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09N52E05CACC01 Well 09N53E08BBCC01 Well 10N50E03BBDD01 Well 10N51E11ADAA01 Well 10N51E19ACCB01 Well 10N51E20DDAB01 Well 10N51E26BABB01 Well 10N52E14BAAA01 Well 10N52E19DBBB01 Well 10N52E36AACC01 Well 10N53E13AA__01 Well 10N54E04DC__01 Well 10N54E04DDDD01 Well 10N54E19AC__01 Well 10N54E29DACB01 Well 10N54E30ADDB01 Well 11N51E21CDDD01 Well 11N52E04BCDD01 Well 11N52E10DDBA01 Well 11N52E15DBBD01 Well 11N52E17BB__01 Well 11N52E32DBCD01 Well 11N52E35ABBC01 Well 11N53E01CCAC01 Well 11N53E07DC__01 Well 11N53E15ADDA01 Well 11N53E28CABB01 Well 11N53E33BA__01 Well 11N54E19CCBA01 Well 11N54E29CACB01 Well 11N54E29CACB01 Well 11N54E29CACD01 Well 11N54E29CBCD01 Well 11N54E29CBCD01 Well 11N54E29CBDC01 Well 11N54E29CBDC01 Well 11N54E30DDAD01 Well 11N54E30DDA_01 Well 11N54E30DD__01 Well 12N52E23DBAD01 Well 12N52E25BA__01 Well 12N52E26BB__01 Well 12N52E26BCAB01 Well 12N53E04BB__01 Well 12N53E23CA__01 Well 12N53E23CA__02 Well 12N53E23CDBA01 Well 13N52E24DBCB01 Well 13N52E24DCA_01 Well 13N52E25BAAB01 Well 13N52E25BDA_01 Well 13N52E33AC__01 Well 13N52E34CBDC01 Well 13N52E34CDAD01 Well 13N52E34CDBB01 Well 13N53E17AAA_01 Well 13N53E17ADB_01 Well 13N53E17CCD_01 Well 13N53E17DCBC01 Well 13N53E19CBA_01 Well 13N53E19DBA_01 Well 13N53E19DDC_01 Well 13N53E20AAC_01 Well 13N53E20DCA_01 Well 13N53E29ACB_01 Well 13N53E29ACC_01 Well 13N53E29BBC_01 Well 13N53E29BCD_01 Well 13N53E29BCD_02 Well 13N53E29BCD_03 Well 13N53E29BDA_01 Well 13N53E29BDB_01 Well 13N53E29CAB_01 Well 13N53E29CBB_01 Well 13N53E29CBC_01 Well 13N53E30ADD_01 Well 13N53E30BBB_01 Well 13N53E30DABC01 Well 13N53E30DDB_01 Well Airport Reservoir Archdale Reservoir Bacon School (historical) Bagley Elevator (historical) Bar-G School (historical) Barrial Post Office (historical) Barrs Bluffs Brights Valley Creek Clear View School (historical) Coal Creek Columbia Elevator (historical) Danton (historical) Danton Post Office (historical) Dever School (historical) Dondarlee Number 1 Dam Dunwoodie Creek Evangelical Church of North America Evertz Ranch Fallon Fallon Fallon Bridge Fishing Access Site Fallon Cemetery Fallon Flat Fallon Hall Fallon Post Office Fallon School (historical) Flat Creek Flat Top Butte Fort Whitney (historical) Fox Creek Garvin School (historical) Grace Lutheran Parish Harvest States Cooperatives Elevator Hatchet Creek Holman School (historical) Hope American Lutheran Church Horse Reservoir Hyde Number 2 Dam Interchange 185 Johnson Creek Lacomb Siding Little Flat School (historical) Little Whitney Creek Loony Hollow Lorin Dam Lorin Dam Mamies Coulee Marshall Dam Marshall Dam McKay Post Office (historical) Mildred Mildred Mildred Community Church Mildred Post Office (historical) Mildred School (historical) Newman Hollow Creek O'Fallon Creek Bridge Olson Dam Payton Number 1 Dam Payton Number 2 Dam Pine Creek Pleasant View School (historical) Plum Coulee Powers-Wade School (historical) Richmond School (historical) Sackman School (historical) Saint John the Baptist Church (historical) Saucer Number 1 Dam Saucer Number 5 Dam Saucer Number 6 Dam Shumaker Number 1 Dam Shumaker Number 2 Dam Sutherland (historical) Sutherland Post Office (historical) Swede Creek Ten Mile School (historical) Tenmile Creek Thirteen Flat School (historical) Thorson School (historical) Wade School (historical) Walther Park Wheatland School (historical) Whitney (historical) Whitney Creek Whitney Post Office (historical) Whitney School (historical)