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09N32E01AAA_01 Well 09N32E18DDDB01 Well 09N35E28BA__01 Well 09N35E34AB__01 Well 09N35E34BA__01 Well 10N32E26BCD_01 Well 10N34E23DA__01 Well 10N34E26AA__01 Well 10N36E06CACA01 Well 10N36E06CA__01 Well 10N36E29DDC_01 Well 11N31E11DA__01 Well 11N31E11DBD_01 Well 11N31E34DAC_01 Well 11N31E36AADD01 Well 11N32E15ABAC01 Well 11N32E24ADCD01 Well 11N32E24AD__01 Well 71 Ranch Dam A S Welch Number 1 Dam Antelope Creek Antelope School (historical) BN Number 3 Dam BS Kincheloe Number 1 Dam BS Kincheloe Number 3 Dam BS Kincheloe Number 5 Dam BS Kincheloe Number 6 Dam BS Kincheloe Number 7 Dam Bar 69 Number 4 Dam Bar 69 Number 5 Dam Bar 69 Number 6 Dam Bar G9 Number 2 Dam Bascom Bascom (historical) Bascom Oil Field Bascom Post Office (historical) Bascom School (historical) Beaverball Creek Bethel College Number 3 Dam Big Breed Creek Big Timber Number 10 Dam Big Timber Number 13 Dam Big Timber Number 14 Dam Big Timber Number 15 Dam Big Timber Number 16 Dam Big Timber Number 17 Dam Big Timber Number 20 Dam Big Timber Number 21 Dam Big Timber Number 24 Dam Big Timber Number 27 Dam Big Timber Number 29 Dam Big Timber Number 37 Dam Big Timber Number 7 Dam Big Timber Number 8 Dam Black Sea Reservoir Black Sea Reservoir Dam Blacktail School (historical) Blind Coulee Brooks School (historical) Bs Kincheloe Dam Butts School (historical) Coffee Number 2 Dam Coffee Number 3 Dam Collier School Cooper Coulee Downs Number 1 Dam Eagle Rock East Keggy Coulee Erickson Ranch Fairview School (historical) Finch Ranch Fox Homestead Galbraith Galbreath School (historical) Galt Number 22 Dam Getchell Coulee Grebe Number 1 Dam Grebe Ranch Guthridge Dam Guthridge Ranch Guthridge School (historical) Hauck Ranch Hecker Ranch Hibbard (historical) Hibbard (historical) Hibbard Post Office (historical) Hibbard School (historical) Hildebrand Spring Horse Creek School (historical) Hunt Number 6 Dam Ingomar Ingomar (historical) Ingomar Post Office Ingomar School (historical) Ivanell Post Office (historical) Ivanell School (historical) J-K-Boyd Number 1 Dam Jacobsen Coulee Kesterson Number 1 Dam Kesterson Number 2 Dam Kesterson Ranch Kincheloe Camp Kincheloe Ranch L Galt Number 1 Dam L Galt Number 19 Dam L Galt Number 20 Dam L Galt Number 3 Dam L Galt Number 7 Dam L Olson Number 1 Dam Lambing Shed Dam Liberty Valley School (historical) Light Coulee Little Breed Creek Little McGinnis Creek McGinnis Creek Middle Fork Froze to Death Creek Montana Number 10 Dam Montana Number 13 Dam Montana Number 14 Dam Montana Number 17 Dam Muggins Gap NNN Ranch Number 1 Dam NNN Ranch Number 2 Dam Northwest Sumatra Oil Field Orchard Coulee Quell Number 1 Dam Rankin Camp Rattlesnake Buttes Rattlesnake Coulee Rattlesnake Creek Rattlesnake School (historical) Regnal Coulee Rowland School (historical) Russell Spring Sagdell School (historical) Sagedale Post Office (historical) Saint Isadore Church Schmidt Number 1 Dam Seventynine Spring Short Creek Spring Creek Stensvad Oil Field Stockland School (historical) Studhorse Coulee Sumatra Sumatra (historical) Sumatra Cemetery Sumatra Post Office Sumatra School (historical) Sun Coulee Dam Thebes Lake Thebes Lake Dam Turner Coulee Twin Tops Weeks School (historical) Weston School (historical) Yablonski Ranch Youderian Coulee