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36N47E01AAAC01 Well 36N47E02ABCC01 Well 36N48E01BBCD01 Well 36N48E03ADAA01 Well 36N48E08AADA01 Well 36N48E08BBBC01 Well 36N48E08CCDD01 Well 36N48E09AAAD01 Well 36N48E09ACCA01 Well 36N48E09CDDC01 Well 36N48E11DCCA01 Well 36N48E15BABA01 Well 36N48E15BABB01 Well 36N48E16BBAC01 Well 36N48E16BBCB01 Well 36N49E01DCAC01 Well 36N49E01DCAC02 Well 36N49E03CBBD01 Well 36N49E12DCDC01 Well 36N49E12DCDD01 Well 36N50E03CBDD01 Well 36N50E03CDDC01 Well 36N50E03DDCC01 Well 36N50E10BACA01 Well 36N50E15BBAD01 Well 36N51E05CAAA01 Well 36N51E09BABB01 Well 37N46E01CDDC01 Well 37N46E01CDDD01 Well 37N46E08DDCA01 Well 37N46E08DDCA02 Well 37N46E08DDCA03 Well 37N46E22ADCA01 Well 37N46E22ADCD01 Well 37N46E36DBDB01 Well 37N47E01ABBB01 Well 37N47E01ABBB02 Well 37N47E01CABA01 Well 37N47E06CAAC01 Well 37N47E06DBAA01 Well 37N47E06DBAD01 Well 37N47E08DDDB01 Well 37N47E09CBBB01 Well 37N47E09CBBB02 Well 37N47E12BBBB01 Well 37N47E13AADD01 Well 37N47E13ADAA01 Well 37N47E16ACCD01 Well 37N47E16ACCD02 Well 37N47E17DABB02 Well 37N47E20DDDB01 Well 37N47E22AAAA01 Well 37N47E23AAAC01 Well 37N47E23AAAD01 Well 37N47E23AADD02 Well 37N47E23BACD01 Well 37N47E23BADD01 Well 37N47E23BBBC01 Well 37N47E23DADB01 Well 37N47E29DBDB01 Well 37N47E30BBAB01 Well 37N47E30DBDB01 Well 37N47E35DCBC01 Well 37N47E36ACDD01 Well 37N47E36DABB01 Well 37N48E04BBBA01 Well 37N48E04BBBA02 Well 37N48E04DACC01 Well 37N48E05AAAA01 Well 37N48E05AADA01 Well 37N48E05BABB01 Well 37N48E05BCBB01 Well 37N48E07DBBD01 Well 37N48E08CDCC01 Well 37N48E08CDCC02 Well 37N48E15CABC01 Well 37N48E18DDAD01 Well 37N48E19ACAD01 Well 37N48E19DDCB01 Well 37N48E19DDCC01 Well 37N48E21BCCD01 Well 37N48E21DBAA01 Well 37N48E22BABD01 Well 37N48E23BBDC01 Well 37N48E23CDBB01 Well 37N48E23CDBB02 Well 37N48E25CBCD01 Well 37N48E26CBCA01 Well 37N48E26DAAC01 Well 37N48E27BAAB01 Well 37N48E27BABD01 Well 37N48E27BACA01 Well 37N48E29AADA01 Well 37N48E30DBDA01 Well 37N48E32AADA01 Well 37N48E33BDCC01 Well 37N48E35CBCD01 Well 37N49E01CADB01 Well 37N49E01CCCC01 Well 37N49E01CCCC02 Well 37N49E03AADC01 Well 37N49E04CCCB01 Well 37N49E05AAAA01 Well 37N49E05AAAB01 Well 37N49E10BCCC01 Well 37N49E11DCDA01 Well 37N49E12AABB01 Well 37N49E12ABAA01 Well 37N49E13DBCB01 Well 37N49E16CDAA01 Well 37N49E16DCBB01 Well 37N49E16DDDD01 Well 37N49E17DDDD01 Well 37N49E18ABAD01 Well 37N49E18ABAD02 Well 37N49E18BCCC01 Well 37N49E18BCCC02 Well 37N49E19BCCC01 Well 37N49E19DD__01 Well 37N49E20AAAA01 Well 37N49E20CCCC01 Well 37N49E20CCCC02 Well 37N49E28DDAA01 Well 37N49E30CCDB01 Well 37N49E32DBBD01 Well 37N49E33DCBD01 Well 37N50E05BBAA01 Well 37N50E17BABA01 Well 37N50E18ADAA01 Well 37N50E19DDDB01 Well 37N50E23BADC01 Well Baby Blue Dam Goodale Coulee Goose Creek Hansen-Barzen Elevator (historical) Hediger Dam Jagiello Waterfowl Production Area Julian (historical) Julian Erickson School (historical) Julian Post Office (historical) Long Butte Lost Child Creek North Fork Goodale Coulee Outlaw Coulee Outlet Creek Outlet Marsh Waterfowl Production Area Paradis Pond Port of Whitetail Saint Michaels Cemetery Saint Michaels Church (historical) Saint Thomas Catholic Church (historical) Si Merrell Slough South Fork Goodale Coulee South Fork Whitetail Creek Square Butte Whitetail Whitetail Whitetail Baptist Church (historical) Whitetail Cemetery Whitetail Community Church Whitetail Dam Whitetail Grain Company Elevator Whitetail Post Office Whitetail Reservoir Whitetail Reservoir Fishing Access Site Whitetail School (historical) Whitetail Storage Reservoir Willard Slough