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27N56E01AA__01 Well 27N56E05CA__01 Well 27N57E02CB__01 Well 27N57E03DB__01 Well 27N57E04AB__01 Well 27N57E07BDCA01 Well 27N57E10BA__01 Well 27N57E10BA__02 Well 27N57E13CB__01 Well 27N57E14AA__01 Well 27N57E14AA__02 Well 27N57E18AB__01 Well 27N57E26DB__01 Well 28N41E36ADDB01 Well 28N55E01CB__01 Well 28N55E06ABAC01 Well 28N55E22BB__01 Well 28N55E23ABDB01 Well 28N55E23AD__01 Well 28N55E24BA__01 Well 28N55E24DD__01 Well 28N55E27AC__01 Well 28N55E27BA__01 Well 28N55E34AA__01 Well 28N55E34AA__02 Well 28N55E35AD__01 Well 28N55E36AA__01 Well 28N55E36AA__02 Well 28N55E36AA__03 Well 28N55E36BD__01 Well 28N55E36CD__01 Well 28N56E01AA__01 Well 28N56E01CB__02 Well 28N56E02AA__01 Well 28N56E02CA__01 Well 28N56E02CA__02 Well 28N56E02DA__01 Well 28N56E03AA__01 Well 28N56E03BB__01 Well 28N56E04BA__01 Well 28N56E04DA__01 Well 28N56E06AD__01 Well 28N56E07AA__01 Well 28N56E07ADCA01 Well 28N56E10CA__01 Well 28N56E11CB__01 Well 28N56E12AB__01 Well 28N56E12AB__02 Well 28N56E12BADD01 Well 28N56E12BA__01 Well 28N56E12CB__01 Well 28N56E12DB__01 Well 28N56E12DB__02 Well 28N56E14CB__01 Well 28N56E15CA__01 Well 28N56E16AD__01 Well 28N56E20CA__01 Well 28N56E20CB__01 Well 28N56E21AC__01 Well 28N56E21CA__01 Well 28N56E23DB__01 Well 28N56E24DBCC01 Well 28N56E24DB__01 Well 28N56E24DD__01 Well 28N56E25BD__01 Well 28N56E26CB__01 Well 28N56E26DB__01 Well 28N56E27AD__01 Well 28N56E27BD__01 Well 28N56E27BD__02 Well 28N56E27BD__03 Well 28N56E27CA__01 Well 28N56E28BD__01 Well 28N56E28BD__02 Well 28N56E29AC__01 Well 28N56E29BC__01 Well 28N56E29BC__02 Well 28N56E29BC__03 Well 28N56E29CB__01 Well 28N56E29CD__01 Well 28N56E29DB__01 Well 28N56E29DC__01 Well 28N56E29DD__01 Well 28N56E30CC__01 Well 28N56E30DD__01 Well 28N56E32AA__01 Well 28N56E32DB__01 Well 28N56E32DD__02 Well 28N56E33AB__01 Well 28N56E33AD__01 Well 28N56E33CD__01 Well 28N56E36CB__01 Well 28N56E36CB__02 Well 28N57E05AC__01 Well 28N57E06DD__01 Well 28N57E07CC__01 Well 28N57E08BB__01 Well 28N57E08DD__01 Well 28N57E09CC__01 Well 28N57E19CD__01 Well 28N57E20AA__01 Well 28N57E28CD__01 Well 28N57E28DC__01 Well 28N57E28DD__01 Well 28N57E29DB__01 Well 28N57E30BB__01 Well 28N57E31AD__01 Well 28N57E31AD__02 Well 28N57E31CB__01 Well 28N57E31CB__02 Well 28N57E32DB__01 Well 28N57E32DB__02 Well 28N57E32DB__03 Well 28N57E33AA__01 Well 28N57E33AB__01 Well 28N57E33CB__01 Well 28N57E34DD__01 Well Bauer Cemetery Becker School (historical) Bethel Free Lutheran Church Big Sky Field Boyd (historical) Boyd Post Office (historical) Bruegger Centennial Park C C Recreation Complex Clover (historical) Clover Creek Culbertson Culbertson Culbertson Fire Department Culbertson Museum Culbertson Police Department Culbertson Post Office Culbertson Public Library Culbertson School Culbertson Sewage Disposal Ponds Dam Everson-Clayton Mortuary Chapel Farmers Elevator Company Elevator Finnicum Mobile Home Park First Baptist Church Gettin' High Dam Helton Nursing Home (historical) Hillside Cemetery Lanark Lanark (historical) Lanark Post Office (historical) Lanark School (historical) Liberty School (historical) Moothart School (historical) Mrs Spiegelbergs Hospital (historical) Newtons Maternity Hospital (historical) Pleasant View School (historical) Presbyterian Church (historical) Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Roosevelt Memorial Clinic Roosevelt Memorial Hospital Roosevelt Memorial Nursing Home Saint Anthonys Catholic Church Saint Pauls Lutheran Church (historical) Saxton Independent Elevator (historical) Scott Creek Sugar Top Hill Swimming Pool Park Tawopa (historical) Tawopa Post Office (historical) The Point Thomsen School (historical) Trinity Lutheran Church United Methodist Church (historical) Walker Mobile Home Park