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29N53E06BBBB01 Well 29N55E18DABC01 Well 29N56E02ADAB01 Well 29N56E04CDB_01 Well 29N57E16CBCA01 Well 29N57E30BCBB01 Well 30N55E01BAB_01 Well 30N55E01DDDD01 Well 30N55E03AAAA01 Well 30N55E10DDDD01 Well 30N55E23DBAB01 Well 30N55E32ACA_01 Well 30N55E36DADD01 Well 30N56E11BACD01 Well 30N57E23BCDC01 Well 30N57E35BB__01 Well Bergstrom School (historical) Big Sky Church Blowers School (historical) Clay Butte Dahl Hospital (historical) Dahley School (historical) Damm School Number 5 Damm School Number Two (historical) Dane Valley Post Office (historical) Dane Valley School (historical) Devils Kitchen Duck Lake Ebenezer Church Enterprise Post Office (historical) Enterprise School (historical) Faith Farm Church Farmers Elevator Company of Froid - Elevator Number One First Baptist Church Fjeseth Field Freidens Cemetery Freidens Church Froid Froid Froid Elevator Company of Froid - Elevator Number Two Froid Fire Department Froid Lutheran Church Froid Mission Chapel (historical) Froid Post Office Froid Public Library Froid School Grandview Church of the Brethren Hammond School Homestead Post Office (historical) Huso School (historical) Immaculate Conception Church Johnson Lake Kvile Cemetery LeClair School (historical) Leubke School (historical) Lost Creek McCabe McCabe McCabe Brothers Elevator (historical) McCabe Post Office McCabe School (historical) McCord School (historical) Medicine Structure Dam Miller School (historical) Moen (historical) Montana - Dakota Grain Company Elevator (historical) National School (historical) Picard Dam Pioneer School (historical) Portra Reservoir Number 1 Dam Rhoda School (historical) Rocky Point Rosedale School (historical) Sand Creek Sandy Butte School (historical) Sheep Creek Slab Crossing Smith School (historical) South Cemetery Teepee Creeper Dam Town Park Union Congregational Church Valley School (historical) Ward Reservoir Dam Zich School Zich School (historical)