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01N43E08ACCD01 Well 02S39E17ADD_01 Well 02S39E23BCD_01 Well 02S40E07DDD_01 Well 02S40E08D___01 Well 02S40E09CAD_01 Well 02S40E14DCA_01 Well 02S40E27BAD_01 Well 03S38E14DDAC01 Well 03S38E35DAAC01 Well 03S38E36BDD_01 Well 03S39E03DBDD01 Well 03S39E06ABDD01 Well 03S39E07BACB01 Well 03S39E28CAAC01 Well 03S39E29DDCA01 Well 03S39E31BDDD01 Well 03S39E31DBAA01 Well 03S39E31DBAB01 Well 03S39E32ABAC01 Well 03S39E32BCAC01 Well 03S39E33CCDC01 Well 03S39E34CDCC01 Well 03S40E04ACD_01 Well 03S40E04ACD_02 Well 03S40E04ADB_01 Well 03S40E05CBC_01 Well 03S40E05CBC_02 Well 03S40E05DBA_01 Well 03S40E07BDD_01 Well 03S40E07CAB_01 Well 03S40E07CCA_01 Well 03S40E07CCA_02 Well 03S40E18DBA_01 Well 03S40E33DDC_01 Well 03S40E34CDA_01 Well 04S38E01ABBD01 Well 04S38E13ABBC01 Well 04S38E36BCBA01 Well 04S38E36BCBB01 Well 04S38E36BCBD01 Well 04S39E09BADA01 Well 04S39E09DDAA01 Well 04S39E09DDBA01 Well 04S39E16BDBD01 Well 04S40E17ABD_01 Well 04S46E01DDCA01 Well 05S38E36CAAB01 Well 05S38E36CAAB02 Well 05S39E07ACDD01 Well 05S40E05CCCC01 Spring 05S40E06ABAB01 Spring 05S40E09AADD01 Spring 05S40E18BCCA01 Spring 05S41E31CBBC01 Spring Ash Creek Bear Creek Bee Creek Big Bend Birdseye Spring Black Canyon Creek Black Spring Black Spring Coulee Black Spring Lookout Black Whiteman Creek Brady Creek Brown Camp Bull Creek Lookout Busby Busby Butte Busby Cemetery Busby Creek Busby Mine Busby Post Office Busby Schools Butte Creek Cheyenne Number 5 Dam Christ the King Church Coal Creek Corral Creek Cow Creek Coyote Creek David Creek Davis Creek Deafy Creek Dog Creek Dry Creek Dry Creek Dry Fork Eagle Feathers Creek East Fork Busby Creek East Fork Muddy Creek East Porcupine Creek East Thompson Creek Government Ditch Hardrobe Creek Hardrobe Spring Hardrobe Water Gap Horse Creek Hutton Post Office (historical) Indian Chief Two Moons Historical Monument Indian Coulee Indian Coulee Spring Juddy Creek Killsnight Creek Killsnight Spring Lafevers Pond Dam Little Chief Creek Little Hawk Creek Little Hawk Lake Lynch Spring Medicine Elk Creek Middle Fork Bull Creek Muddy Muddy Creek Muddy Creek Cemetery Muddy Creek Church Muddy Creek School (historical) Muddy Lake Muddy Post Office (historical) Muddy Springs North Fork Bull Creek North Fork Butte Creek North Fork Davis Creek North Fork Indian Coulee Painted Hill Parker Creek Parkers Pond Dam Pine Creek Porcupine Creek Powell Creek Red Hill Rednose Dam Rednose Reservoir Ridgewalker Creek Sarpy Mountains Shavedhead Creek Sheep Gulch Skunk Creek Slocum Creek South Fork Bull Creek South Fork Busby Creek South Fork Dry Creek South Fork Indian Coulee Spang Creek Spring Creek Spring Gulch Teeth Creek Thompson Creek Trail Creek Two Moon Creek Two Moon Reservoir Upper Spang Creek Water Holes Creek West Fork Muddy Creek White River Mennonite Church Whitedirt Creek Wild Hog Basin Wilfred Creek Williams Prong Indian Coulee Wolf Creek Wood Gulch Wood Gulch Dam