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12N26E11AA__01 Well 12N27E03BBD_01 Well 12N27E34BDB_01 Well 12N28E06DADA01 Well 12N28E09AABC01 Well 12N28E13DB__01 Well 12N28E29CCD_01 Well 13N24E12DDA_01 Well 13N25E03DBA_01 Well 13N25E09CD__01 Well 13N25E10DCB_01 Well 13N25E18____01 Well 13N26E01DA__01 Well 13N27E14ACC_01 Well 13N28E03CDDC01 Well 13N28E31CCC_01 Well 14N25E06BAB_01 Well 14N25E23ACD_01 Well 14N25E23DD__01 Well 14N26E02CAD_01 Well 14N26E25DDB_01 Well 14N26E35ACC_01 Well 14N26E35AD__01 Well 14N27E05DBB_01 Well 14N27E27CCB_01 Well 14N29E25ADD_01 Well 14N30E09DBC_01 Well 15N21E07AAAB01 Well 15N25E04CCD_01 Well 15N25E24DBD_01 Well 15N25E30BBB_01 Well 15N25E30BBC_01 Well 15N26E13DD__01 Well 15N29E09ADDB01 Well 15N29E10CAC_01 Well 15N29E11CDD_01 Well 15N29E11DD__01 Well 15N30E21BAC_01 Well 16N24E07CC__01 Well 16N24E15DDB_01 Well 16N24E19BAB_01 Well 16N24E28AAC_01 Well 16N25E01BAA_01 Well 16N25E09DDD_01 Well 16N25E18DDD_01 Well 16N25E20BAC_01 Well 16N25E20BAC_02 Well 16N28E22CBD_01 Well 16N29E26BBDA01 Well 17N18E19DBDB01 Spring 17N24E17CC__01 Well 17N24E19DBA_01 Well 17N24E34CAB_01 Well 17N25E08BBB_01 Well 17N25E25AC__01 Well 17N27E30CAC_01 Well 17N27E34AAD_01 Well 17N28E09DB__01 Well 17N28E11CA__01 Well 18N26E29AAA_01 Well 18N27E03BBB_01 Well 18N27E11BAC_01 Well 18N29E13BD__01 Well 19N27E24DCAD01 Well 20N28E29BA__01 Well 20N29E28CBDC01 Well 21N27E34ACCC01 Well 21N27E34CA__01 Well Akins Coulee Alkali Creek Alkali Creek Anderson Coulee Ashley Post Office (historical) Ashley School (historical) Athearn School (historical) B Shaw Number 1 Dam Bachman School (historical) Bear Creek Beedie School (historical) Bender Creek Bethel Number 1 Dam Bethel Number 11 Dam Bethel Number 4 Dam Bethel Number 7 Dam Biggett Coulee Blakeslee (historical) Blakeslee Post Office (historical) Blakeslee School (historical) Blood Creek Blood Creek School (historical) Bohn Number 3 Dam Box Elder Creek Box Elder Creek Bridge Box Elder School (historical) Box Elder School (historical) Brady Number 1 Dam Brady Number 2 Dam Brady Number 4 Dam Brady School (historical) Bratten School (historical) Breed Spring Brickyard Creek Brown School (historical) Brush Creek Brush Creek School (historical) Buffalo Creek Bull Springs Coulee Burgeton Post Office (historical) Camelbratten Coulee Carmichael School (historical) Carpenter Coulee Carrell School (historical) Carter Coulee Castle Rock School (historical) Cat Creek Cat Creek Cat Creek Cemetery Cat Creek Post Office (historical) Cat Creek School (historical) Chain Buttes Chokecherry Coulee Circle Bar Coulee Circle Bar School (historical) Circle Bar Spring Clamhopper Number 1 Dam Connoly Coulee Cottonwood Creek Crooked Creek Campground Crooked Creek Recreation Area Crowley Dam D Bartlett Number 2 Dam DE Stewart Number 1 Dam Damschen Number 2 Dam Davis Coulee Davis School (historical) Davis Spring Deep Coulee Deep Coulee Dam Delaney Number 2 Dam Devine School (historical) Dixon School (historical) Dog Butte Dovetail (historical) Dovetail Butte Dovetail Creek Dovetail Number 1 Dam Dovetail Post Office (historical) Dovetail School (historical) Drag Creek Drag Dam Drulett Post Office (historical) Dry Blood Creek Dry Blood Dam Dry Creek Dryland School (historical) Duck Creek Duck Creek School (historical) Ducky Number 1 Dam Duff Hill Dunn Ridge Dutton Coulee East Burgeton School (historical) Edgewater Post Office (historical) Eliasson Dam Elk Creek Elk Creek School (historical) Farmers Union Elevator (historical) Feldt Coulee Fermus Post Office (historical) First Baptist Church First Lutheran Church Fisher Coulee Flannigan School (historical) Flatwillow Flatwillow Cemetery Flatwillow Creek Flatwillow Creek Number 2 Dam Flatwillow Post Office (historical) Follette School (historical) Fords Creek Fort Musselshell School (historical) Franklin School (historical) Frazer Number 1 Dam Gairrett School (historical) George Ore Memorial Park Gibbs Coulee Gilfeather Cemetery Glaze School (historical) Goffena Number 2 Dam Goffena Number 4 Dam Gomer School (historical) Gordon Coulee Gorman Coulee H Stensvad Number 1 Dam H Stensvad Number 2 Dam HEADMAN Dam Hailstone School (historical) Haley Coulee Hanson Coulee Harris Number 1 Dam Harts School (historical) Hassett Number 1 Dam Hassett Number 2 Dam Hassett Number 3 Dam Hay Coulee Headman-Field Reservoir Hodges School (historical) Horse Camp Trail Horseshoe Bend School (historical) Hough School (historical) Howard Coulee Number 1 Dam Howard Coulee School (historical) Hoyle (historical) Hoyle Post Office (historical) Ingals Dam J King Number 1 Dam J King Number 2 Dam J Schultz Number 1 Dam Jackson Coulee Jim Bartlett Field Jitney (historical) Jitney Post Office (historical) Johnson Coulee Kastner Coulee Kelley Kelley Post Office (historical) Kelley School (historical) Kettle Spring Kid Hollow School (historical) Kirkendal Flat Kocer School (historical) L and V Rowten Number 1 Dam Lakeview School (historical) Lamberts Bench Lane Coulee Leslie School (historical) Lewis Dam Number 1 Lewis Dam Number 2 Little Bear Lake Little Box Elder Creek Lone Prairie School (historical) Lone Star School (historical) Long Coulee Long School (historical) Lower Flatwillow School (historical) Lower Weede School (historical) Lucky Fort (historical) Mackrill School (historical) Maginnis Creek Manuel Number 1 Dam Manuel Number 2 Dam Marty School (historical) Maxwell Ranch McArthur Ranch McDonald Creek Mecaha School (historical) Minor School (historical) Montana Elevator (historical) Morningstar School (historical) Mosby Dome Cat Creek Oil Field Mud Spring Mud Springs Creek N Barnett Number 1 Dam N Barrett Number 2 Dam Nelson Coulee Nettleton School (historical) Neumann School (historical) New Long School (historical) North Fork Yellow Water Creek North Maginnis Creek North Willow Creek Novak Homestead Orient School (historical) Ox Yoke Dam Payola Dam Petroleum County Courthouse Petroleum County Public Library Petroleum County Sheriffs Department Petrolia Dam Petrolia Lake Petrolia Post Office (historical) Petrolia School (historical) Pickerd Coulee Pike Creek Pike Creek Hills Pilgrim School (historical) Pilgrim School (historical) Pilgrim School (historical) Pineview School (historical) Plainview School (historical) Plainview School (historical) Prtrolla Lake Quigg-Sutton School (historical) Racehorse Coulee Rattlesnake Butte Rattlesnake Butte Oil Field Raundal Coulee Remley School (historical) Resettlement FSA Number 3 Dam Resettlement FSA Number 5 Dam Rigg School (historical) Rimrock Hospital (historical) Rocking Chair Butte School (historical) Root School (historical) Rung School (historical) Sage Creek Sage Creek School (historical) Saint Aloysius Church Salt Sage Coulee Sandman Number 1 Dam Schellenberger School (historical) Seminary Number 10 Dam Seventy-Nine School (historical) Shale Coulee Shale Creek Dam Shale Ridge School (historical) Sharkey Number 1 Dam Shay (historical) Shay School (historical) Sheldon School (historical) Skibby School (historical) Smith Post Office (historical) Snoose Creek South Fork Bear Creek South Fork Dry Blood Creek South Fork Dry Blood Creek Dam Spring Coulee Staff Post Office (historical) Staff School (historical) Stroup School (historical) Sunnyside School (historical) Swanson Coulee Teigen Teigen (historical) Teigen Post Office (historical) Teigen School (historical) Three Buttes Tin Can Hill Torger Dam US Number 37 Dam US Number 38 Dam US Number 41 Dam US Number 44 Dam United Methodist Church Upper Flatwillow School (historical) Veseth and Veseth Number 4 Dam Walker School (historical) Wallview (historical) Wallview School (historical) War Horse Lake War Horse Lake War Horse Lake War Horse National Wildlife Refuge Warhorse Dam Warhorse West Dike Weede School (historical) Weingart Home School (historical) Weingart Lane and Livestock Number 1 Dam Welter Post Office (historical) Welter School (historical) West Dome Cat Creek Oil Field West End School (historical) West School Section Coulee Weston School (historical) Whitaker School (historical) Whites Coulee Wiggins Number 2 Dam Wiggins Number 3 Dam Wild Horse Lake Williams Coulee Number 2 Dam Wilson School (historical) Winnett Winnett (historical) Winnett Cemetery Winnett Fire Department Winnett Hospital (historical) Winnett Irrigation County Ditch Winnett Post Office Winnett Public Schools Wolf Coulee Woods Coulee Woods Place Yellow Water Basin School (historical) Yellow Water Creek Yellow Water Dike Yellow Water Main Dam Yellow Water Reservoir Yellow Water School (historical) Zimmerman Dam Number 1