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28N48E30ADCD01 Well 32N51E05BAAA01 Well 33N49E24CCDA01 Well 33N49E24CCDC01 Well 33N49E26DAAA01 Well 33N50E09CCDC01 Well 33N50E18BCBB01 Well 33N50E24BDDC01 Well 33N50E24DCBB01 Well 33N50E25ABBC01 Well 33N51E20DCCC01 Well 33N51E28BAAC01 Well 33N51E29BBBA01 Well 33N51E35CBCA01 Well 34N49E22DCCC01 Well 35N49E01ADCD01 Well 35N49E03ADDC01 Well 35N49E11DBAB01 Well 35N49E13BAAD01 Well 35N49E13DDAB01 Well 35N49E23CBBC01 Well 35N49E23CBBD01 Well 35N49E26AADD01 Well 35N49E34DDDA01 Well 35N50E06BCBD01 Well 35N50E07ADDB01 Well 35N50E08BADD01 Well 35N50E09ACAD01 Well 35N50E09BADB01 Well 35N50E10ACBB01 Well 35N50E14CBBB01 Well 35N50E14DDBD01 Well 35N50E15ABBC01 Well 35N50E15ABBC02 Well 35N50E15ABCB01 Well 35N50E16BABC01 Well 35N50E19CCDA01 Well 35N50E20DADB01 Well 35N50E22CBBA01 Well 35N50E26CCCA01 Well 35N50E27AADD01 Well 35N50E28ADCA01 Well 35N50E28ADCA02 Well 35N50E28CCBA01 Well 35N50E29AADD01 Well 35N50E29DDAB01 Well 35N50E30BCAA01 Well 35N50E31CCCD01 Well 35N50E34DAAA01 Well 35N51E17ABAA01 Well 35N51E18ABBD01 Well 36N49E24DADA01 Well 36N49E34DDDD01 Well 36N49E35BCCC01 Well 36N50E20DDDB01 Well 36N50E21AAAD01 Well 36N50E26AACD01 Well 36N50E28DBBA01 Well 36N50E31DADD01 Well 36N50E36BCAC01 Well 36N51E20DCCB01 Well 36N51E29CCCA01 Well Danelson Reservoir Dam Eagles Nest Farmers Co-Op Elevator (historical) Farmers Union Grain Terminal Association Elevator (historical) Flaxville Flaxville Flaxville Cemetery Flaxville Fire Department Flaxville Lutheran Parish Flaxville Methodist Church (historical) Flaxville Post Office Flaxville School Flaxville Waterfowl Production Area Hay Creek Higgins and Tryan Dam J Jacobsen Number 1 Dam J Jacobsen Number 2 Dam McCoys Dam Navaho Post Office (historical) Navajo Navajo Navajo School (historical) Orville Cemetery Pleasant Prairie Pleasant Prairie Cemetery Pleasant Prairie Community Hall Pleasant Prairie Lutheran Church Saint Louis Catholic Church Westby School Center (historical) Zion Lutheran Church (historical)