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36N40E22BCB_01 Well 36N40E22BCDD01 Well 36N41E19CBCD01 Well 36N42E30CA__01 Well 37N41E03ADCA01 Well 37N41E09ADCA01 Well 37N41E11DCDA01 Well 37N41E11DDCB01 Well 37N41E11DDCC01 Well 37N42E02CBCD02 Well 37N42E05DAAD01 Well 37N42E05DADA01 Well 37N42E09DDCC01 Well 37N42E09DDCD01 Well 37N42E12CBBA01 Well 37N42E12CBBA02 Well 37N42E12CBBA03 Well 37N42E13BCCB01 Well 37N42E16AABB01 Well 37N42E17BAAA01 Well 37N42E18BCBC01 Well 37N42E29ABCC01 Well 37N42E29CACA01 Well 37N42E34ADBB01 Well 37N42E36AACA01 Well 37N45E02CBCD01 Well A Anderson Dam Atlantic Elevator (historical) Barnard Post Office (historical) Barnard School (historical) Blatter Dam Bog Coulee School (historical) Chelt Post Office (historical) Coal Mine Hill Eddie Number 6 Dam Farmers Union Grain Company Elevator First Baptist Church of Opheim First Lutheran Church Ghost Number 1 Dam Glass Hill Glentana Glentana (historical) Glentana Elevator (historical) Glentana Post Office Glentana School (historical) Happy Valley Happy Valley School (historical) Holy Family Catholic Church Hopper School (historical) Kaminski Hill Kaminski Spring Kirk School (historical) Lawndale Cemetery Line Coulee Lost Sunflower School (historical) Marantha Center Morgan Creek Mosquito Creek Myers School (historical) North Bench Community Hall North Bench School (historical) Opheim Opheim (historical) Opheim Air Force Station (historical) Opheim Airport Opheim Community Library Opheim Fire Department Opheim Hills Opheim Park Opheim Police Department Opheim Post Office Opheim School Pleasant View School (historical) Professor Pool Dam Prospect School (historical) Richland Bench School (historical) Roanwood Roanwood Cemetery Roanwood Creek Roanwood Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical) Roanwood Post Office (historical) Roanwood School (historical) Roanwood Valley Round Butte Spring Valley School (historical) Stewart Creek Sweo Dam United Methodist Church VR-57 Dam VR-77 Dam Wheatland Post Office (historical) Wheatland School (historical)