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12N24E10ACAC01 Well 12N24E12BB__01 Well 14N23E04ADA_01 Well 14N23E18CDB_01 Well 14N24E10BBA_01 Well 15N18E23ABAA01 Well 15N21E15BCC_01 Well 15N21E21BCAC01 Well 15N22E01BCC_01 Well 15N22E12ADD_01 Well 15N22E29ADA_01 Well 15N23E14BCA_01 Well 15N23E22CBD_01 Well 15N24E15CCCC01 Well 15N24E18CAA_01 Well 15N24E20BDB_01 Well 16N21E31ADC_01 Well 16N22E05DDB_01 Well 16N22E35DDA_01 Well 17N23E25ABB_01 Well Alkali Creek Alpine Post Office (historical) Alpine School (historical) American Lutheran Church Archer Number 2 Dam Arther Dengel Number 1 Dam Athern Creek Ayers Colony Number 1 Dam Ayers Ranch Colony Ayers School Baby Food Dam Bald Butte Battrick (historical) Battrick Post Office (historical) Battrick School (historical) Bear Creek School (historical) Beaver Ball Creek Becket Becket (historical) Becket Post Office (historical) Bell Ranch Colony Blacktail Creek Briggs Coulee Brodie (historical) Buck Creek Butler Coulee Button Butte Chamberlain (historical) Chippewa (historical) Chippewa Creek Chippewa School (historical) Chronister School (historical) Clark Airport Darrel (historical) Darrel Post Office (historical) Dengel Cemetery Dewry Dam Doughty (historical) Doughty Post Office (historical) Dry Fork Dryland (historical) Drylander School (historical) Duncan Creek Durfee Creek Edwards Creek Finkbeiner School (historical) Fish Dam Ford Dam Fords Creek (historical) Fort Maginnis (historical) Fort Maginnis Historical Marker Fort Maginnis Post Office (historical) Graber Number 2 Dam Grass Range Grass Range (historical) Grass Range Cemetery Grass Range City Park Grass Range Fire Hall Grass Range Post Office Grass Range School Heble Dam Holland Ranch Airport Honeyager School (historical) Horsethief Coulee Hughes Junior Number 1 Dam Irrigation Dam Jackman (historical) Jelly Bean Dam Jesperson School (historical) Kinnick Coulee Kinnick School (historical) Kuhry Dam Lewis Brothers Dam Little Montana Truckstop Campground Lundstrand School (historical) Maddox School (historical) Maiden Creek Mikado Post Office (historical) Milk Springs Montana and Dakota Elevator (historical) Muppet Dam New Dengel School (historical) North Fork Elk Creek North Fork Flatwillow Creek North Fork McDonald Creek Novary (historical) Novary Post Office (historical) O Lane Number 1 Dam Pine Ridge Pleasant Plains School (historical) Red Dam Riddell School (historical) Ruseteum Dam Ruseteun Number 2 Dam Ryan School (historical) Saint Barbaras Catholic Church Sheep Dam Silver Brook School (historical) South Fork Flatwillow Creek South Fork McDonald Creek Spring Creek Spring Creek Irrigation Dam Stacy School (historical) Tennessee Flat Three Buttes Tyler Tyler Cemetery Tyler Post Office (historical) Tyler School (historical) United Methodist Church Warr (historical) Whisky Creek