Poplar, MT 59255 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Codes

ZIP Code 59255 is located in (77%) (23%)

59255 Street Addresses

10th Ave E ((400-499)) 10th Ave NE ((900-1099)) 11th Ave E ((400-499)) 11th Ave NE ((900-1199)) 12th Ave E ((400-499)) 12th Ave NE ((900-999)) 13th Ave NE ((900-1199)) 1st Ave W ((100-1199)) 2nd Ave E ((400-498)) 2nd Ave W ((101-799)) 3rd Ave E ((201-599)) 3rd Ave W ((100-799)) 4th Ave E ((201-599)) 4th Ave W ((100-698)) 5th Ave ((200-498)) 5th Ave E ((300-799)) 5th Ave W ((200-699)) 6000 Rd ((2001-2099)) 6th Ave E ((300-699)) 7th Ave E ((400-499)) 8th Ave E ((400-499)) 9th Ave E ((400-499)) 9th Ave NE ((1000-1099)) Assiniboine Ave ((801-899)) A St ((301-399)) A St E ((100-299)) A St W ((100-299)) BIA Rte 1 ((5101-6199)) BIA Rte 134 ((6000-6098)) BIA Rte 14 ((5600-5799)) Bluff Dr ((500-599)) Boulevard ((2-299)) B St ((100-399)) B St E ((100-599)) B St W ((200-499)) Chokecherry Dr ((901-1399)) Court Ave ((100-799)) C St ((300-499)) C St E ((100-698)) C St W ((300-599)) D St ((201-899)) D St E ((500-1198)) D St W ((101-299)) E Helena St ((100-199)) E St ((301-498)) E St E ((500-599)) Federal St ((200-299)) F St ((300-499)) F St E ((500-599)) F St W ((201-499)) G St ((300-499)) G St E ((500-1299)) G St W ((200-498)) H St ((101-199)) Hwy 251 ((5400-5498)) Indian St ((500-598)) Jackson St ((500-598)) Kirn Rd ((1400-1498)) N Airport Addition Rd ((1400-1498)) Pleasant Dr ((1000-1398)) Rd 1053 ((5700-5799)) Rd 1054 ((5901-5999)) Rd 1057 ((5800-5898)) Rd 1058 ((3301-3399)) Rd 2031 ((5101-5798)) Rd 2035 ((5701-5799)) Rd 2036 ((2001-4599)) Riverside Dr ((100-199)) Roosevelt Ave ((500-599)) Ry Rd ((3701-4199)) Santee Ave ((101-199)) Sioux St W ((301-399)) State Hwy 251 ((4401-4499)) Sunnyside Rd ((1500-1598)) US Hwy 2 ((201-499))

59255 Places and Attractions

27N49E02DB__01 Well 27N50E01DC__01 Well 27N50E01DD__01 Well 27N50E02BB__01 Well 27N50E02CB__01 Well 27N50E02DC__01 Well 27N50E02DC__02 Well 27N50E03AA__01 Well 27N50E03AD__01 Well 27N50E03AD__02 Well 27N50E03DB__01 Well 27N50E04AD__01 Well 27N50E04BB__01 Well 27N50E05CD__01 Well 27N50E07BB__01 Well 27N50E08CC__01 Well 27N50E08CD__01 Well 27N50E09BB__01 Well 27N50E10AB__01 Well 27N50E10CD__01 Well 27N50E11AA__01 Well 27N50E11AB__01 Well 27N50E11BB__01 Well 27N50E11BB__02 Well 27N50E11DA__01 Well 27N50E11DB__01 Well 27N50E11DD__01 Well 27N50E12AB__01 Well 27N50E12AB__02 Well 27N50E12AC__01 Well 27N50E12AD__01 Well 27N50E12AD__02 Well 27N50E12BB__01 Well 27N50E12CCBC01 Well 27N50E13BD__01 Well 27N50E14DDAA01 Well 27N50E23DD__01 Well 27N50E24BC__01 Well 27N50E24BC__02 Well 27N50E24BC__03 Well 27N50E25BD__01 Well 27N50E25BD__02 Well 27N51E04BC__01 Well 27N51E04CCAA01 Well 27N51E04CDDD01 Well 27N51E05CC__01 Well 27N51E05DB__01 Well 27N51E07AD__01 Well 27N51E07BD__01 Well 27N51E07BD__02 Well 27N51E07BD__05 Well 27N51E07DB__03 Well 27N51E07DB__04 Well 27N51E08CA__01 Well 27N51E08CA__02 Well 27N51E08CA__03 Well 27N51E08CA__04 Well 27N51E08DDD_01 Well 27N51E09CA__01 Well 27N51E09CC__01 Well 27N51E10BC__01 Well 27N51E10DA__01 Well 27N51E10DB__01 Well 27N51E11CC__01 Well 27N51E11CD__01 Well 27N51E13CB__01 Well 27N51E14BD__01 Well 27N51E15BB__01 Well 27N51E16CD__01 Well 27N51E16CD__02 Well 27N51E17DC__01 Well 27N51E17DC__02 Well 27N51E18BC__01 Well 27N51E18BC__02 Well 27N51E21BB__01 Well 27N52E17CB__01 Well 27N52E18AB__01 Well 27N52E18AD__01 Well 27N52E18CA__01 Well 28N49E01DA__01 Well 28N49E12BC__01 Well 28N49E24BD__01 Well 28N49E36CA__01 Well 28N49E36CBA_01 Well 28N49E36CD__01 Well 28N50E02AD__01 Well 28N50E07BA__01 Well 28N50E07BA__02 Well 28N50E12AB__01 Well 28N50E17DC__01 Well 28N50E21AA__01 Well 28N50E21AC__01 Well 28N50E21AD__01 Well 28N50E25DDDA01 Well 28N50E26DC__01 Well 28N50E27CB__01 Well 28N50E27CB__02 Well 28N50E29DD__01 Well 28N50E31BC__01 Well 28N50E31DA__01 Well 28N50E32CA__01 Well 28N50E32DA__01 Well 28N50E33DD__01 Well 28N50E34CC__01 Well 28N50E34CDBC01 Well 28N50E34DCAC01 Well 28N50E35CD__01 Well 28N50E36AAAA01 Well 28N50E36AAAA02 Well 28N50E36DDCA01 Well 28N50E36DD__01 Well 28N51E01BBBB01 Well 28N51E02AC__01 Well 28N51E04CCCD01 Well 28N51E08AAAC01 Well 28N51E08ADDA01 Well 28N51E08BACC01 Well 28N51E08BACC02 Well 28N51E08BBDA01 Well 28N51E08BBDB01 Well 28N51E08BDBA01 Well 28N51E08BDBA02 Well 28N51E08CCBB01 Well 28N51E08CCBC01 Well 28N51E08CCBC02 Well 28N51E08DDDB01 Well 28N51E09BCBB01 Well 28N51E09CCDD01 Well 28N51E09CDBB01 Well 28N51E09DCCC01 Well 28N51E12CC__01 Well 28N51E13CCCA01 Well 28N51E13CCCA02 Well 28N51E13CCCC01 Well 28N51E16DBCB01 Well 28N51E17AABA01 Well 28N51E17AABB01 Well 28N51E17ABDC01 Well 28N51E17ABDC02 Well 28N51E17ABDD01 Well 28N51E17ABDD02 Well 28N51E17ADAD01 Well 28N51E17DADA01 Well 28N51E17DDAD01 Well 28N51E18ABDC01 Well 28N51E19AB__01 Well 28N51E21BDBC01 Well 28N51E22BBBB01 Well 28N51E22CBCB01 Well 28N51E22CBCB02 Well 28N51E22CDCC01 Well 28N51E22CDCC02 Well 28N51E27ABAA01 Well 28N51E27AC__01 Well 28N51E27BBBB01 Well 28N51E29BACA01 Well 28N51E29CACB01 Well 28N51E32CCCB01 Well 28N51E32DCCC01 Well 28N51E33BBBB01 Well 28N51E33BBBC01 Well 28N51E33BBBC02 Well 28N51E33CBAA01 Well 28N51E33DDCC01 Well 28N51E33DDCC02 Well 28N51E33DDCC03 Well 28N51E33DDCC04 Well 28N51E33DDCC05 Well 29N50E05CC__01 Well 29N50E10CDCD01 Well 29N50E14CDAD01 Well 29N50E14CDDD01 Well 29N50E15BB__01 Well 29N50E23BAAA01 Well 29N50E33DDCC01 Spring 29N51E08CC__01 Well 29N51E09ABBA01 Well 29N51E09ABBA02 Well 29N51E09ABBA03 Well 29N51E09ABBA04 Well 29N51E09CA__01 Well 29N51E16BDAA01 Well 29N51E16CBCC01 Well 29N51E16CCAA01 Well 29N51E16DACA01 Well 29N51E16DDDD01 Well 29N51E17CCCC01 Well 29N51E19DCAC01 Well 29N51E19DDBA01 Spring 29N51E20ABBA01 Well 29N51E20ABBA02 Well 29N51E20DABB01 Well 29N51E21ABCB01 Well 29N51E21ABCC01 Well 29N51E21ABDA01 Well 29N51E21BBAA01 Well 29N51E21DDAC01 Well 29N51E29CBBB01 Well 29N51E30DDDD01 Spring 29N51E31AABB01 Well 29N51E31ABDD01 Well 29N51E31BDBA01 Well 29N51E31CABB01 Well 29N51E31DBAD01 Well 29N51E31DBDD01 Well 29N51E32ABAC01 Well 29N51E32ACCA01 Well 29N51E32BAAD01 Well 29N51E32BABB01 Well 29N51E32BABB02 Well 29N51E32BBAA01 Well 29N51E32BBBA01 Well 29N51E32BBBA02 Well 29N51E32BBBA03 Well 29N51E32BBBA04 Well 29N51E32BBBB01 Well 29N51E32BCCA01 Well 29N51E32BCCA02 Well 30N49E03ABDD01 Well 30N49E11BBCD01 Spring 30N49E12CCCC01 Well 30N49E27DCBB01 Well 30N49E36DCCC01 Well 30N50E05DCAB01 Well 30N50E20ABAA01 Well 30N50E21CACA01 Well 30N50E30ADBB01 Well 30N50E30BAAA01 Well 30N50E32BDBC01 Well 30N50E35ABAC01 Well 30N51E28DCAA01 Well 30N51E30DDAB01 Well 31N49E25BBCB01 Well 31N50E02BBCB01 Well 31N50E25DDDD01 Well 31N50E36AAAA01 Well 31N51E04AADA01 Well 31N51E04AADB01 Well 31N51E04AA__01 Well 31N51E04DDAB01 Well 32N49E13DA__01 Well 32N49E15CDCC01 Well 32N50E02DDAC01 Well 32N50E12AAAA01 Well 32N50E19BC__01 Well 32N50E21AAAA01 Spring 32N50E27DCDC01 Well 32N51E04BCBA01 Well 32N51E05BAAB01 Well 32N51E05BAAB02 Well 32N51E17DCCC01 Well 32N51E20ABBA01 Well 32N51E21ABBC01 Well 32N51E21ABCB01 Well 32N51E28DCCD01 Well 32N51E31CCCA01 Well 35N50E19CCDB01 Well American Legion Park Assembly of God Church Assiniboine Creek Badger Creek Baracker Dam Barney Rubbel Dam Beck Dam Boxelder Cemetery Boxelder Creek Boys Bend Bredette Bredette Post Office Bredette School (historical) Brethren Church (historical) Burshia School (historical) CCC Indian Division Number 5 Dam Camp Poplar River (historical) Chelsea Chelsea (historical) Chelsea Creek Chelsea Island Chelsea Slough Chief Drive In (historical) Chris Hill Church of the Nazarene Clark Pond Number 2 Dam Columbia Grain International Incorporated Elevator Crandall Reservoir Crandall Reservoir Dam Culbertson Creek Cusker School (historical) Cuskers House Dale Hospital (historical) Deertail Indian Village (historical) Dolezilek Reservoir Dam East Poplar Oil Field Fairview School (historical) Farmers Elevator Company Elevator (historical) First Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church Flea Creek Fort Jackson (historical) Fort Peck Community College Fort Peck Indian Reservation Historical Marker Fort Peck Reservation Number 22 Dam Fort Peck Tribal Museum Fort Poplar (historical) Give Out Morgan Creek Gray School (historical) Hertzberg School (historical) Horseshoe Lake Indian Health Hospital (historical) Indian Mission - Church of America (historical) J B Airport Kerns School (historical) Kirns Coulee Kirns Ranch Lindsey Memorial Presbyterian Church Little Badger Creek Little Badger Spring Lone Tree Creek Long Creek Lundville Post Office (historical) Malcolm Clarks Fort (historical) Mineral Bench School (historical) Native American Educational Services College Our Lady of Lourdes Church Peavey Company Elevator (historical) Pentecostal Church of God Full Gospel Church Poplar Poplar Poplar Airport Poplar Cemetery Poplar City Hospital (historical) Poplar City Library Poplar Community Hospital Poplar Community Nursing Home Poplar Elevator (historical) Poplar Fire Department Poplar Museum Poplar Police Department Poplar Post Office Poplar School Poplar Sewage Disposal Pond Dam Reservation School (historical) Riverside Family Clinic Rush School (historical) Saint Anns Cemetery Saint Anns Chapel Saint Johns Lutheran Church Seips School (historical) Short Creek Skinners Island Slims Coulee Smiths Mobile Park Square Butte Stentoft Dam Structure Number 119 Dam Structure Number 137 Dam Structure Number 139 Reservoir Swank Airport Swank Coulee Swank Reservoir Dam The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints United Grain Corporation Elevator (historical) West Poplar River Bridge White Shield Island Wilma Dam Winter Truesdal-Dirks Company Elevator (historical)