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16N46E02ACBA01 Well 16N46E06AABB01 Well 16N46E06AABB02 Well 16N46E12DCCA01 Well 16N46E20DAAB01 Well 16N46E20DABA01 Well 16N46E26DBBA01 Well 16N46E30AABB01 Well 16N46E31BABB01 Well 16N46E32BBAA01 Well 16N46E35BDDC01 Well 17N44E01ACAA01 Well 17N44E02BAAB01 Well 17N44E02BABA01 Well 17N44E03ADCD01 Well 17N44E08AAAD01 Well 17N44E10ABAA01 Well 17N44E12ABBC01 Well 17N44E12ABBC02 Well 17N44E13CCBD01 Well 17N44E16DABC01 Well 17N44E17BAAD01 Well 17N44E19ABBB01 Well 17N44E23ADBB01 Well 17N44E24AAAA01 Well 17N44E24DAAA01 Well 17N44E27ABBC01 Well 17N44E29ABBB01 Well 17N44E30ABBC01 Well 17N44E32ADAA01 Well 17N44E32ADAC01 Well 17N44E32ADAC02 Well 17N44E32ADAC03 Well 17N44E32ADAD01 Well 17N44E34DDBA01 Well 17N44E35AABA01 Well 17N44E36ACDD01 Well 17N45E01DCAA01 Well 17N45E04BDBB01 Well 17N45E05CAAA01 Well 17N45E06AAAA01 Well 17N45E06ABBD01 Well 17N45E10ADCD01 Well 17N45E11ACDD01 Well 17N45E12BCBD01 Well 17N45E20CCC_01 Well 17N45E23BBAB01 Well 17N45E25BABC01 Well 17N46E04CCAC01 Well 17N46E11ADCC01 Well 17N46E15AAAA01 Well 17N46E20BCDD01 Well 17N46E32DBAB01 Well 17N47E01BCDA01 Well 17N47E04ACBA01 Well 17N47E16DDDD01 Well 17N47E17DBD_01 Well 17N47E31CCCA01 Well 17N48E29BDCB01 Well 17N48E35DBBA01 Well 18N44E16CCCB01 Well 18N44E19BDAD01 Well 18N44E20BABC01 Well 18N44E30BDCA01 Well 18N45E24CDDC01 Well 18N45E25BAAC01 Well 18N45E27DADD01 Well 18N45E30DDCB01 Well 18N45E34ACCD01 Well 18N45E34DBBB01 Well 18N45E34DBBB02 Well 18N46E13ADDB01 Well 18N46E16DDAD01 Well 18N46E19ABBC01 Well 18N46E21DCBD01 Well 18N46E24ACCC01 Well 18N46E26BDCA01 Well 18N46E26CBCA01 Well 18N46E27AADB01 Well 18N46E27CACD01 Well 18N46E28DABC01 Well 18N46E28DBAD01 Well 18N46E29ADDB01 Well 18N46E30ADAC01 Well 18N46E33BBCA01 Well 18N46E33DAAA01 Well 18N46E35BBAD01 Well 18N47E18DBCC01 Well 18N47E19DDD_01 Well 19N44E21DCDD01 Well Ash Creek Bearshack Creek Beauty Creek Berry School (historical) Biebers Cemetery Biebers Cemetery Brockway Brockway (historical) Brockway Cemetery Brockway Community Church Brockway Post Office Brockway School (historical) Brost Cemetery Chalk Butte Cotter Creek Dirty Creek Duck Creek Dunlap Creek East Duck Creek Farmers Elevator Farmers Union Elevator (historical) For Sale Dam Frady Number 1 Dam Fryxell Coulee Harvard Dam Hay Creek Hedstorm Reservoir Dam Hedstrom Lake Hughes Dam Jordan Reservoir Number 1 Dam Jordan Reservoir Number 2 Dam Lisk Creek Lisk Creek Dam Lisk Creek Dam Lisk Creek Reservoir Lower Summit Lutheran Church (historical) North Fork Tusler Creek Occident Elevator (historical) Paris (historical) Paris Post Office (historical) Pasture Creek Patterson Coulee Redwater Well Seventh Day Adventist Church (historical) South Fork Tusler Creek Stony Butte Creek Stony Butte Hill Stony Butte Post Office (historical) Stony Butte School (historical) Thorn Dam Thorpe Elevator (historical) Trail Creek Tusler Creek Tusler Creek Oyargers and Pardies Dam Wackle Dam Walkerville Dam Watkins Watkins Post Office (historical) West Duck Creek White (historical) White Post Office (historical) Wilson School (historical)