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06N39E09BBBD01 Well 06S39E08DBBD01 Well 06S39E15CCC_01 Well 06S39E15DDBC01 Well 06S39E17BDBC01 Well 06S39E17CDAC01 Well 06S39E20ABD_01 Well 06S39E23AAAA01 Spring 06S39E25ACD_01 Well 06S39E25DADB01 Spring 06S39E26AABB01 Well 06S39E34CBCC01 Spring 06S39E36ACDB01 Spring 06S40E01CDDC01 Well 06S40E02CBAB01 Spring 06S40E02DBDA01 Well 06S40E03BDDA01 Spring 06S40E07CABB01 Spring 06S40E20DCCC01 Spring 06S40E26CDAB01 Spring 06S40E29ABBA01 Well 06S40E29BCCD01 Spring 06S40E29CAAD01 Spring 06S40E29CABA01 Spring 06S40E29DADD01 Spring 06S40E30BACC01 Spring 06S40E30BADD01 Spring 06S40E30CAAA01 Spring 06S40E30CBAA01 Spring 06S40E30DCCA01 Spring 06S40E30DDAA01 Well 06S40E30DDAA02 Well 06S40E31ADDA01 Spring 06S40E31DBCC01 Spring 06S40E32BADD01 Spring 06S40E33BCCA01 Spring 06S40E36ABBC01 Well 07S39E01DCA_01 Well 07S39E02BBCA01 Spring 07S39E02BDAD01 Spring 07S39E02DDCC01 Spring 07S39E05BDCD01 Spring 07S39E07BDB_01 Spring 07S39E08BCAD01 Spring 07S39E09CBA_01 Well 07S39E09CBD_01 Well 07S39E10BCAC01 Spring 07S39E10CCDA__ Spring 07S39E11AAC_01 Well 07S39E11DDB_01 Well 07S39E12ACDD01 Spring 07S39E12BAB_01 Spring 07S39E14AAD_01 Well 07S39E15BCD_01 Spring 07S39E15DBA_01 Well 07S39E16ACD_01 Well 07S39E16ADAD01 Well 07S39E16ADC_01 Well 07S39E19CAD_01 Well 07S39E19CBD_01 Well 07S39E19DCB_01 Spring 07S39E20DAAC01 Well 07S39E20DADA01 Well 07S39E21ADA_01 Well 07S39E21ADA_02 Well 07S39E21CDA_01 Well 07S39E21CDA_02 Well 07S39E22BCDC01 Well 07S39E23ACDD01 Spring 07S39E23ACD_02 Well 07S39E23ACD_03 Well 07S39E23ACD_04 Well 07S39E23ACD_05 Well 07S39E23ACD_06 Well 07S39E23ACD_07 Well 07S39E24BCD_01 Well 07S39E24DDD_01 Well 07S39E27CDC_01 Well 07S39E27DCDD01 Well 07S39E31ABBB01 Well 07S39E31ACA_01 Well 07S39E34BCCB01 Well 07S39E35ACC_01 Well 07S39E35DAB_01 Well 07S39E36CDD_01 Well 07S40E01BDDB01 Well 07S40E01DCBB01 Well 07S40E05DDDC01 Well 07S40E07DADD01 Spring 07S40E08CCBD01 Well 07S40E08CCDA01 Well 07S40E09ABCA01 Spring 07S40E09CDDA01 Spring 07S40E11BADC01 Spring 07S40E15DCBD01 Well 07S40E16BDAA01 Spring 07S40E16DBCC01 Spring 07S40E17AACD01 Spring 07S40E17AADC01 Well 07S40E17ACBD01 Spring 07S40E17BADA01 Well 07S40E18ADAC01 Spring 07S40E18BBBC01 Spring 07S40E18BBDD01 Spring 07S40E27CDAD01 Well 07S40E29DAAC01 Spring 07S40E30CCBD01 Well 07S40E30DABB01 Well 07S40E35BDAC01 Spring 07S48E17BBCD01 Spring 07T5S40E32DBDA Well 08S38E01ADAA01 Spring 08S38E01CCDB01 Spring 08S38E12CBBC01 Spring 08S38E12DCDD01 Well 08S38E13ABAB01 Spring 08S39E01ABAA01 Well 08S39E01BABB01 Well 08S39E01DCCC01 Well 08S39E02DAAD01 Well 08S39E02DAAD02 Well 08S39E04BBBB01 Spring 08S39E04CBBC01 Spring 08S39E08CCAD01 Spring 08S39E12ACBB01 Well 08S39E12ACBB02 Well 08S39E13BBCC01 Well 08S39E14CBBC01 Well 08S39E16ADCA01 Spring 08S39E21DCAB01 Well 08S39E22DCCD01 Well 08S39E23ABAA01 Well 08S39E23ABDA01 Well 08S39E24BAAB01 Well 08S39E24BBBB01 Well 08S39E24BCDD01 Well 08S39E25DBDD01 Well 08S39E26BDBA01 Well 08S39E27CDCD01 Well 08S39E32DBBC01 Well 08S39E32DBCD01 Well 08S39E33ADCC01 Spring 08S40E01BBCD01 Well 08S40E02ABAB01 Spring 08S40E07BBCA01 Well 08S40E11CAAC01 Well 08S40E15DBAD01 Well 08S40E17DACD01 Well 08S40E17DDAA01 Well 08S40E18BBAD01 Well 08S40E22BBCC01 Well 08S40E26ACBC01 Well 08S40E26ACBC02 Well 08S40E26CCCB01 Well 08S40E28ABDB01 Well 08S40E31ABDA01 Well 08S40E32DAAD01 Well 08S40E33AACB01 Well 08S40E33AACB02 Well 08S40E33AACD01 Well 08S40E33ACDB01 Well 08S40E33BCDA01 Well 08S40E33CABB01 Well 08S40E33CADA01 Well 08S40E33CADA02 Well 08S40E33CADC01 Well 08S40E33CBDB01 Spring 08S40E34ACCA01 Spring 08S40E34BDAA01 Well 08S40E34BDAD01 Well 08S40E34BDBA01 Well 08S40E34DAAA01 Spring 08S40E34DBAD01 Well 08S40E34DBDA01 Well 08S40E34DBDA02 Well 08S40E34DBDB01 Well 08S41E18CBBB01 Well 08S41E21CABB01 Well 08S41E23DBCA01 Well 08S41E24DCBA01 Well 08S41E25CCAB01 Well 08S41E29BAAC01 Well 08S41E32BBBA01 Well 08S41E34BCCC01 Well 08S42E02ADDD01 Well 08S42E06ADBA01 Well 08S42E09AACC01 Well 08S42E10AADC01 Spring 08S42E14ADCB01 Well 08S42E14DBAD01 Well 08S42E14DBAD02 Well 08S42E15CBBA01 Well 08S42E16DDDC01 Spring 08S42E21AAAB01 Well 08S42E22CAAC01 Well 08S42E22DBCA01 Well 08S42E23BDBC01 Well 08S42E26CBBB01 Well 08S42E28CAAA01 Well 08S42E29BDAC01 Well 08S42E35BBBC01 Well 08S42E35DDDB01 Well 08S42E35DDDB02 Well 08S43E05CBAC01 Well 08S43E07ADAA01 Well 08S43E09ADCC01 Well 08S43E10BCAC01 Well 08S43E11CDBD01 Well 08S43E13ACCA01 Well 08S43E13BDBC01 Spring 08S43E14BCCA01 Well 08S43E14BCCA02 Well 08S43E15CCAA01 Spring 08S43E16CCDA01 Well 08S43E16CDBD01 Spring 08S43E17DDCA01 Well 08S43E17DDDC01 Well 08S43E20CBBA01 Spring 08S43E20DABA01 Well 08S43E21BBDA01 Well 08S43E21BBDD01 Well 08S43E21BBDD02 Well 08S43E21BBDD03 Well 08S43E21BCAA01 Well 08S43E21BDBB01 Well 08S43E21BDBB02 Well 08S43E22CBAA01 Spring 08S43E23CABD01 Well 08S43E23CABD02 Well 08S43E23CACA01 Well 08S43E23CACA02 Well 08S43E23CACA03 Well 08S43E23CDAA01 Well 08S43E23CDAA02 Well 08S43E23DBCC01 Well 08S43E23DBDB01 Well 08S43E25DBBB01 Well 08S43E25DBBB02 Well 08S43E28CACD01 Well 08S43E29DABC01 Well 08S43E30BBCD01 Well 08S43E31BBDA01 Well 08S43E31BBDA02 Well 08S43E32BBDA01 Well 08S44E02AADC01 Well 08S44E02ADAB01 Well 08S44E02BACA01 Well 08S44E02BACA02 Well 08S44E02BACD01 Well 08S44E02BACD02 Well 08S44E02BACD03 Well 08S44E02BACD04 Well 08S44E02BBDA01 Spring 08S44E02BDAB01 Well 08S44E03ADDB01 Well 08S44E03ADDB02 Well 08S44E03ADDC01 Well 08S44E03ADDC02 Well 08S44E03CBBD01 Well 08S44E03CBBD02 Well 08S44E05BABB01 Well 08S44E06CBAC01 Well 08S44E07ABBC01 Spring 08S44E07BBBB01 Well 08S44E09DABB01 Well 08S44E09DABC02 Well 08S44E09DCAD01 Spring 08S44E12ACAA01 Spring 08S44E12ACDC01 Well 08S44E12ACDC02 Well 08S44E12ADBC02 Well 08S44E12ADBD01 Well 08S44E12ADCA01 Well 08S44E14AACC01 Well 08S44E14ABAB01 Well 08S44E14ABAB02 Well 08S44E14ABAB03 Well 08S44E15BCCA01 Well 08S44E15BCDC01 Well 08S44E15BCDC02 Well 08S44E18ABAC01 Well 08S44E18ABDB01 Well 08S44E18BCCC01 Well 08S44E18BDCC01 Well 08S44E19CBBB01 Well 08S44E19CBBB02 Well 08S44E19CBBD01 Well 08S44E19CBCB01 Well 08S44E19CBCB02 Well 08S44E19CBCB03 Well 08S44E19CBCC01 Well 08S44E20CBCC01 Well 08S44E20CCBB01 Well 08S44E22DCDB01 Well 08S44E23DDDA01 Spring 08S44E24CBCA01 Well 08S44E24CCAC01 Spring 08S44E24CCBC01 Well 08S44E24CCDA01 Spring 08S44E24CDAB01 Spring 08S44E25DBDB01 Spring 08S44E27CCCC01 Spring 08S44E32DDAB01 Well 08S44E35ADDC01 Well 08S45E19CBCC01 Spring 08S45E31BCCB01 Well 09S38E01AADC01 Well 09S38E24CABC01 Well 09S38E24CABC02 Well 09S38E25CBDC01 Well 09S38E25DACC01 Well 09S38E25DACC02 Well 09S38E25DCAA01 Well 09S39E01BCBA01 Well 09S39E01CCBB01 Spring 09S39E14ACBC01 Well 09S39E14BDAD01 Well 09S39E14DABD01 Well 09S39E14DABD02 Well 09S39E14DCBB01 Well 09S39E14DCDD01 Well 09S39E14DDBD01 Well 09S39E14DDBD02 Well 09S39E14DDCC01 Well 09S39E14DDCD01 Well 09S39E14DDCD02 Well 09S39E16AAAD01 Spring 09S39E16AABA01 Well 09S39E16AABA02 Well 09S39E20BCCD01 Well 09S39E20BCCD02 Well 09S39E20DABB01 Well 09S39E23DACC01 Well 09S39E23DACC02 Well 09S39E24ACDB01 Well 09S39E24DCDC01 Well 09S39E25DADB01 Well 09S39E25DADB02 Well 09S39E25DADB03 Well 09S39E25DDAA01 Well 09S39E25DDAA02 Well 09S39E25DDAC01 Well 09S39E28CCAD01 Well 09S39E28CCAD02 Well 09S39E28DACD01 Well 09S39E29ABAA01 Well 09S39E29BBDD01 Well 09S39E29BBDD02 Well 09S39E29CBAA01 Well 09S39E29CBAA02 Well 09S39E29DAAC01 Well 09S39E29DBDA01 Well 09S39E32ACAA01 Well 09S39E32BAAA01 Well 09S39E32BCAC01 Well 09S39E32CDAD01 Well 09S39E33CBBB01 Well 09S39E33DBBD01 Well 09S39E33DDCC01 Well 09S39E33DDCC02 Well 09S39E33DDCD01 Well 09S39E33DDDD01 Well 09S39E34CCCC01 Well 09S39E34CDCD01 Well 09S39E35BADB01 Well 09S40E01CCAA01 Well 09S40E01DBCC01 Well 09S40E01DBCC02 Well 09S40E01DCBA01 Well 09S40E01DCBA02 Well 09S40E03ACAB01 Well 09S40E03CCCD01 Well 09S40E03CDCD01 Well 09S40E03DABA01 Well 09S40E03DABA02 Well 09S40E03DABB03 Spring 09S40E03DCAA01 Well 09S40E04BCAA01 Well 09S40E04CABC01 Well 09S40E04CABC02 Well 09S40E04CBAD01 Well 09S40E04CDAB01 Well 09S40E04CDCB01 Well 09S40E05ACBB01 Well 09S40E05BACC01 Well 09S40E07CCAB01 Well 09S40E08DCAA01 Well 09S40E09AADD01 Well 09S40E09AADD02 Well 09S40E09AADD03 Well 09S40E09BDDA01 Well 09S40E09BDDA02 Well 09S40E09BDDA03 Well 09S40E09BDDB01 Well 09S40E09DACC01 Well 09S40E09DACD01 Well 09S40E09DBAD01 Well 09S40E09DBAD02 Well 09S40E09DCAB01 Well 09S40E09DCAB02 Well 09S40E09DCAB03 Well 09S40E09DDBC01 Well 09S40E10CACC01 Well 09S40E10DDBA01 Well 09S40E11ADAC01 Well 09S40E11ADAC02 Well 09S40E11ADDD01 Well 09S40E11BBBD01 Spring 09S40E11CBCC01 Well 09S40E11CBCC02 Well 09S40E11DCAD01 Well 09S40E11DCAD02 Well 09S40E12ABAB01 Well 09S40E12ABBA01 Well 09S40E12ABBA02 Well 09S40E12BCAA01 Well 09S40E12BCAA02 Well 09S40E12BCAB01 Well 09S40E13CAAA01 Well 09S40E13DCBC01 Well 09S40E13DCCB01 Well 09S40E13DCCB02 Well 09S40E13DCCB03 Well 09S40E13DCCD01 Well 09S40E13DCCD02 Well 09S40E13DCCD03 Well 09S40E15CACD01 Well 09S40E15CBDA01 Well 09S40E15CDBC01 Well 09S40E15CDBC02 Well 09S40E15CDBC03 Well 09S40E15CDBC04 Well 09S40E15CDDB01 Well 09S40E15DBCC01 Well 09S40E15DBCC02 Well 09S40E15DBCC03 Well 09S40E15DCAC01 Well 09S40E15DCDC01 Well 09S40E15DCDD01 Well 09S40E16ABCA01 Well 09S40E16ABCA02 Well 09S40E16ABCD01 Well 09S40E16ABCD02 Well 09S40E16ABCD05 Well 09S40E16BABD01 Well 09S40E16BABD02 Well 09S40E16BADC01 Well 09S40E16BADC02 Well 09S40E16BADC03 Well 09S40E16BDBC01 Well 09S40E16DDDC01 Well 09S40E17ACAC01 Well 09S40E17DACB01 Well 09S40E17DACC01 Well 09S40E17DBDA01 Well 09S40E18ABAD01 Well 09S40E19BACA01 Well 09S40E19CBBD01 Well 09S40E19CBBD02 Well 09S40E19CBCC01 Well 09S40E19CCBB01 Well 09S40E20BDAC01 Well 09S40E20BDAC02 Well 09S40E21ACCA01 Well 09S40E21ACCA02 Well 09S40E21BCAC01 Well 09S40E21BCAD01 Well 09S40E21BCDA01 Well 09S40E21CACD01 Well 09S40E21CADA01 Well 09S40E21CCAC01 Well 09S40E21CDAB01 Well 09S40E21CDBA01 Well 09S40E21CDBD01 Well 09S40E21CDBD02 Well 09S40E21CDDD01 Well 09S40E21DDBA01 Well 09S40E22BADA01 Well 09S40E22DAAD01 Well 09S40E23BCCD01 Well 09S40E23BCCD02 Well 09S40E23CBBA01 Well 09S40E24AACB01 Well 09S40E24AACD01 Well 09S40E24AACD02 Well 09S40E24ABAB01 Well 09S40E24ABAB02 Well 09S40E24ABAB03 Well 09S40E24ABAD01 Well 09S40E24ABAD02 Well 09S40E24ABAD03 Well 09S40E24ABBA01 Well 09S40E24ABBB01 Well 09S40E24ADBA01 Well 09S40E24ADBA02 Well 09S40E24ADBD01 Well 09S40E24CABC01 Well 09S40E24CABC02 Well 09S40E26BADD01 Well 09S40E27CCAC01 Well 09S40E28DABB01 Well 09S40E29BBAC01 Well 09S40E29BBAC02 Well 09S40E29BBAC03 Well 09S40E29BDCB01 Well 09S40E29BDCB02 Well 09S40E29CABD01 Well 09S40E29CACB01 Well 09S40E29CACB02 Well 09S40E29CBCD01 Well 09S40E29CBDA01 Well 09S40E29CBDC01 Well 09S40E29CCAD01 Well 09S40E29CCAD02 Well 09S40E29DBDB01 Well 09S40E30ABDD01 Well 09S40E30BBAB01 Well 09S40E30BBDD01 Well 09S40E32ACAD01 Well 09S40E36ADAB01 Well 09S41E01CBAC01 Well 09S41E01DADD01 Well 09S41E05CCDD01 Well 09S41E05DCBD01 Well 09S41E05DCBD02 Well 09S41E05DCBD03 Well 09S41E05DCCA01 Well 09S41E05DCCA02 Well 09S41E06DDCC01 Well 09S41E06DDCD01 Well 09S41E07ADCA01 Well 09S41E07CCBD01 Well 09S41E08BBAA01 Well 09S41E08BBAD01 Well 09S41E08BBDA01 Well 09S41E08CABC01 Well 09S41E08CABC02 Well 09S41E08CACD01 Well 09S41E08CBAD01 Well 09S41E08CDBD01 Well 09S41E09ACBC01 Well 09S41E12BDCD01 Spring 09S41E14ACCD01 Well 09S41E15ABDB01 Well 09S41E17CBCC01 Well 09S41E18BDAA01 Well 09S41E20DDDD01 Well 09S41E26AADA01 Well 09S41E26ABBB01 Well 09S41E26BABC01 Well 09S41E35DADD01 Well 09S42E01BCAD01 Well 09S42E01BCAD02 Well 09S42E01BCAD03 Well 09S42E02ADBB01 Well 09S42E02BBBD01 Well 09S42E02BBCA01 Well 09S42E03AADA01 Well 09S42E04BABA01 Well 09S42E05AAAD01 C Well 09S42E11BDAA01 Well 09S42E11BDCA01 Well 09S42E11BDCA02 Well 09S42E12BCAA01 Well 09S42E25DCAD01 Well 09S42E26CDCA01 Well 09S42E27CDCD01 Well 09S42E31CBAC01 Well 09S42E35DCCC01 Well 09S42E36BCAB01 Well 09S42E36BCBA01 Well 09S43E02BBBB01 Well 09S43E02BBBB02 Well 09S43E03CBCD01 Well 09S43E03CBCD02 Well 09S43E04ABCA01 Well 09S43E04ABDB01 Well 09S43E04ABDD01 Well 09S43E04ABDD02 Well 09S43E04ABDD03 Well 09S43E04ACAA01 Well 09S43E04CBAB01 Well 09S43E04CBAB02 Well 09S43E06DDBD01 Well 09S43E06DDBD02 Well 09S43E06DDBD03 Well 09S43E06DDCA01 Well 09S43E07BCAD01 Well 09S43E07CADB01 Well 09S43E07CADB02 Well 09S43E10BBAD01 Well 09S43E12AACC01 Well 09S43E12AACC02 Well 09S43E12ADBB01 Well 09S43E12ADBB02 Well 09S43E12ADBD01 Well 09S43E13BCAA01 Well 09S43E13CAAA01 Well 09S43E13CAAA02 Well 09S43E14DDBB01 Well 09S43E15CDAB01 Well 09S43E15DABC01 Well 09S43E21AADA01 Well 09S43E21BADA01 Well 09S43E21BADA02 Well 09S43E22ACCA01 Well 09S43E25BADC01 Spring 09S43E27AAAC01 Well 09S43E27CDCA01 Well 09S43E27DABB01 Well 09S43E29DBAB01 Well 09S43E35BBCD01 Well 09S43E35CADC01 Well 09S44E01ADAA01 Well 09S44E06BBBB01 Well 09S44E06BBBB02 Well 09S44E07AADD01 Well 09S44E07ADAA01 Well 09S44E07ADAB01 Well 09S44E07ADAD01 Well 09S44E07ADDC01 Well 09S44E07ADDC02 Well 09S44E07ADDC03 Well 09S44E07BBCC01 Well 09S44E07BBCC02 Well 09S44E07BBCC03 Well 09S44E07BBCC04 Well 09S44E08BBAA01 Well 09S44E08BBAA02 Well 09S44E08BDDD01 Well 09S44E09CBBD01 Well 09S44E09CCAB01 Well 09S44E10CBAD01 Well 09S44E11BDAA01 Well 09S44E16ABCC01 Well 09S44E20DCAA01 Well 09S44E27ABCB01 Well 09S44E28CDCA02 Spring 09S44E28CDCD01 Well 09S44E33BADB01 Well 10S38E01CADD01 Well 10S42E01AADA01 Well 10S42E06ABDD01 Well 10S43E02AABA01 Well 10S43E02AABD01 Well 10S43E02AACB01 Well 10S43E02ABDA01 Well 10S43E02ACDA01 Well 10S43E02ACDC01 Well 10S43E02BAAA01 Well 10S43E05BDBD01 Well 10S43E06ABAC01 Well Anderson Creek Bad Land Gulch Badger Creek Badger Creek Badger Creek Badger Creek Barber Draw Big Bend School Bluffer Post Office (historical) Brewster Camp Buffalo Jump Cache Creek Canyon Spring Draw Canyon Springs Draw Circle Bar Draw Clarks Fork Canyon Creek Coal Bank Creek Coal Creek Coal Creek Cormack Ditch Corral Creek Corral Creek Cossit School (historical) Dale Creek Deadman Draw Decker Decker Decker Post Office Deep Creek Deep Creek Deer Creek Deer Creek School (historical) Dry Creek Dry Creek Eagle Nest Peak East Trail Creek Elk Creek Elk Creek School (historical) Feeback Draw First Creek Forks Ranch Four Mile School (historical) Fricker Draw Gladewater Ditch Half Moon Hill Hampton Butte Hellers Peak Holmes Ranch Horn Mountain Horse Creek Hosford Camp Indian Creek Iron Springs Creek Iron Springs Creek Iron Springs Creek Iron Springs Creek John Reavis Draw Jordan Ranch Kirby Kirby Post Office (historical) Leaf Rock Creek Lieutenant Draw Log School (historical) Long Coulee Lower Indian Creek Reservoir Lower Indian Creek Reservoir Dam Monument Creek School (historical) Monument Hill Mud Springs Mull Draw Negro Draw North Fork Dale Creek North Fork Deer Creek North Fork Fourmile Creek North Fork Monument Creek North Fork Rosebud Creek North Fork Spring Creek North Fork Waddle Creek North Fork Waddle Creek North Fork Waddle Creek North Fork Waddle Creek North Waddle Creek School (historical) OW Ranch Old Flat Top P K Creek Pearl School (historical) Pearson Creek Pine Butte School (historical) Pond Creek Porter Ranch Post Creek Post Creek School (historical) Powers Brothers Ditch Powers Cormack Ditch Quietus Quietus Post Office (historical) Rosebud Battlefield State Park Saint Francis Church San Spring Sand Draw Sand Draw Sand Draw Sand Draw Schoolhouse Coulee Seventysix Creek Seventysix Creek Smith Coulee Son Prong South Fork Corral Creek South Fork Dale Creek South Fork Deer Creek South Fork Deer Creek South Fork Deer Creek South Fork Deer Creek South Fork Fourmile Creek South Fork Leaf Rock Creek South Fork Monument Creek South Fork Rosebud Creek South Fork Spring Creek Spring Creek Spring Creek Squirrel Creek Squirrel Creek School Stagmire Draw Taintor Desert Tanner Creek The Pyramid Tidwell Draw Tongue River Dam Tongue River Dam Tongue River Mine Tongue River Post Office (historical) Tongue River Reservoir Tongue River Reservoir Campground Tongue River Reservoir State Park Trail Creek Trail Creek Trail Creek Trail Creek Waddle Creek Waddle Creek Weltner School (historical) West Prong Hanging Woman Creek West Prong Hanging Woman Creek West Prong Hanging Woman Creek West Prong Hanging Woman Creek Woods Draw Wrench Creek Youngs Creek School (historical)