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21N57E10CDDD01 Well 21N57E31DDCD01 Well 22N52E24DADD01 Well 22N53E05CDAA01 Well 22N53E10ABBD01 Well 22N53E16ACCC01 Well 22N53E18BCAB01 Well 22N53E22BDCB01 Well 22N53E23ABBD01 Well 22N53E26BAAA01 Well 22N53E29BDBD01 Well 22N53E30ABBB01 Well 22N53E35CCCD01 Well 22N54E06DABD01 Well 22N54E10CCCA01 Well 22N54E18ACBC01 Well 22N54E21CBBD01 Well 22N54E22BBCB01 Well 22N54E32BAAC01 Well 22N55E01AACA01 Well 22N55E07ABCD01 Well 22N55E23ADBD01 Well 22N55E26AD__01 Well 22N55E31DBDD01 Well 22N55E32ABDB01 Well 22N56E02DBBB01 Well 22N56E05BCAC01 Well 22N56E12CADC01 Well 22N56E15BDCC01 Well 22N56E22CADA01 Well 22N57E07CADA01 Well 22N57E17ACCB01 Well 22N57E20BDCC01 Well 22N57E21DCBC01 Well 22N57E27CDBD01 Well 22N58E03CDBD01 Well 22N58E06BABD01 Well 22N58E07DCCD01 Well 22N58E09BABB01 Well 22N58E19BDCB01 Well 22N59E15DCBC01 Well 23N50E06DBDD01 Well 23N51E04ABBB01 Well 23N51E04ABBC01 Well 23N51E04ABBC02 Well 23N51E12ADCC01 Well 23N51E13ABAB01 Well 23N51E14CCCB01 Well 23N51E14DDAD01 Well 23N51E20BBBC01 Well 23N51E20BBBD01 Well 23N51E22CBAC01 Well 23N51E22CBDB01 Well 23N51E23ACAD01 Well 23N51E26BDBB01 Well 23N52E07CDCA01 Well 23N52E07CDDB01 Well 23N52E09BCAB01 Well 23N52E14DCCD01 Well 23N52E15DDCA01 Well 23N52E16CBCD01 Well 23N52E18BDAC01 Well 23N52E18BDBA01 Well 23N52E20DABD01 Well 23N52E22BDDC01 Well 23N52E24BCBB01 Well 23N52E27BBAD01 Well 23N52E28AAAC01 Well 23N52E29CDDC01 Well 23N52E32DCDA01 Well 23N52E32DCDB01 Well 23N52E34AADD01 Well 23N53E01ABAA01 Well 23N53E10DDDB01 Well 23N53E13DDCC01 Well 23N53E14BAAB01 Well 23N53E14BABD01 Well 23N53E14BADA01 Well 23N53E14BADD01 Well 23N53E14BBAD01 Well 23N53E14BBDA01 Well 23N53E18ACCD01 Well 23N53E26CAAC01 Well 23N53E27BBDA01 Well 23N53E27BBDB01 Well 23N53E28BABB01 Well 23N53E30DCAA01 Well 23N53E31ABCA01 Well 23N53E32CCBD01 Well 23N54E07ABAB01 Well 23N54E08ACDB01 Well 23N54E11ACDD01 Well 23N54E18ADBC01 Well 23N54E18ADDA01 Well 23N54E18CADC01 Well 23N54E18CDBD01 Well 23N54E19BACD01 Well 23N54E20BCDD01 Well 23N54E32CABB01 Well 23N55E25DCCC01 Well 23N55E33AACD01 Well 23N56E09BAA_01 Well 23N56E15BD__01 Well 23N56E32BBBC01 Well 23N57E11CADA01 Well 23N57E14ADAD01 Well 23N57E22DDDA01 Well 23N58E08BABB01 Well 23N58E08BABC01 Well 23N58E19BABB01 Well 23N58E34DCCD01 Well 24N51E08CBCD01 Well 24N51E18D___01 Well 24N51E24DDAB01 Well 24N52E18CABB01 Well 24N52E22CBBD01 Well 24N52E22CBCA01 Well 24N52E22DCDD01 Well 24N52E28BBAD01 Well 24N52E28CAAB01 Well 24N52E29ABBA01 Well 24N52E33BBCA01 Well 24N53E01DACD01 Well 24N53E01DACD02 Well 24N53E09ABBB01 Well 24N53E12ABBC01 Well 24N53E13BCCC01 Well 24N53E14CBAA01 Well 24N53E14CBAA02 Well 24N53E14DBBA01 Well 24N53E15CCCD01 Well 24N53E24DDCB01 Well 24N53E24DDCB02 Well 24N53E25BCBB01 Well 24N53E25DADD01 Well 24N53E33BDAD01 Well 24N53E34AAAB01 Well 24N54E08BAAA01 Well 24N54E09CDDD01 Well 24N54E12ADCB01 Well 24N54E16CCCD01 Well 24N54E19DAAB01 Well 24N54E20BCDD01 Well 24N54E21DBDC01 Well 24N54E21DBDD01 Well 24N54E21DB__01 Well 24N54E23DABB01 Well 24N54E29CACB01 Well 24N54E30CBCA01 Well 24N54E30DCBC01 Well 24N55E33ACCD01 Well 24N56E19AB__01 Well 24N56E25DDAC01 Well 24N57E21DDAA01 Well 24N57E21DD__01 Well 24N57E32CBBB01 Well 24N58E29BCA_01 Well 25N52E30D___01 Well 25N53E30CCBB01 Well 25N53E30CCBC01 Well A M Prevost Dam Albin Dam Allan Dam Bahls Dam Bank Dam Bickett Coulee Bradley School (historical) Brorson (historical) Brorson Church (historical) Brorson Oil Field Brorson Post Office (historical) Brorson School Burke Dam Cactus Ridge (historical) Carda Coulee Christian and Missionary Alliance Church Clem Dam Coon Dam Crocket Dam Duplisse Creek East Fork Fox Creek Elkhorn Coulee Enid Enid (historical) Enid Post Office (historical) Enid School (historical) Erickson Dam Erickson Reservoir Farmers Equity Elevator (historical) Fatzinger Number 2 Dam First Lutheran Church Flag Butte Fox Lake Fox Lake Fox Lake Wildlife Management Area Gettysburg (historical) Gladowski Dam Gus Dam H S Dam Historical Society Museum Holiness Methodist Church (historical) Horse Creek International Elevator (historical) JJJJ Ross Dam Kemmis Post Office (historical) Kuester Dam Kuester Lake Kuester Reservoir Fishing Access Site Lambert Lambert (historical) Lambert Catholic Cemetery Lambert Cemetery Lambert Fire Department Lambert Park Lambert Post Office Lambert School Lane (historical) Lane Post Office (historical) Larson School (historical) Latka Dam Latka Number 5 Dam Latka Reservoir Lee Sa Number 2 Dam Long Grass Creek Manrock (historical) Middle Fork Fox Creek Midway Community Center Milne Coulee Muskrat Creek Nortana Grain Company Elevator North Fork East Redwater Creek North Fork Lisk Creek North Fork Lone Tree Creek Occident Elevator (historical) Occident Elevator Company Elevator (historical) Poleville School (historical) Prevost Number 2 Dam Prevost Reservoir Number 2 Rosaaen School (historical) Saint Theresas Catholic Church Salsbury Dam South Fork Lisk Creek South Fork Lone Tree Creek Spring Creek Three Buttes Three Buttes Creek Three Buttes Post Office (historical) Tri-W-Inc Number 2 Dam Union Congregational Church (historical) Vaira Dam West Fork Fox Creek Win Number 2 Dam Wishbone Dam Yodeling Valley Dam