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01N37E19DABB01 Well 04S26E30DDBB01 Well 05S25E14DCDC01 Well 05S25E18BDCB01 Well 05S27E15BCBB01 Well 05S28E22BCDC01 Well 05S31E35CCC_02 Well 05S31E36DBB_01 Well 05S32E11BBB_01 Well 05S32E20BAA_01 Well 05S35E14CBBA01 Well 05S35E15CB__01 Well 05S35E16DDDC01 Well 05S35E22BB__01 Well 05S35E22BDBB01 Well 05S35E22CB__01 Well 05S35E22CC__01 Well 05S35E22DCBB01 Well 05S35E27BADC01 Well 05S35E27BA__01 Well 05S35E27BB__01 Well 05S35E27BB__02 Well 05S35E27BB__03 Well 05S35E27BB__04 Well 05S35E27BB__05 Well 05S35E27BD__01 Well 05S35E27CCDC01 Well 05S35E27CD__01 Well 05S35E27DB__01 Well 05S35E34ABBB01 Well 05S35E34BBBD01 Well 05S35E34BD__01 Well 05S35E34CD__01 Well 05S35E34DBBB01 Well 05S35E34DB__01 Well 05S35E34DC__01 Well 0635E25BAAA01_ Well 06S30E13DDC_01 Spring 06S30E24DCD_01 Spring 06S31E19BCC_01 Spring 06S31E30BDB_01 Spring 06S32E27CD__01 Well 06S32E34ACC_01 Well 06S33E13ACCC01 Well 06S35E01BCAA01 Well 06S35E01BC__01 Well 06S35E01CABA01 Well 06S35E01CBCD01 Well 06S35E01CB__01 Well 06S35E01CD__01 Well 06S35E01DC__01 Well 06S35E10DC__01 Well 06S35E11ACBB01 Well 06S35E11ACBB02 Well 06S35E11CABC01 Well 06S35E11CD__01 Well 06S35E11DA__01 Well 06S35E11DD__01 Well 06S35E12ACBB01 Well 06S35E12BDDC01 Well 06S35E12CBCC01 Well 06S35E12DD__01 Well 06S35E13AA__01 Well 06S35E13AB__01 Well 06S35E13ACAC01 Well 06S35E13AC__01 Well 06S35E13AC__02 Well 06S35E13AC__03 Well 06S35E13AC__04 Well 06S35E13AC__05 Well 06S35E13ADCC01 Well 06S35E13BABD01 Well 06S35E13BA__01 Well 06S35E13CAAA01 Well 06S35E13CAAA02 Well 06S35E13CB__01 Well 06S35E13CDAD01 Well 06S35E13CDCB01 Well 06S35E13DCBB01 Well 06S35E14AA__01 Well 06S35E14BC__01 Well 06S35E14CA__01 Well 06S35E14DA__01 Well 06S35E14DB__01 Well 06S35E14DCAA01 Well 06S35E21DB__01 Well 06S35E22ABCC01 Well 06S35E22AB__01 Well 06S35E22BDDD01 Well 06S35E23BDAD01 Well 06S35E23CABB01 Well 06S35E23CDCD01 Well 06S35E24CACD01 Well 06S35E24CACD02 Well 06S35E25CDBB01 Well 06S35E29AB__01 Well 06S35E29BABB01 Well 06S35E29CBDC01 Well 06S35E31ACCA01 Well 06S35E31CBCB01 Well 06S35E35DDAB01 Well 06S35E35DDBC01 Well 06S35E35DDBC02 Well 06S35E36BCBC01 Well 06S35E36BCBC02 Well 06S36E06CBBA01 Well 06S36E18ACAD01 Well 06S36E29CDAC01 Well 06S36E29DCDB01 Well 06S36E33BACB01 Well 07S32E02BB__01 Well 07S3411AADB01_ Well 07S34E11CBDD01 Well 07S34E12ABBB01 Well 07S34E12ABBB02 Well 07S34E15CBDA01 Well 07S34E21CAD01_ Spring 07S34E21CCDA01 Well 07S34E29ADCB01 Well 07S35E06BADC01 Well 07S35E06BCA_01 Well 07S35E11ACAA01 Well 07S35E11ACAA02 Well 07S35E11ACAD01 Well 07S35E11ADBA01 Well 07S35E11DBCB01 Well 07S35E11DCADO1 Well 07S35E14ACC01_ Well 07S35E23ABCC01 Well 07S35E23BDDB01 Well 07S35E26DAB_01 Well 07S35E36CBDB01 Well 07S38E12DCA_01 Spring 07S38E14ACDD01 Spring 07S38E24DADB01 Spring 07S38E24DADB02 Spring 07S38E24DBD_01 Well 07S38E24DBD_02 Spring 08S34E06ACDC01 Well 08S35E11BCAC01 Well 08S35E14BCCB01 Well 08S35E14BDBB01 Well 08S35E15ACAA01 Well 08S38E02CCBA01 Spring 08S38E11ADBC01 Spring 08S38E11ADBD01 Well 08S38E17DADD01 Well 08S38E17DADD02 Well 08S38E28DADB01 Well 08S38E28DADB02 Well Afterbay Campground Albright School (historical) Alligator Creek Alligator Spring Antler School (historical) Arrowhead Spring Ash Coulee Barber Ranch Bear Creek Big Bull Elk Canyon Big Bull Elk Creek Big Day Cemetery Big Horn Mountains Big Spring Bighorn Canyon Bighorn Canyon Bighorn Canyon Bighorn Canyon Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area Bighorn Fishing Access Site Bighorn Lake Bighorn Lake Bird Creek Bird Spring Black Canyon Black Canyon Creek Box Canyon Brown Ranch Brown Reservoir Brown School (historical) Buffalo Creek Buffalo Jump Camp Five School (historical) Camp Four Castle Rocks Chalk Butte Chalk Butte Reservoir Chicopee (historical) Chief Plenty Coups Museum Chief Plenty Coups State Park Clabber Creek Commissary Springs Cook Stove Canyon Cooper Basin Cooper Basin Coulee Cooper Ridge Corral Creek School (historical) Cottonwood Camp Cottonwood Coulee Crater Lake Crockett (historical) Crow Indian Reservation Crow Number 12 Dam Crow Number 53 Dam Crow Number 67 Dam Crow Number 68 Dam Crow Number 69 Dam Crown Butte Deer Creek Dry Beaver Creek Dry Creek Dry Head Ranch Dry Soap Creek East Dipping Vat Coulee East Fork Buster Creek East Fork Dryhead Creek Eychaner Coulee Faith Baptist Church First Crow Indian Baptist Church Flat Creek Fort C F Smith (historical) Fort C F Smith Historical Marker Fort Smith Fort Smith Elementary School Fort Smith Landing Strip Fort Smith Ruins Fort Smith Sewage Disposal Ponds Dam Fort Smith Visitor Center Forty Mile Colony Fortymile Canal Fritzler Coulee Frozen Leg Canyon Gc Lande Number 1 Dam Good Luck Creek Good Luck School (historical) Goose Coulee Grapevine Creek Grapevine Dome Green School (historical) Grey Blanket Creek Grey Blanket School (historical) H C Brown Number 1 Dam Halfway Creek Halfway Dam Halfway Reservoir Harris School (historical) Hay Coulee Horse Coulee Interchange 530 Ionia (historical) Jess Coulee Johnny Creek Kid Creek Krone Ditch LIMING Reservoir Dam Lemonade Springs Lime Kiln Creek Limestone Military Reservation (historical) Liming Reservoir Little Bear Creek Little Beaver Creek Little Bull Elk Canyon Little Bull Elk Creek Little Corral Creek Little Finger Ridge Little Horn (historical) Little Mountain Little Owl Creek Lodge Grass Lodge Grass Lodge Grass Canal Number One Lodge Grass Canal Number Two Lodge Grass Cemetery Lodge Grass Creek Lodge Grass Creek Lodge Grass Creek Lodge Grass Creek Lodge Grass Post Office Lodge Grass Public Schools Lodge Grass Reservoir Lodge Grass Storage Reservoir Lone Pine Creek Lost Creek Lost Creek Ditch Lost Creek Spring Macheta Creek Middle Creek Middle Creek School (historical) Middle Fork Buster Creek Middle Pine Creek Middle Ridge Millers Ranch Mission Coulee Moonshine Draw Mountain Pocket Creek North Fork Good Luck Creek North Fork Grapevine Creek North Fork Indian Creek North Fork Sioux Pass Creek North Fork Squirrel Creek North Sand Creek Oswald (historical) Our Lady of Loretto Church Owl Creek Pine Coulee Pine Creek Pitchfork Creek Plenty Coups High School Porcupine Creek Powerhouse Yellowtail Dam Pryor Pryor (historical) Pryor Cemetery Pryor Creek Boarding School (historical) Pryor Ditch Number One Pryor Ditch Number Three Pryor Ditch Number Two Pryor Gap Pryor Land Number 1 Dam Pryor Mountains Pryor Post Office Pryor Public School Pryor Valley Assembly Church Punch Bowl Creek Push Creek Rattlesnake Butte Red Spring Creek Robert Miller Ditch Rotten Coulee Rotten Grass Canyon Saint Charles Borromeo Church Saint Charles Mission School Sand Spring Schaak Ranch Section House Draw Shavings Creek Shick Ranch Shively Creek Shortys Hill Siemion Ranch Singgood Cemetery Sioux Pass Sioux Pass Creek Slaughter Creek Sloan Ditch Soap Creek Soap Creek Ditch Soap Creek Oilfield South Fork Good Luck Creek South Fork Grapevine Creek South Fork West Soap Creek South Sand Creek Spear Spear (historical) Spear Ranch Spring Creek Spring Creek Ranch Steinhelber Reservoir Dam Steinhilber Reservoir Summit Creek Sunday Creek The Buffalo Pasture The Forks Cow Camp Three Springs Upper Indian Creek Reservoir Upper Pryor School (historical) Upper Rotten Grass School (historical) War Man Creek War Man Mountain Warman School (historical) West Dipping Vat Coulee West Fork Buster Creek West Pryor Mountain West Soap Creek West Soap Creek West Soap Creek School (historical) White Arm Park White Man Runs Him Creek Willcutt Ranch William Miller Ditch Willow Creek Willow Creek Willow Creek Dam Willow Creek Dam Wolf Mountain Lookout Tower Wolf Mountains Wolf Ranch Wyola Creek Yellowtail Afterbay Dam Yellowtail Afterbay Reservoir Yellowtail Dam