butte Creek Cemetery Butte Creek Post Office (historical) Butts Coulee CM Russell Dam Caldwell Dam Caldwell Number 5 Dam California Number 1 Dam Camel Coulee Camp Creek Casper Coulee Castle Butte Cat Creek Cat Creek School (historical) Chalk Butte Chalk Number 1 Dam Chilkoot Pass Chocolate Milkshake Dam Christmas Coulee Christmas Dam Number 1 Christmas Well Claribell Number 10 Dam Claribell Number 11 Dam Claribell Number 4 Dam Claribell Number 5 Dam Claribell Number 6 Dam Claribell Number 7 Dam Claribell Number 8 Dam Claribell Number 9 Dam Coal Bank Hill Coal Creek Coal Dam Coal Slack Coulee Cole Ranch Coleman Number 1 Dam Community Presbyterian Church Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Reservoir Coulter Number 1 Dam Coulter Number 2 Dam Coyote Basin Cut Coulee Davidson Post Office (historical) Dawson Creek Deep Coulee Dirl Coulee Dirty Wash Reservoir Dam Dog Coulee Don McDonald Dam Dripping Spring Dry Dam Dry Fork Coulee East Fork Cattle Creek East Fork Crooked Creek East Fork Woody Creek East Gilbert Creek East Hill Coulee East Ried Coulee Engdahl Number 3 Dam Engdahl Number 4 Dam Engdahl Number 5 Dam Engdahl Number 6 Dam Engdahl Number 7 Dam Engdall Reservoir Number 1 Dam Engdall Reservoir Number 2 Dam Fairview Hall Fannon Number 1 Dam Fannon Number 2 Dam Fellman Dam Finger Butte Post Office (historical) Fir Coulee First Creek Fisher Reservoir Fisher Reservoir Dam Flat Creek School (historical) Flint Ranch Fork Reservoir Fortyfour Coulee Frank McKeever Number 1 Dam Frank McKeever Number 2 Dam Frazier Creek Gamas Reservoir Dam Garfield County Courthouse Garfield County Fairground Garfield County Health Center Incorporated Garfield County High School Garfield County Library Garfield County Museum Garfield County Sheriff Department Gilbert Creek Gliblet Dam Green Coulee Green Coulee Dam Greenridge Cemetery Gumbo Reservoir Hagen Coulee Hagen Gap Halfdahl Coulee Hammond Dam Happy Jack Number 1 Dam Harold Number 1 Dam Hart Creek Hauso Reservoir Dam Hauso Reservoir Number 2 Dam Haxby Haxby Point Haxby Post Office (historical) Haxby School (historical) Hay Coulee Post Office (historical) Hay Coulee School (historical) Hays Dam Haystack Butte Hell Creek Recreation Area Hell Creek State Park Hell Hollow Hensleigh Number 2 Dam Hinther Cemetery Hobbs Coulee Hogs Back Hoolie Airport Horse Park Huff Coulee Humphrey Coulee Indian Country Historical Marker Indian Rocks Iverson Ranch (historical) J Larson Number 2 Dam Jade Reservoir Jawbone Coulee Jensen Dam Jim Bob Number 1 Dam John Boy Number 2 Dam Jones Creek Jordan Jordan Airport Jordan Coulee Jordan Elementary School Jordan Fire Department Jordan Mobile Home Park Jordan Post Office Jordan Seventh Day Adventist Church Kamp Katie Kapache Coulee Karen Number 7 Dam Kariotis Park Kay Coulee Kerr Coulee Kester School King Coulee Lambs Butte Lambs Coulee Larson Dam Lehner Dam Lester Well Lindbergh Spring Little Buffalo Hill Little Horse Park Little Wolf Creek Lone Tree Creek Long Branch Creek Lost Creek Maban Coulee Maloney Hill Manaige Spring Mason Dam McKeever Reservoir Dam McKrone Reservoir McKrone Spring Mister PP Dam Moonlight Creek Mullory Reservoir Murion B Number 2 Dam Murion B Number 4 Dam Murnion Dam Murray Coulee N E Olsen Number 1 Dam North Fork Box Creek North Fork Dog Coulee North Fork Lone Tree Creek North Fork Pass Creek North Fork Woody Creek North Getaway Coulee North Whitey Coulee Norvella Post Office (historical) Norville Creek Oliver Coulee Olson Dam Panwitz Park Pass Creek Penick Coulee Phon (historical) Phon Post Office (historical) Phon School (historical) Pikes Peak Piney Buttes Pink Sketter Number 1 Dam Pink Sketter Number 2 Dam Pioneer Cemetery Polecat Coulee Powers Coulee Put It Together Dam Randolph Post Office (historical) Redbank Coulee Rey Dam Rock Creek Fishing Access Site Rock Creek State Park Rough Coulee Rough Sheep Creek Round Butte Russian Coulee Sage Creek Point Sage Hen Buttes Sage Hen Coulee Saint John the Baptist Church Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church Sand Cow Dam Sand Creek Santo Arroyo Creek School Section Divide Second Creek Seven Blackfoot Creek Seven Tree Coulee Seven Tree Dam Sheep Creek Sid Hauso Number 1 Dam Signal Butte Smokey Butte School (historical) Smoky Butte Smoky Butte Creek Smoky Butte Post Office (historical) Snow Creek Sonny Number 1 Dam South Fork Box Creek South Fork Pass Creek South Fork Snow Creek South Fork Woody Creek South Getaway Coulee Southerland Coulee Southerland Lacosta Dam Spring Coulee Spring Creek Spring-Miller Dam Square Butte Steck Coulee Stee Coulee Steve Forks Stinebaugh Number 1 Dam Stinebaugh Number 2 Dam Stole Creek Swallow Nest Spring Taylor Dam The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Thomas Reservoir Thompson Coulee Totton Coulee Tree Coulee Dam Trumbo Ranch Twitchell Number 1 Dam Twitchell Number 2 Dam Twitchell Ranch Two Deer Coulee US Number 2 Dam US Number 4 Dam USA Reservoir Number 1 Dam Vail Creek Van Coulten Coulee Van Norman School Van Number 1 Dam Van Number 2 Dam Viall Post Office (historical) Waldo Number 2 Dam Watt Dam Watt Number 2 Dam Weeding Number 1 Dam Weeding Number 2 Dam White Horse Coulee White Horse Creek White Horse Divide Widow Coulee Willems Park Wolf Creek Woodland Park