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04S43E27DDD_01 Well 04S43E33CCD_01 Well 04S43E35CDCD01 Well 04S44E18ABDC01 Well 04S44E18____01 Well 04S44E19ACDC01 Spring 04S44E22ABDA01 Well 04S44E23DCAA01 Well 04S44E28BADA01 Well 04S44E31BCAB01 Well 04S44E32DCDD01 Well 05N41E28ABCC01 Spring 05S41E13CADA01 Well 05S41E15CBDA01 Spring 05S41E16CDDD01 Spring 05S41E17ADCD01 Spring 05S41E18BBCD01 Spring 05S41E18BBC_01 Well 05S41E18CBCD01 Spring 05S41E20DDDB01 Well 05S41E21BBCC01 Spring 05S41E21CAAA01 Spring 05S41E21CAA_01 Well 05S41E21DABB01 Spring 05S41E22DCDC01 Spring 05S41E23BAAC01 Spring 05S41E23DBAA01 Spring 05S41E26ABAC01 Spring 05S41E26ABA_01 Well 05S41E27ABBC01 Spring 05S41E27BABD01 Spring 05S41E28ABC_01 Well 05S41E28DDDC01 Spring 05S41E30CCBB01 Spring 05S41E31AAAA01 Spring 05S41E31CBAC01 Well 05S41E31DDDA01 Spring 05S41E32CDBC01 Spring 05S41E35CBCC01 Spring 05S41E36CBBA01 Spring 05S42E19BABD01 Well 05S42E20ADAC01 Well 05S42E20ADDB01 Well 05S42E21DBAB01 Spring 05S42E22DBBC01 Well 05S42E25CCAB01 Well 05S42E27ADDA01 Well 05S42E28CBBD01 Well 05S42E30CBCB01 Spring 05S42E31CCCD01 Spring 05S42E34ABBA01 Well 05S43E04AAAA01 Well 05S43E16AAAD01 Well 05S43E17CBCB01 Well 05S44E02AAAD01 Spring 05S44E05CAAD01 Well 05S44E05CABD01 Well 05S44E10ADCB01 Spring 05S44E16ABBB01 Well 05S44E24BAAB01 Spring 05S44E27ADAB01 Well 05S45E34AACD01 Well 06S41E01DBCB01 Spring 06S41E02ACCB01 Spring 06S41E03BADD01 Well 06S41E03BADD02 Well 06S41E03BBDD01 Well 06S41E06ABBC01 Well 06S41E08CCAC01 Well 06S41E08CCBA01 Well 06S41E08CCBD01 Well 06S41E11AAAA01 Spring 06S41E12BBAC01 Spring 06S41E12BDBD01 Spring 06S41E15DCDA01 Well 06S41E16BBCC01 Well 06S41E17ADDD01 Well 06S41E17ADDD02 Well 06S41E17DAAA01 Well 06S41E17DAAA02 Well 06S41E18DCBA01 Well 06S41E21ADBA01 Well 06S41E21ADBD01 Well 06S41E21ADBD02 Well 06S41E21BBCD01 Well 06S41E21DDDC01 Well 06S41E22CABC01 Well 06S41E22CABD01 Well 06S41E22CACB01 Well 06S41E22CDCB01 Well 06S41E23CCCC01 Well 06S41E25CBDD01 Spring 06S41E25CCBB01 Well 06S41E25CDAC01 Well 06S41E26BACC01 Well 06S41E26BBDA01 Well 06S41E26BBDA02 Well 06S41E26BBDC01 Well 06S41E26BBDD01 Well 06S41E29ADCA01 Well 06S41E29ADCA02 Well 06S41E29BACB01 Spring 06S41E30CCAD01 Well 06S41E32CADA01 Well 06S41E33BBBD01 Well 06S41E33BBBD02 Well 06S41E34CDAA01 Well 06S41E34CDAA02 Well 06S42E01DDCC01 Well 06S42E01DDCC02 Well 06S42E02CABC01 Well 06S42E13BABD01 Well 06S42E13DAAA01 Well 06S42E13DBCC01 Well 06S42E14DCAD01 Well 06S42E16ACDA01 Well 06S42E19CDBC01 Well 06S42E21DDCA01 Well 06S42E23BCAC01 Well 06S42E23BDBA01 Well 06S42E23CABC01 Well 06S42E23CAB_01 Well 06S42E23C___01 Well 06S42E27ABBC01 Well 06S42E29CAAA01 Well 06S42E29DCDD01 Well 06S42E31DBBA01 Well 06S42E31DBBA02 Well 06S42E31DBBD01 Well 06S42E32ABA_01 Well 06S42E32BDB_01 Well 06S42E32CBA_01 Well 06S43E07DBCA01 Well 06S43E07DCCA01 Well 06S43E18BABC01 Well 06S43E19DACD01 Well 06S43E19DDBA01 Well 06S43E19DDBA02 Well 06S43E19DDBD01 Well 06S44E29BCBD01 Well 06S44E30____01 Well 07S41E02AACC01 Spring 07S41E04DCDD01 Well 07S41E11____01 Well 07S41E19DCAA01 Well 07S41E22ACDC01 Well 07S41E22CDCD01 Well 07S41E27DBBD01 Well 07S41E27DBCB01 Well 07S41E28DDAD01 Well 07S41E33CAAB01 Well 07S41E34BAAD01 Well 07S42E06BCAA01 Well 07S42E06BCDB01 Well 07S42E06B___01 Well 07S42E20CAAA01 Well 07S43E04DBCA01 Well 07S43E05ABDB01 Well 07S43E05ACCA01 Well 07S43E08ABBB01 Well 07S43E10DBCD01 Well 07S44E25DDDA01 Well 07S44E25DDDA02 Spring 07S44E26CDDC01 Well 07S44E33BBCA01 Spring 07S44E34BAAD01 Well 07S44E34BAAD02 Well 07S44E35DCCA01 Well 07S44E35DCCA02 Well 07S44E36CCDA01 Spring 07S44E36DADB01 Well 07S44E36DADB02 Well 08S44E09DBDD01 Well 4 D School (historical) Arnold Ditch Battle Butte Battle Butte Creek Birney Birney Catholic Church Birney Cemetery Birney Church Birney Mennonite Church (historical) Birney Post Office Birney School Black Canyon Black Canyon Spring Black Eagle Creek Black Eagle Fork Black Eagle Spring Number One Black Eagle Spring Number Two Bones Ranch Bootlegger Draw Boyce Meadow Spring Boyce Reservoir Brain Spring Number One Brewster Camp Brewster E Side Ditch Brewster Gulch Brewster Ranch Brewster W Side Ditch Brown Cattle County Ditch Number One Brown Cattle County Ditch Number Two Browns Gulch Browns Mountain Bull Creek Canyon Creek Canyon Creek School (historical) Cedar Creek Cheyenne Number 4 Dam Clark Draw Coal Bank Creek Coal Bank Creek Coal Bank Reservoir Cottonwood Spring Cox Ranch Daniels Ranch Davis Prong Deadman Gulch Dry Creek Dry Creek Well Dutch Hollow Dutchman Spring East Fork Hanging Woman Creek East Fork O'Dell Creek East Fork Reservoir Ebaugh Creek Edith Reservoir Emma Kraft Springs Experimental Pasture Reservoir FL Ditch Fletcher Spring Flying V Ditch Fossil Spring Four D Ditch Four D Ranch Four Mile School (historical) Fourmile Creek Frees Creek Gate Creek Gate Creek Spring Gilliland Ranch Gloomy Glenn Draw Good Spring Gooseberry Draw Gopher (historical) Gopher Post Office (historical) Gopher School (historical) Green Creek Green Creek Reservoir Green Creek Spring Griffin Gulch Griffin Spring Hackley Creek Hackley Spring Hamilton Draw Hamilton Draw Reservoir Hanging Woman Creek Hanging Woman Creek Harris Creek Hay Creek Hay Gulch Hay Gulch Spring Haywood Gulch Haywood Reservoir Hertzler Draw Hertzler Reservoir Holdbrook Draw Hole-in-the-Wall Creek Home Creek Hoover Reservoir Horse Creek Buttes Jack Creek Jackson Sawmill Spring Jeffrys Prong Kelty Creek King Creek Reservoir King Creek Spring King Creek Well Number One King Mountain Hiking and Riding Area Lacey Gulch Lee Creek Lee Creek Reservoir Lei Reservoir Little Bear Creek Spring Loggins Spring Mare Pasture Gulch Mc Kinney Ranch McGhee Gulch Middle Fork Battle Butte Creek Morland Ranch Nelson Draw North Fork Canyon Creek North Fork Lee Creek North Fork Poker Jim Creek O'Dell Creek O'Dell Reservoir O'Dell Windmill Parrish Spring Parrish Spring Number Two Pawnee Creek Peach Creek Pittman Draw Pittman Draw Spring Pittman Reservoir Poker Jim Butte Poker Jim Creek Poker Jim Picnic Area Recreation Site Poker Jim Research Natural Area Poker Jim Reservoir Poker Jim Reservoir Number Two Poker Teechee Creek Poker Teechee Reservoir Prairie Dog Creek Prune Spring Pyramid Butte Quarter Circle U Ditch Quarter Circle U Ranch Reavis Reservoir Red Rock Reservoir Number One Red Rock Reservoir Number Two Rim Rock Spring Roberts Gulch Roberts Gulch Reservoir Roberts Spring Rough Draw Rough Prong Spring Round Cow Reservoir Salesbury Draw Sawmill Gulch Schoolhouse Draw Section Line Spring Section Sixteen Windmill Short Draw Skinny Reservoir Snyder Reservoir Soap Spring South Fork Battle Butte Creek South Fork Canyon Creek South Fork Lee Creek South Fork Poker Jim Creek Spring Creek Spring Gulch Stevens Number 1 Dam Stocker Branch Stocker Draw Stroud Creek Taintor Fork Canyon Creek Ted Flat Three Circle Ranch Three X Bar Reservoir Three X Bar Reservoir Number Two Timber Creek Timber Creek Basin Reservoir Timber Creek Basin Spring Timber Creek Reservoir Timber Creek Spring Number One Tongue River Breaks Hiding and Riding Area Tooley Spring Van Meter Gulch Wall Creek Water Gap Reservoir West Fork Battle Butte Creek Whitten Creek Wild Hog Butte Wild Hog Coulee Wolf Mountain Battlefield (historical) Wolff Reservoir Woodard Ranch Woodard Reservoir Woodbury Reservoir Zook Creek